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Full text of "Report of the committee of arrangements of the Common council of New York, [electronic resource] of the obsequies in memory of the Hon. Henry Clay"

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Te forests la end, ye liarrests -wrave, to HIM: 
Brea-the yata .ttill ^on^ into tiie reaper'^ lie art. 
A.S- h-owLt lie ^oea teneath the joyoTLs moon. 


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R,We*talLjLA Afl. 

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ClfcyloB iSc Kingstauid, Printersi 


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uri;v" RSiTY 



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Whin the Author of the Seasons came to London 
m punmit of patronage and fame, his first want, as 
hk biograpber inf(»rms us, was a pair of shoes. << For 
the supply of all his necessities, his whole fund was 
his Winter, which for a time cOuld find no pur- 
chaser ; till, at last, Mr. Millar, a bookseller in the 
Strand, iiras persuaded to buy it at a low price ; 
and this low price he had for some time reason to ' 
regret." We are not informed what estimate Thom- 
son himself had formed of this production : whether 
with self-supported confidence he anticipated the 
reception it would eventually meet with from the 
public, or whether he was satisfied to dbpose of his 
unproductive treasure for a sum that provided for 
the wants of the moment — as he would have dispo- 
sed of a precious stone of uncertain value to the first 
lapidary who would set a price upon it. In his most 
sanguine and ambitious moments he could not have 
ventured to hope, that the poem would ultimately 
not only amply reward its purchaser, but take its 
rank among productions which are considered as 
eras in our literature, and become identified with the 

Hie << Seasons" is one of those rare and original 
productions, in which, at distant intervals in the pro- 

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gress of literature, genius appears to burst forth in 
distinct indlyiduali^ of character, in spite, it may be, 

* of the bad taste or prevailing mediocrity of the pe- 
riod. There b in the human frame a perfect but inde- 
finable correspondence which extends to-every joint, 
to the v^ry hair of the head : the artificial idohidon 
of^is harmony is immediately percept34e. Some* 
thing of this kind exists with respect ta the papodoe«> 
tlons of real genius. As models, diey wi& be fibuadl 
exceedingly defective. They would mislead, as moek 
as they defy imitation. Bnt thcie is in ^em, as k 

' trhole, a certain homogeneousness of exprnssloo^ 
^rfaiek fescues even their faults fram improfnrletjfc 
They please or aSect us^ not so mvob by pwticalw 
^naUties of exeeilenee, as by the force of character 
Effused through the production, and l^ thst Promei> 
4kea» power which the poet t^pears to possess oC 
ttaldng bis words glow and breaUie with instinctive 
Hfe. Milton and Thomson, altbongfa immeasurably 
dissimflttis may yet be atdduced as two remaricabie 

. histanees of poets whose chief wortes have attained 
an almost equal degree of popi]dfirity, and bsve 
produced a powerfol eflRsct on our literature ', and 
yet, in point of style and diction, they elude all at- 
tempts at successful inif a^on : the one, by a sevens 
majesty of manner which ill befits an inferior subject, 
or the productions of an inferior mind ; the other, 
the Johnson of poetry, has a gait of natural pomp, 
which k is mimicry to adopt ; the moment it sqppears 
to be artificial it becomes ridiculous. 

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Tlie cauBes wliioh have contriboted to the univer- 
sal popuhirity of this original poeniy are, we do not 
scrufde to say, not more its merits, than its subject 
■and its defects. How much is due to the subject, 
might be presumed from the cirbumstance, that this 
alone of Thomson's poems has maintained itself m 
poblie favour, although, in the opinion of competent 
critics, it is not his best Few titles have been found 
less attractive than the " Poetical Works of James 
Thomson," at the very time that his Seasons sare cir- 
culating in every form the press can give them. Dr. 
Johnson's sentence 'upon Liberty and Britamkia 
hasneverbeen reversed: (for once, as a critic, he was 
JQst :) and even the Cadle oflndolmee is more 'prais- 
ed than read. Thomson's subject was a happy one; 
but what rendered it particularly so, was, that when 
he wrote, it was a subject altogether open to a poet 
who wished to succeed by novelty. Spenser was ob- 
solete ; Milton had been generally neglected : Addi- 
son having then only recently done himself the ho- 
nour of introducing the Paradise Lost to the notice 
of the public. With these great exceptions, there 
existed little descriptive poetiy worthy of the name. 
The principal use which had been made of natural 
scenery, was, as an eternal storehouse of similies for 
the enditers of heroics, or of love elegies and madri- 
gals. The absurdities of many of our town-bred or 
scholastic verse-men, in what then passed for de- 
scriptive poetry, form a standing subject of ridicule. 

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In vtitL sbaAI we look among tbe works of the best 
i^ oar poets, from the time of Elizabeth to this pe* 
riod, for any traces of accurate obserwtioti, or ge* 
fmiae feding in reference to the beauties of Nature. 
" Prom Dryden to Tbomion,*' a very competent 
authority has remaiked^ << there is scarcely a rural 
image drawn from life to be found in any of tfaf 
lloglish pdets etcept Gay." Pope, who in Ins Wiad^ 
tor Forest seemed to have taicen Denham as his 
model, as if ambitious of excelling in descriptive 
poetry, discovers much of the same French taste^ 
the same want of native and appropriate feeling, 
which are chargeable on his {nedecessors. A poet 
then had only to copy the every-day beauties of 
nature, in the language of a genuine lover of nature, 
to be original. Thomson, partly from early habits, 
partly, perhaps, from accident, struck into this path. 
In his schoolboy days, with Virgil in his hand, he 
walked abroad, amid scenes sufficient to awaken aH 
the enthusiasm he possessed, which was that of an 
artist He saw, as Johnson remaiks, every thing 
with the eye, though he does not appear to have 
felt every thing with the heart of a poet. His subjei^ 
Was a fortunate choice. It admitted of being treated 
in that desultory manner which best suited the cha- 
racter of his mind. There was abundant scope for 
all the diffuseness of sentimental description, and for 
all the gorgeousness of colouring. Throughout the 
Seasons, it is to the senses, however^ rather than to 

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the iteart, tliat tiie appeal is made. It is ai much a 
peintiog as a poem. 

Ai, when Thomson published his Winter, the sul^ 
ject had the advantage of novelty ; so the Sbasovs 
stffl preserves its rank, as the first descriptive poem 
in the language. It isx)ne among our earliest favour- 
ites which serve to awaken a sensibility to the beaii- 
H^ of external nature. We read it with avidity, and 
perhaps with enthusiasm, at the period when our 
imagination first begins to exercise itself on the ob- 
jects of poetiy ; and it retains much of its interest 
hi after life, from being associated with the scenes 
of our youthful pleasures. 

When we attribute the pq»ularity which this poem 
has obtained, in some degree to its defects, we allude 
&ot only to the faults of the style, but to the very 
cast of thought, and the intellectual quality of the 
aentmients, by which the poem is characterized. A 
cotttemporaiy critic has remarked, *< There are few 
mmds in which the love of poetiy does not form a 
sort of intellectual instinct; an instinct often blind 
tad indiscriminating, yet having reference to some- 
thing nobler than the wants of the physical being, 
and valuable as connected with the &rst develop- 
ment of the imagination and passions. The poetvy 
which aims at popularity, must be adapted to that 
numerous class of readers in whom this instinctive 
feeling exists, but who have stopped short at a veiy 
low degree of mental cultivation, or whose imagina- 
tion has been neglected amid the pursuits of after 

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life." There is nothing in Thomson that reqahnes 
any painful exercise of the facolties, that calls for 
any of the higher exertions of the imagination^ or 
that soars beyond the experience of the humblest 
intellect Hb style is indeed learned and ornate. 
But Burke has shoMm that words may the most 
powerfully affect the mind when their meaning is 
indefinite. Where Thomson's language is the most 
■inflat(ed, his expressions have generally a q[>ecioiis 
grandeur of meaning derived from the felicity with 
which they are selected. His genius is in thb re- 
spect conspicuous : like the evening sun, which im- 
parts pomp and brightness to the unsubstantial 
clouds with which it is enveloped, it changes the 
very character of the faults which it appropriates. 

The greatest defect in the Seasons respects the 
cast of its moral sentiments ; but in this respect it is 
not the less adapted to the more numerous class of 
the readers of poetry. The Religion of the Seasons, 
IS of that general kind which Nature's self might 
teach to those who had no knowledge of the God of 
Revelation. It is a lofty and complacent sentiment, 
which plays upon the feelings like the ineffable pow- 
er of solemn harmony, but has no reference to the 
quality of our belief, to the dispositions of the heart, 
or to the habitual tendency of the character ; still 
less does it involve a devotional recognition of the 
revealed character of the Divine Being. But on this 
very account << the Seasons" was adapted to please 
at the time that Pope ruled the republic of taste, 

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tndl to the sane cayee tke poem is still indefalad te 
at least some of Us admirers. 

The lo^ofthePeet of the Seasons, b the <<Paa- 
BOB of tlie Groves." The author* it is nid, was 80»- 
teftSbUe of no higher sentimmt. There b a prevafl- 
mg vulgarity of feeling on this subject, which b only 
concealed Vy the splendonrof the diction. The Poefs 
Meas of love are sncfa as a schoolboy wonldnatorailjr 
ierive from the penwal of the Pantheon and Ovid*k 
BfeiUmorphoses. We know we shall offend commoa 
prejndke, in {Hononndng the tale of Mnsidoniy 
winch has famished so many artists with a snbjecti 
and the publisher of so many editions of Thomson 
whh a captivating embdlishment, to be as vulgarly 
eonceived, and to be as ooaise in sentiment, though 
not in e xp r essi ons as a Dulnh painting. But still 
Thomson b chastity and parity itself in comparison 
with fab contemporaries. There b always an air of 
al^anee, and even of refinement, thrown ovnr hb 
warmest pictures. The Seasons, though they may 
administer fuel to an excited imagination^ contain 
scanty an expression that would rabe the blnsh of 
modesty. Tins decoium of expression extends also 
in general to hb ideas ; and he b not perhaps to be 
blamed if these do not rise, in point of elevation of 
isntimentt above the level of hb eiperi«ice. 

We are indebted, however, to Thomson for one 
pMMge on domestic happiness, at the conclusion of 
hb ^ Springs" which does high credit to hb feeUag^ 

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as a man and as a poet Thomson never loved ; but 
he was not an imamiable character. He was an af- 
fectionate broths : his benevolence, though it par- 
took of the indolence of his character^ was fervid, 
and by his friends, we are told, he was very tender- 
ty and warmly beloved. 

It is unnecessary to dwell on the beauties or me- 
rits of his great poem. Johnson has remaiked, that 
f< his mode of thinking and. of expressing his thoughts 
is original." This is no small praise. Hb descrip- 
tions, varyingand rising with his subject^ are at times 
magnificent; at other times they display all the mi- 
nute accuracy only to be obtained by familiar ob- 
servation. No one but an angler could have describ- 
ed with such felicitous correctness the fly-fiber's 
sport in.the first Season. There breathes tluroughout 
hb.poem the enthusiasm of the poet of Nature ; and 
if we cannot allow that the reader of the Seasons 
wonders that he never saw before what Thomson 
shows him, unless it be a reader unaccustomed to 
hold converse with the beautiful in the material 
worid, yet he derives a hi^ and more genuine gn^ 
fication, in finding the scenes he loves described so 

James Thomson was bom at Ednam, in the shire 
of Roxburgh, in 1700. Whiter was published in 1726; 
Summer and Spring in the following years ; and Au- 
tumn, with his collected works, in 1790. The inci- 
didntsof hb life consisted of the patronage he sue* 

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eeeded in obtaining, and the di8a|»pointineBts he had 
to encounter. His mother lived to see her son rising 
into eminence. Through the friendship of Lord 
Lyttelton, he was established in ease, if not in afflu- 
ence, when taking cold on the water between Lon- 
don and Kew, he caught a disorder, which, with 
some careless exasperation, terminated fatally, Au- 
gust 27, 1748. A tablet has been recently placed 
on the wall of Richmond church, by the exertions of 
Mr. Park, in conjunction .with Lord Buchan« to de- 
note the place of his interment* 

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Wan.! vi^;in Spring, I17 Eden's loodj 
Unfolds her tender mantle greeii> 

Or pnjdcs the aod in feelie mood> 
Or tanes EoUan strams between : 

Wbie Sommer with a Matron gnbce 
Retreats to Drybini^'s cooling shades 

Tet oft, delighted, stops to trace 
The progress of the spiky blade : 

Whfle Autumn, benefactor kuid. 

By Tweed erects hb aged head, 
And sees, with self-approving mind, 

Each creature on his bounty fed 

While maniac Winter rages o*er 
The hills whence classic Yarrow flows, 

Rousing the turbid torrent's roar. 
Or sweeping, wild, a waste of snows : 

So long, sweet poet of the year ! 

Shall bloom that wreath thou well hast won^ 
While Scotia, with exulting tear, 

Proclaims that Thomson was her son. 


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together let lu tread 

The morohig dews, and gather in their prime 
Fresh blooming flowers, to grace fhy braided hair. 

D. Fanshauf^ Printer, 

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Digitized by Google 


3y Google 

TfU mbjed proposed. Jtueribed to the Couniea tf 
Hertford. The Setuon it described at it aJfetU ike 
varioxu parts ofNaturey amending from the lower to 
Vie higher; wiih digresiiont anting from the tub- 
ject. lit infuenee on inanimate Matter, on Vege- 
tablet, on brtUe Animait, and last on Man ; conclud- 
ing with a ditsuasive from the mid and irregular 
passion of Love, oppoted to that of a pure and happjf 

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CoHXy gentle Spring! ethereal Mttdness! come;- 
And from the bosom of yon dropping cloud, 
While music wakes around, veil'd in a shower 
Of shadowing ros^, on our plains descend. 

O Hertford, fitted or to shine in courts 
With unaffected grace, or walk the plain 
With innocence and meditation join'd 
In soft assemblage, listen to my song. 
Which thy own Season paints ; when Nature all 
Is blooming and benevolent, like thee. 

And see where surly Winter passes off, 
Far to the north, and calls hb ruffian blasts : 
His blasts obey, and quit the howling hill. 
The shattered forest, and the ravag'd vale ; 
While softer gales succeed, at whose kind touch, 
Dissolving snows in livid torrents lost, 
The mountains lift their green heads to the slcy. 

As yet the trembling year is unconfirm*d, 
And Winter oft at eve resumes the breese. 
Chills the pale mom, and bids his driving sleets 
Deibrm the day delightless : so that scarce 
The bittern knows his time, with bill ingulf 'd 
To shake the sounding marsh ; or from the shore 

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The plovers when to scatter o'er the heath, 
And sing their wild notes to the listening waste. 

At last from Aries rolls the bounteous sun, 
And the bri^t Bull receives him. Then no mora 
Th' expansive atmosphere is cramp'd with cold ; 
But>full of life and vivifying soul, 
Lifts the light clouds sublime, and spreads them thim 
Fleecy and white, o'er all-surrounding heaven. 

Forth fly the tepid airs ! and, unconfin'4> 
Unbinding earth, the moving softness strays. 
Joyous, th' ifnpatient husbandman perceives 
Relenting Nature, and hb lusty steers 
Drives from their stalls, to where the weU-Qs'dpLoQgh 
Lies in the furrow, loosen'd from the frost 
There, uniefusing, to the hamesg'd yoke 
They lend their shoulder, and begin their toily 
Cheer'd by the simple song and soaring lark. 
Meanwhile incumbent o'er the shining shaiQ 
The master leans, removes the obstructing clay, 
Winds the whole work, and sidelong lays the glebt. 

While thro' the neig^b'ring fields the sower stalln» 
With measured step ; and liberal throws the grein 
Into the faithful bosom of the ground : 
The harrow follows harsh, and shuts the scene.. 

Be gracious, Heaven ! for row laborious man 
Has done his part. Te fostering breezes, blow ! 
Ye softening dews, ye tender showers, deseend ! 
^Anditemper all, thou worid-reviving sun,. 
Data th9 perfect year ! f^oryewhoUve 

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In hmuy amd ease, in pomp and pride, 

Think these lost themes niiworthy of yoor ear r 

Sach themes as these the rural Maro song 

To wide-imperial Rome, in the full hei^t 

Of elegance and taste, by Greece refin'd. 

In ancient times, the sacred plough employed 

The kings, and awful fathers of mankind : 

And some, with whom compar'd your insect tribes 

Are but the beings of a summer's day. 

Have held the scale of empire, nd'd the storm 

Of mighty war ; then, with unwearied hand, 

Disdaining little delicacies, seiz'd 

The plpugh, and greatly independent Wd. 

Te generous Britons, venerate the plough ! - 
And o'er your hills, and long withdrawing vale«) 
Let Autumn spread his treasures to the sun, 
Luiuriant and unbounded : as the sea. 
Far through his azure turbulent domain, 
Tow empnre owns, and from a thousand shores 
Wafts all the pomp of life into your ports ; 
So with superior boon may your rich soil, 
, . Exuberant, Nature's better blessmgs pour 
O^ every land ; the naked nations clothe ; 
And be th' eithanstless granary of a worid. 

Nor only through the lenient air, this change 
Delicious bveathes ; the penetrative sun, 
His force deep dartuig to the daric retreat 
Of vegetation, sets the steaming Power 
At laige, to wander o'er the vimiant earth, 
2» ' 

Digitized by Google 

18 ^PAINCb 

InvarionshuM; but chiefly tiikee, ^iqr sreea ! 
Thou sniliiig r9«ture'« uoivenai robe 1 
United light and shade ! where tibe sight ^«)H9 
With growii^ etoMigth, and eyer-new Mig^. 
From die moist meadow to the withered hii}» 
Led by the hme^t, the vivid verdure runs. 
And swelUiy WDti deepens, to the cherish'd efH. 
The bawthoTQ whitens ; and the juicy groves 
Put forth their buds, unfolding 1^ degrees* 
Till the whole leafy forest stands display'dy 
In full luxuriance, to the sighing gales ; 
Where the deer rustle through the twining bnke, 
jknd the l^rds sing cosceal'd. At once an»g^4 
In all-t^ c(dours of the flushing year, 
By Nature's swift and secret working haady 
The ganjlen glows, md fiUs the Uben^ air 
With lavish fragrance ; while the pronus'd Iruit 
Lies yet a little embryo, unpereetv'd. 
Within its crimson folds. Now &om the town^ 
Buried in smoke, and sleep, and noisomo dunps, 
Oft let me wander o'er the dewy fieUs, [di«|M 

Where freshness br^^es, and dash the trembling 
From the bent bush, as through the verdant maoe 
Of sweetbriar hedges I pursue my wsdik ; . 
Or taale the smell of dairy ; or ascend 
Some eminence, Augusta, in thy plains. 
And see the country, far diffus'd ajBoupd, 
One boundless blush, one whiteienq^urpled diowsr 
Of mingl^ blossoms; where tiienptar'd^ia 

Digitized by Google 

sPKiNe. 19 

Hnrics (kntt joy to jo}r, m4» hid b«ii0«tb 
The hk profbnooy yellow Autamn sjpm : 

U, bnuh'd irom RnasMA wilds, 9 cuttiiig flld 
Rifle not, and scatter from kis humid wings 
The clammy mildew ; or, diy-blowing, brf«tb? 
IJntimeJy hott ; btiote whose baleful blast 
The fidl-blown Spring through all her foliagt thrinbl* 
Joyless and dead, a wide-dejected wast^. 
For oft, engender'd by the hai^ north, 
Myriads on myriads, insect armies warp 
Keen in the poisoned breese ; and wasteful eat, 
Through buds and baric, into the blacken'd core^ 
Their eager way. A fceWe nuw { yet oft 
The sacred sons of vengeance ; on whose covne 
Cornonve Famine waits, and kills the year. 
To check this plagne, the skilful farmer chaf 
And blaiing straw, before his orchard burns ; 
Tin, all iBToIv'd in smoke, the latent foe 
From every cramiy suffocated £slls : 
Or seattors cCer the blooms the pungent dust 
Of pepper, fatal to the frosty tribe : 
Or, when th^ ieiMrenom'd leaf begins to curl, 
With sprinkled W4ter drowns them in their nest ; 
Nor, while they pick them up with busy bill, 
The Uttle troqping birds unwisely scares. 

Be patient, swmns ; these cruel seeming winds 
Blow not in vain. Far hence they keep repressed 
Those deep'mg doiids on clouds, surcharged with 
That o'er the FWtAtimitic hither borne, pnita^ 

Digitized by Google 

20 ^ SPRINO. 

In endless train, would (^piench the summei^lasey 
And, cheerless, drown the crude unripen'd year. 

The north-east spends his rage ; he now shut up 
Within his iron cave, the effusive south 
Warms the wide air, and o'er the void of heaven 
Breathes the big clouds with vernal showers distent^ 
At first a dusky wreaA they seem to rise, 
Scarce staining ether ; but by swift degrees, 
In heaps on heaps, the doubling vapour sails 
Along the loaded sky, and mingling deep, 
Sits on th* horison round a settled gloom : 
Not such as wintry-storms on mortals shed) 
Oppressing life ; but lovely, gentle, kmd, 
And full of every hope and every joy, 
The wish of Natiu«. Gradual sinks, the breese 
Into a perfect calm ; diat not a breath 
Is heard to quiver through the closing woods-/ 
Or rustling turn the many-twinkling leaves 
Of a^in tall. Th' uncurling floods, diffiis'd 
In glassy breadth, seem through delusive lapse 
Forgetful of their course. Tis 'silence all, 
And pleasing expectation. Herds and' flocks 
Drop the dry sprig, and mute-imploring eye 
The fallmg verdure. Hush'd in short suspense, 
The plumy people streak their wings with oil, 
To throw the lucid moisture trickling off*: 
And wait th' approaching sign to strike, at once, 
Into the general choir. E'en mountains, vales> 
And foresta seem, impatient, to demand 

Digitized by Google 


Tlie prmnis'd sweetness. Man superior walk* 

Amid the glad creation, musiag praise^ 

And looking lively gn^titude. At last, 

Hie clouds consign their treasures to the iekis; 

And, softly shaking on the dimpled pool 

Prelusive drops, let all their moisture flow» 

In large effusion, o*er the freshened world. 

The stealing shower is scarce to patter heard> 

By such as wander through the forest walks* 

Beneath th' umbrageous midtitude (d leaves. 

But who can hold the shade, while Heaven descends 

In universal bounty, shedding berbs> 

And fruits, and flowers, on Nature's ample lap ? 

Sw^ Fancy (lr*d, anticipates their growth ; 

And, whUe the mUky nutriment distils, 

Beholds the kindling country colour round. 

Thus all day long the full-distended clouds 
Indulge theu* genial stores, and well-ehower'd eftiA 
Is deep enrich'd with vegetable life ', 
nil, in the western sky, the downward sun 
Looks out, effulgent, from amid the flush 
Of broken clouds, gay shifting to his beam. 
The rapid radiance instantaneous strikes 
Th* iUumin'd mountain through the forest streann^ 
Shakes on the floods, and in a yellow mist, 
Far smoking o'er th' interminable plain, 
In twinkling myriads lights the dewy gems. 
Moist, bright, and green , the landscape laughs around ; 
Full 8weH the woods ', their every music w«ke9» 

Digitized by Google 

52 spring; 

Mix*d in wfld concert with the warbling brooks 
Increased, the distant bleatings of the hills, 
And hollow lows responsive from the vales, 
Whence blending all the sweetened zephyr springs* 
Meantime, refracted from yon eastern cloud. 
Bestriding earth, the grand ethereal bow 
Shoots up immense ; and eveiy hue unfolds^ 
In faur proportion running from the red^ 
To where the violet fades into the sky. 
Here, awful Nevrton ! the dissolving clouds 
Form, fronting on tiie sun, thy showery prism; 
And to the sage-instructed eye unfold 
The vanous twine of light, by thee disclosed 
From the white mingling maze. Not so the boy ; 
tie wondering views the bright enchantment ben<b 
Delightful, o*er the radiant fields, and runs 
To catch the falling glory ; but amaz'd 
Beholds th' amusive arch before him fly. 
Then vanish quite away. Still night succeeds, 
A soften'd shade, and saturated earth 
Awaits the morning-beam, to give to light. 
Raised through ten thousand different plastic tnbes^ 
The balmy treasures of the former day. 

Then spring the living herbs, profusely wild, 
O'er all the deep-green earth, beyond the power 
Of botanists to number up their tribes : 
Whether he steals along the lonely dale, 
In silent search ; or through the forest, rank 
With what the dull incurious weeds account, 

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Bursts his blind way ; or climbs the mountain rock, 

Fifd by the nodding verdure of its brow. 

With 3ach a liberal hand has nature flung 

Their seeds abroad, blown them about in winds, 

Innnmerous mixed them with the nursing mouldy 

Thp moistening current, and prolific rain. 

But who their virtues can declare ? who pierce. 
With vision pure, into these secret stores 
Of health, and life, and joy ? The food of Man, 
While yet he liv'd in innocence, and told 
A length of golden years ; unflesh'd in blood, 
A stranger to the savage arts of life, 
Death, rapine, carnage, surfeit, and disease ; 
Th(B lord, and not the tyrant, of the world. 

The first fresh dawn then wak'd the gladden'd raoe 
Of uncorrupted Man, nor blush'd to see 
The sluggard sleep beneath its sacred beam ; 
For their light slumbers gently fum'd away ; 
And up they rose as vigorous as the sun, ^ 

Or to the culture of the willing glebe, 
Or to the cheerful tendance of the flock. 
Meantime the song went round ; and dance and sportf 
Wisdom and firiendly talk, successive, stole 
Their hours away : while in the rosy vale 
Love breath'd his infant gighs, from angubh free, 
And full replete with bliss ; save the sweet pain, 
That, inly thrilling, but exalts it more. 
Nor yet injurious act, nor suriy deed, 
Was knowf^ among those happy sons of heaven ; 

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34 SPRiNe. 

For reiiMm imd benevotenee were law. 
Harmonious Nature too look'd smiling on ; 
Clear shone the skies, coord with eternal gale^ 
And balmy spirit all. The youthful son 
Shot his best rays, and still the gracious eloiids 
Dropped fatness down ; as o'er the swelling mead> 
The herds and flocks, commixing, play*d ee^sure. 
This when, emergent from the ^oomy wood, 
The glaring lion saw, his horrid heait 
Was meeken'd, and he join'd his sullen Joy ; 
For music held the whole in perfect peace ; 
Soft sigh'd the flute ; the tender voice was heatd, 
Warbluig the varied heart ; the woodlands round 
Apply'd their quire ; and winds and waters flow'd 
Ih consonances Such were those prune of days. 

But now those white nnblemisfa'd manners, whence 
The fabling poets took their golden age, 
Are found no more amid these iron times, 
These dregs of life ! now the distempered mind 
Has lost that concord of harmonious powers* 
Which forms the soul (^ haj^nness ; and all 
Is off the poise within : the passions all 
Have burst their bounds ; and reason, half extinct^ 
Or impotent, or else approving, sees 
The foul disorder. Senseless, and deformed, 
Convulsive anger storms at large ; or pale. 
And silent, settles into fell revenge. 
Base envy withers at anotiier's joy, 
And hates that excellence it cannot remsk. 

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'DesponiSm^ fnatf of f^^le hatk$ M, 

Weak and immai^, loosens evt^ power. 

£*en love Haelf b MttemesB of eovA, 

A pensive anguish pining ctt the tmaM^ 

Or, floidc to Mirdid interest, feels no more 

That nohle wibh, that never-cloy'd desire, 

Which, selfish Joy disdaining, seeks alone 

To bless the dearer object of its flame. 

Hope sickens with eitttivnganoe ; and grief. 

Of life hnpatienty into madness «wells ; 

Or in dead silence wastes the \feeping boors. 

These, ind a thousand mixt emotions more, 

From ever^dianghig views of good and Ul, 

Form'd faifinltely vBrlous, vex the mind 

With endleflB storm : whence, deeply rankUng, grows 

The partial thought, a Hstless nDconcem, 

Cold, and averting from our neighbour's good ; 

Then dark disgust, and hatired. Winding wileft, 

Coward deceit, and mffian violence ; 

At1alt,^ektinclt each social feeling, fell 

And joyless itthumanity pervades 

And petrifies (he heart. Ntitore diMdrb'd 

Is deem'd vindicdve, to have thang'd her cnxme. 

Hence) In old dniky time, h deluge ctune : 
When the deep-deft dispaHftafg orb, that ftrch'*d 
The centftfl waters rotitid, impetttous rush*d, 
With universal bMrst, into the gi^. 
And o'er^tfie1i%^piM l^lsof fi«ct«r>d eavth 
Wide-ftoh'd Ifeie^ WiWei, tA oiMittioti Vatt. ; 

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nil, from the centre to the streaming cloudi, 
A shorelesS'.ocean tumbled round the globe. 

The Seasons suice have, with severer sway; 
Oppress'd a broken world: the Winter keen 
Shook forth' his waste of snows; and Summer shot 
Hb pestilential heats. Great Spring, before, 
Green'd all the year; and fruits and blossoms bkish'dy 
In social sweetness, on the self-same bough. 
Pure was the temperate air ; an even calm 
Perpetual reign'd, save what the zephyrs bland 
Breathed, o'er the blue expanse : for then nor stomis 
Were taught to blow, nor hurricanes to rage ; 
Sound slept the waters : no sulphureous glooms 
Sweird in the sky, and sent the lightning forth ; 
While sickly damps, and cold autumnal fogs, 
Hung not, relaxing, on the springs of life. 
But now, of turbid elements the sport, 
From clear to cloudy, tost, from hot to cold. 
And dry to moist, with inward-eating change, 
Our drooping days are dwindled down to nought, 
Their period finished ere 'tis well begun. 

And yet the wholesome herb neglected dies ; 
Though with the pure exhilarating soul 
Of nutriment and health, and vital powers. 
Beyond the search of art, 'tis copious blest 
For, with hot ravine fir'd, ensanguin'd Man 
Is now become the lion of the plain, 
And worse. The wolf, who from the nightly fold 
Fierce drags the bleating prey« Be*er drank her mWh 

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spring; 37 

Nor wore her warmiog fleece : nor has the steer. 

At whose strong chest the deadly tiger hangs, 

E'er ploughed for him. They too are temper'd high, 

With hunger stung and wild necessity, 

Nor lodges pity in their shaggy hreast. 

Bat Man, whom Nature fonn'd of milder clay. 

With every kind emotion in his heart, 

And taught alone to weep ; while from her lap 

She pours ten thousand delicacies, herbs, 

And fruits, as numerous as the drops of rain 

Or beams that gave them birth : shall he, fair form ! 

Who wears sweet smiles, and looks erect on heaven^ 

£*er stoop to mingle with the prowling herd. 

And dip his tongue in gore ? The beast of prey, 

BIood-stun*d, deserves to bleed : but you, ye flocki 

What have you done ; ye peaceful people, what, 

To merit death ? you, who have given us milk 

In luscious streams, and lent us your own coat 

Against the Winter's cold ? And the plain ox. 

That harmless, honest, guileless animal. 

In what has he offended ? he, whose toil, 

Patient and ever ready, clothes the land 

With all the pomp of harvest ; shall he bleed, 

And struggling groan beneath the cruel hands 

E'en of the clown he feeds ? and that, perhaps, 

To swell the riot of th' autumnal feast. 

Won by his labour ? Thus the feeling heart 

Wbnld tenderly suggest : but 'tis enough. 

In this late age, adventurous, to havotouch'cl * 

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Light on the niuAibers of the Samiaii sag*. 
High Heftven forbids the bold preaumptuous stu^^ 
WbD»<^ wisest will has fix'd us in a state 
That must not yet to" pore perfection rise* 

Now when the first foul torrent of the broohvi 
Swell'd with the vernal rains, is ebb'd away, 
jknd whitening, down their mossy-tinctur'd sti^^ai 
Decendl the billowy foam : now is the time. 
While yet the dairk-brown water aids the guilet. 
To tempt the trout The well-dissembled fly. 
The rod fine tapering with elastic spring, 
Snateh'd from the hoaiy steed ^ floating liney 
And all thy slender wat'ry stores prepare. 
But let iiot on thy hook tiie tortnr'd wonni 
Convulsive, twist in agonwing folds ; 
, Which by rapacious hunger swallow'd de^ 
Gives, as you tear it from the bleeding breast 
Of the weak helpless uncomplaining wretch» 
Harsh pain and horror to the tender hand. 

When with his lively ray the potent sun 
Has pierced the streams, and rous'd the finny race^ 
Then, issuing cheerful, to thy sport repaur ; 
Chief should the western breezes curiing plc^t 
And light o'er ether bear the shadowy clouds. 
High to their fount, this day, amid their hills. 
And woodlandfs warbling round, trace up the hrooka ^ 
The next, pursue their rocky channel'd mane, 
Down to the river, in whose ample wave 
Their litti* naiad^lQve to q^^t l»rg»> 

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smiNG. 29 

Just in the dabious point, where with ihe pool 
Is mix'd the trembling stream, or where it boils 
Around the stone, or from the hoUow'd bank 
Reverted plays in undulating 6ow, 
There throw, nice-judging, the delusive fly ; 
And as you lead it round in artful curve, 
WHh eye attentive mark the springing game. 
Straight as above the surface of the flood 
They wanton rise, or urg'd by hunger leap, 
Then fix, with gentle twitch, the barbed hook : 
Some lightly tossing to the grassy bank. 
And to the shelving shore slow-dragging some, 
With various hand proportioned to their force. 
tf yet too young, and easily deceived, 
A worthless- prey scarce bends your pliant rod, 
Him, piteous of his youth and the short space 
He has enjoy'd the vital light of heaven, 
Soft disengage, and back into the stream 
The qpeckled captive throw. But should you lure 
From his dark haunt, beneath the tangled roots 
Of pendent trees, the monarch of the brook, 
Behooves you then to ply your finest art. 
Long time he, following cautious, scans the fly ; 
And oft attempts to seize it, but as oft 
The dimpled water speaks his jealous fear. 
At last, while haply oer the shaded sun 
Passes a cloud, he desperate takes the death, 
With sullen plunge. At once he darts along. 
Deep-struck, and runs out all the lengthened line ; 

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30 ^fm^ 

Then scieks O^e fufO^ Qpz^, th^ sbe)t(eru^ wp^ 
The cavem'd bank, his old secure abode ; 
And flies alof]^ and flounces ropnd the pool^ 
Indignant of the guile. With yielding han^* 
That feel§ him still> yet to ^is furious course 
Gives way, you, poiy re^i|ig, following jw^w 
Across the stream, exhajust his i^le r^tgfi * 
Till floating hrojod i|pp;i hia breathless side^ 
And to his fate abandon'd, to the shore 
You gaily drag your unresisting prize. 
* Thus pass the temperate hoprs ; but when tl^e sua 
Shakes from his noonday throne the scattermg clouds. 
E'en shooting listless ^i\ngHor through the deeps ; 
Then seek the b^k where flowering elders crowd ;^ 
Where scattered wild the lily of the vale 
Its balmy essence breathes; where cowslips hang 
The dewy head ; .where purple violets lurk« 
With all thjB lowly cl^ildren of the shade : 
Or lie reclin'd beneath yon spreading ash, 
Hung o'er the steep ; whence, borne on liquid Wing^ 
The soupding culver shoots ', or where the hawlf. 
High, in the beetling cli^, his eyry builds. 
There let the classic p^ thy fancy lead 
Through rural scenes ; sijic)i as the Mantjiian sW9|fi 
Paints in the matchless harmony of song. 
Or catch thyself the landscape, gliding fiyijpt 
Athwart im^ginajtion*s viyid eye : 
Or by the yoca^ F<>9^ &if4 waters lulled, 

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Confus'd) of carel^$|3 spUtude, where iqix 
Teo tbqusaod wandering imager, of thiqgs^ 
Sooth every gust qf pas3f qn i^ito peaq^ ; 
All but the swellings of t^e 3Qf ten'd hearty 
that wa,ken, Qbt ^istw^^ the tranquil mind. ^ 

Behold yon breathing prospect bids tb^ Mv^ 
Throw all her beauty forth. But who ca^ pa|nt 
Like Nati|re ? Can |magii|ation bojist^^ 
Am^d its gay creat^n^ hMes like hers i 
Or can it mi^ them mth that matchless skil^ 
And lose themt iii ^ch other, as appe^ 
In ev^ry bud that blows ? If fancy tjien 
Unequal fails beneath the pleasing task. 
Ah, what ^U langnf^ do ? Ah, where find nfpsds 
Ting'd with io fn.any colpurs, and whose power^ 
To life; approachjUig, may perfume my lays 
With that fine oil, those ^fj^atic gales. 
That inexhaustiye flow continual round ? 

Tet, though supcei^I^ss, )yiU the toil delight 
Come then, ye virgins and ye youths, wbp^e heaitji 
Have felt the ipaptures of refiiuing love ; 
And thou, Am^da, come, pride of my sq^^ ! 
Form'd by the Graces, loveliness itself! 
Copjie wit^ those downcast eyes, sedate an^l sweet, 
Those Iqpks demure, that deeply pferpe the soul, 
Where, with the light of thoughtful reason miy^'d) 
Shines lively fancy and the feeling heart : 
Oh CjOffiA I anji while the rosyrf^ted iVfay 

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S2 ftPRiNe. 

Steals blushing on, togetiier let us tread 
The morning dews> and gather in their prime 
Fresh-blooming flowers, to grace thy braided heSr, 
And thy lov'd bosom that improves their sweets. 
'^^See, where the winding vale its lavish stores, 
Irriguous, spreads. See, how &e lily drinks 
The latent rill, scarce oozing through the grass, 
Of growth luxuriant ; or the humid bank, 
In fan* profusion, decks. Long let us walk, 
Where the breeze blows from yon extended field 
Of blossom'd beans. Arabia cannot boast 
A fuller galeof joy, than, liberal, thence 
Breathes through the sense , and takes the ravbh'd soul. 
Nor is the mead unworthy of thy foot, 
Full of fresh verdure, and unnumber'd flowers, 
The negligence of Nature, wide, and wild ; 
Where, undisguised by mimic Art, she spreads 
Unbounded beauty to the roving eye. 
Here their delicious task the fervent bees, 
In swarming millions, tend: around, athwart. 
Through the soft air, the busy nations fly, 
Cling to the bud, and with inserted tubej 
Suck its pure essence, its ethereal soul ; 
And oft, with bolder wing, they soaring dare 
The purple heath, or where the wild thyme grows, 
And yellow load them with the luscious spoil. , 

At length the finish'd garden to the view 
Its vistas opens, and its alleys'green. 
Smitch'd through the verdant mazef the harried eye 

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IMstrnded wandefs ; now the bowery walk 
Of covert close, where scerpe a speck of day 
Falls on the lengthea'd ^oom, protracted sweeps i 
Now meets the bending sky ; the river now 
Dimpling along, the breesy ruffled lake, 
The forest darkening round, the Ottering spire, 
Th' etherenl mountain, and the distant main. 
Bat why so far excursive ? when at handy 
JUong these blushing borders, bright with dew. 
And in yon mingled wilderness of flowers^ 
Fair-handed Spring unbosoms every grace ; 
Throws out the snowdrop, and the crocus fint; 
The daisy, primrose, violet daridy Idue^ 
And polyanthus of unnumbered dies ; 
The yellow wall-flower, stain'd with irop brown ; 
And lavish stock that scents the garden round : 
From the soft wing of vernal breezes shedy 
Anemotiies; auriculas, enrieh'd 
With shining meal o*er all their velvet leaves ; 
And full ranunculas, of Rowing red. 
Then comes the tul^p-race, where Beau^ ph\ys 
Her idle freaks ; . from fomily dilus'd 
To family, as flies the father-dust^ 
The varied colours nm ; an^, while they break 
On the charm'd eye, th' exulting florist marks. 
With secret pride, the wonders of his hand. 
M0 gradual bloom is wanting ; from the bud, 
First-bom of Spring, to Summer's miKky tril^ i 
|Ver hyacinths, of purest virgin white, 

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Low-bent, and blushing inward ; nor jonqnillcSBy 
Of potent fragrance ; nor Narcissus fair. 
As o'er the fabled fountain hanging still ; 
Nor broad carnations, nor gay-spotted pinks ; 
Nor, shower 'd from every bush, the damask-rose^ 
Infinite numbers, delicacies, smells, 
With hues on hues expression cannot paint, 
The breath of Nature, and her endless bloomy, 

Hail, Source of Beuig ! Universal Soul 
Of heaven and earth ! Essentiid Presence, hail ! 
To Thee I bend the knee ; to Thee my thoughts, 
Ck>ntint]al, climb ; who, with a master hand, 
Hast the great whole into perfection touched. 
By Thee the various vegetative tribes. 
Wrapt in a filmy net, and clad with leaves, 
Draw the live ether, and imbibe the dew : 
By Thee dispos'd into congenial soils. 
Stands each attractive plant, and sucks, and swells 
The juicy tide ; a twining mass of tubes. 
At Thy command the vernal sun awakes 
The torpid sap, detraded to the root 
By wintiy winds ; that now in fluent dance, 
And lively fermentation, mounting, spreads 
All this innumerous-coloured scene of things. 

As rising from the vegetable worid 
My theme ascends, with equal wing ascend, 
My panting Muse ; and hark, how loud the woods 
Invite you forth in all your gayest trim. 
Lend me your song, ye nightingales ! oh, pour 

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The mazy-numing soul of melody 
Into my varied verse ! while I deduct. 
From the first note the hollow cuckoo smgf , 
The sym^^ony of Sfwiiig; and touch a theme 
Unknown to fame — the Passion of the Groves. 

"When first the soal of love is sent abroad, 
Warm through the vital air, and on the heart 
Harmonious seizes, the gay troops begin. 
In gallant thought, to plume the painted wing; 
And try again the long-forgotten strain, - 
At first faint-warbled. But no sooner grows 
The soft infusion prevalent, and wide, 
Than, all alive, at once their joy overflows 
In music unconfin'd. Up springs the lark, 
Shrill-voic'd, and loud, the messenger of mom; 
Ere yet the shadows fly, he moufited sings 
Amid the dawning clouds, and from their haunts 
Calls up the tuneful nations. Eveiy copse 
Deep-tangled, tree irregular, and bush 
Bending with dewy moisture, o'er the heads 
Of the coy quiristers that lodge within, 
Are pi^odigal of harmony. The thrush 
And woodlark, o'er the kind contending throng 
Superior heard, run through the sweetest length 
Of notes ; when fistening Philomela deigns 
To let them joy, and purposes, in thought 
Elate, to make her night excel their day. 
The black*bird whistles from the thorny brake; 
The mellow butlfinch answers from the grove : 

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36 8PRm«« 

Nor are the linnets, o*er the flowering ftirze 
Pour'd out pwtfoscly, sitent. Join'd to these* « 
Innumeimrs songsters, in the fireshening shade 
Of newH9prung leaves, their modulations mix 
Melliftnous. The jay> the rook, the daw. 
And each harsh |>ipe, discordant heard alone, 
Aid the^l concert: while the stock^dove breathes 
A melancholy murmiir through the whole. 

Tis love creates their melody, and bH 
This waste of mnsic is the voice of love ; 
That e'c^ to birds &nd beasts, the tender arts 
Of pleasing teaches. Hence the glossy kind 
Try every winning way inventive love 
Can dictate, and in courtsh^ to their mates 
Pour forth their little sools. Furst wide around^ 
With distant awe, in airy rings they rove, 
End^voilring by a thousand tricks to catch 
The cunning, conscious, half-averted glance 
Of the regardless charaier. Should she seem. 
Softening, tfaie least approvianee to bestow. 
Their colours burnish, and by hope inspired, 
They brisk advance ; then, on a sadden stiradc, 
Retire disc^der^d ; then again approach ; 
In fond rotation spread the ^potted wing, 
And shiver eveiy feather with tieslra. 
'^Connubial leagues agreed, to the deep wodds 
They haste away, all ks their fefloy ieads, 
Pleasure,kor food, or secmt naitty prompts ; 
That I«Btitre*s^reat connBafld maybe obejr'd ; 

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lC<»r lA th« tWiiei sensations (hey pensehre 

lodulg'd in vain. Some td the holly-hedge 

Nestling repair, and to the thieket some ; 

Some to the rude protection of tiie (hom 

Commit their feeble offspring : The cleft tree 

Offers its kind concealment to a feW ; 

Their food its insects, and its moss thehr nests. 

Others apart far in the grassy dale, 

Or roughening waste, their humble textnte weave. 

But most in woodland sofifades delight ; 

In onfreqnented gfoioms, or shaggy banks, 

Steep, and divided by a babbling brook, 

Whose marmurs sooA them all the live-long day. 

When by kind duty fixM. Among the roots 

Of hazel, pendent o'er the plaintive stream, 

They frame the first foundation of tiieir domes ; 

Diy sprigs of trees, in artful fabric laid. 

And bound with clay together. Now tis nought 

Bat restless huny through the busy air. 

Beat by unnudibered^ wfngs. The swaflow sweeps 

The slimy pooT, to bidld his hanging house 

Intent. And often, from the careless back 

Of herds and iloeks, a thousand tagging bOls 

Phick hair and wool ; and oft, when unobserved, 

Steal from the bam a straw: till soft and warm 

Clean and coniplete, their habitation grows. 

As thuff the patient dam assiduous sits, 
Not to be tempted from her tender task, 
Or by sharp hunger, or by smooth delight, 

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Thoagfa the whole loosen'd Spring around her blows*; 

Her sympathizing lover takes his stand 

High on th' opponent bank, and ceaseless sin^ 

The tedious time away ; or else supplies . 

Her place a moment, while she sudden flits 

To pick the scanty meal. Th' appointed time 

WiUi pious toil fulfill'd, the callow young, 

Warm'd and expanded into perfect life. 

Their brittle bondage break ; and come to light* 

A hdpless family, demanding food 

With constant clamour: O what passions then. 

What melting sentunents of kindly care. 

On the new parents seize ! Away they fly 

Affectionate, and undesiring bear 

The most delicious morsel to their young ;. 

Which equally distributed, again 

The search begins. E'en so a gentle pair, 

By fortune suidc, but form'd of generous mould. 

And charm'd with cares beyond the vulgar breast ; 

In some lone cot amid the distant woods, 

Sustain'd alone by providential Heaven ; 

Oft, as they weepmg eye their infjapt tram, 

Check their own appetites, and give them all' 

Nor toil alone they scorn : Exalting love. 
By the great Father of the Spring inspir'd. 
Gives instant courage to the feai^ race. 
And to the simple, art With stealthy wing. 
Should some rude foot their woody haunts molest, 
Amid a neighbouring bush they silent drop^ 

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And whinring thence, as if alann*d7 deceive 

Th* unfeeling school-boy. Hence, around the head 

Of wandering swsdn, the white-wing*d plover wheeb 

Her sounding flight ; and then directly on 

In long excursion skims the level lawn, 

To tempt him from her nest. The wild-duck, hence. 

0*er the rough moss, and o'er the trackless waste 

The heath-hen flutters, pious fraud ! to lead 

Thierhot pursuing spaniel far astray. 

Be not the Muse asham'd here to bemoan 
Her brothers of the grove, by tyrant Man 
Inhuman caught, and in the narrow cage 
From liberty confin'd, and boundless air. 
Dull are the pretty slaves, their plumage dully 
Ragged, and all its bri^tening lustre lost; 
Nor is that sprightly wildness in their notes. 
Which, clear and vigorous, warbles from the beech. 
then, ye friends of love and love-taught song, 
Spare the soft tribes, thb barbarous art forbear ; 
If on your bosom innocence can win, 
Music engage, or pety persuade. 

But let not chief the nightingale lament 
Her ruin'd care, too delicately fram'd 
. To brook the harsh confinement of the cage^ 
Oft when, returning with her loaded bill, 
Th* astomsh'd mother finds a vacant nest. 
By the hard hand of unrelentitig clowns 
Bobb*d, to the ground the vain provision falls ; 
Her pinions ruffle, and, low-drooping, scarce 

oy Google 

40 l$?B|N9» 

Can bear the mourner to the poplar sh^e -, 

Wherey all abandon'd to despaV) she sin^ 

Her sorrows through the ni^ ; and> on the boi^» 

Sole-sitting, still at eveiy dying fall 

Takes up again her lonent^ble str^ 

Of winding wo ; till) wide around, fhe woods 

Sigh to her song, and with her wail resouo(^> 

^ But now the ioather'd youth their former bQupdfS 

Ardent, disdain } andy weighing oft th^ir wings. 

Demand the free po^sesiion of the djiy - 

This one gl^ office more, and thi^n (Jijv^l^es 

Parental love at once, now needless grpwi^ 

Unlavish Wisdom never works In vain. 

'Tis on some evening, sunny, grated, Voii4i 

When nought but balm is breathipg tbf^' the wood*, 

With yellow lustre bright, that the new trj|^ 

Vbit the spftcious heavens, and Ipok abro^ 

On Nature's common, fcr as they can see, 

Or ^ipg, tlieir range and pasture. O'er the bougha 

Dancing about, still at the giddy verge 

Their resolution fails ', their pinion? still, 

In loose librstioB stretch 'd, to trust the void 

Trembling refuse : Ti|l down before them fly 

The parent guides, and chide, exhort, comp^ftP(l> 

Or push them off. The sui^giug i»ir receives 

Its plumy burden } and their self-tiuight w|ugs 

Winnow the waving element. Ob ground 

Alighted, bolder up again they leiid, 

Farther 9iid farther 9n, t<w? leng|heuing %ht ; 

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spiiiNa. 41 

Tfll vanish'd every fear, and every power 
Rous'd into life and action, light in air 
Th' acquitted parent see tlieir soaring race, 
And, once rejoicing, never Imow them more-. 

High from the summit of a craggy cliff, 
Hong o*er the deep, such as amazing frowns 
On utmost Kilda's* shore ; whose lonely race 
Resign the setting sun to Indian worlds, 
The rojral eagle draws his vigorous young, 
Strong-pounc'd, and ardent with paternal fire : 
Now fit to raise a kingdom of their own. 
He drives them from his fort, the towering seat, 
For ages, of hb empire ; which, in peace, 
Unstain'd he holds, while many a league to sea 
He wings his course, and preys in distant isles. ,. 

Should I my steps turn to the rural seat. 
Whose lofty elms, and venerable oaks. 
Invite the rook, who high amid the boughs, 
In early Spring, his airy city builds, 
And ceaseless caws amusive ; there, well-pleas'd, 
I might the various polity survey 
Of the mixt household kind. The careful hen 
Calls all her chirping family around,' 
Fed and defended by the fearless cock ; 
Whose breast with ardour flames, as on he walks, 
Graceful, and crows defiance. In the pond, 
The finely-checker'd duck, before her tram, 

* Thcjhrthest of the western islands of Scotland. 


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Rows gami^pus,. Tlje sUitel7-J«iHinf sw««i 
Gives out his s9owy plmpeige to tl?e ^^ : 
Aad, archiog prpud hk neo^, with pwy feet 
Bears forward fiercfB, and guards his osler-i^e. 
Protective of hi^ youu^. The turkey w^, 
Iioud-thre^ning^ddens^ while t];ie ^afisxck spread9 
His eveiy-coloor'd glory to the sy% 
And swims in radiant Qiajesty along. 
O'er the whole honjely seene^ the cooing dove 
Flies thick in qjuoro^s chase, and wanton rolls 
The grancing eye, and turn;? the ohangeful neck. 

While thus the gentle teniujts pf the shade 
Indulge their purer loves, tfce rougher worid 
Of brutes, below, rush furioug into flame^ 
And fierce desire. Through all his lusty veins 
The bull, deep-scorch'd, the raging passion feels. 
Of pasture sick, and negligent of food, 
Scarce seen, he wades among the yellow brpomi 
While o'er his ample sides the rantbling sprays 
Luxuriant shoot } or throu^ the masy \yoQd 
Dejected wanders ; nor th' enjticing bud 
Crops, though it presses on his eareless sense. 
And oft, in jealous madd'ning fancy wrapt, 
He seeks the fi^ht ; and, idly-buttingi feigns 
His rival gor'cj in^ every knotty trunk. 
Him should he meet, the bellowing war begins i 
Their eyes flash fury ; to the hoUow'd earth, 
Whence the sand flies, they mutter bloody deeds, 
And groaning deep, th' impetupns bi^e vm ' 

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IThUe thQ liuur fa^ii^» Itali^yKbreatbl^gi Wf^% 
Stands kindling iip thj^ir nge. Tb& trembUi)^ «t«edt. 
With Uu» hot imiwlfl^ 8«i^d in eveiy nerv^, 
Nor hiMMjq tl)Q roin? nor lv«^ Htf^ sQupMiiog tl|9Bg ; 
Rows funo iM^ felt ;. but tQ4ui>g high hi|i h^ad> 
And by tb^ we^-lwoiwn joy ^ di«*awi^ pWna 
Attracted strqpg} «}l wild Ijue bmvt« aw«iy ; 
O'er rocks, and woods* a^i^ tjraggy viouiit^s, fliM y 
And, neighing, 09 tb* lieri^ f^vnmit tal(«f 
Th* exciting gale ; then, fltM?P^«wendin^,. «i^«vf 4 
The h^ndlong tornents foaioipg dowi^ the h^, 
E'en where the madftes^ of the sM^'^ fitr^WW 
Toms in blach; ed4i<}» row»4 : Wch i^ the iqrw 
With whi^ his frmim heart imd sfanewP sw^l^ 

Nor mid«Ughi(^ by the bwndlo9ft Spring 
i^e thf bv«^ WMWtieis oftM fo^wwg doop ; 
From the 4e«f> w>?e mid g^4 fftvern fo«&'d> 
They flounce ^^^ tuv^ iu mMwieldj^ j^y. 
Dire were the stn^j mid di?soi^«Att tQ: spflig 
The cruel nq^lw^ of the saya^ iiiilid : 
How by this. Optfe their uative wrc^ sp)bUm'4» 
Tliey roam^ amid the fya^ of their h«^>, 
The far-r^oimdiiiig; waste in fiercer hfuids^ 
And growl thejlr horrid loves. But thi9 1^ theme 
I sing, enraptur'd, to the British Fair, 
Foibid9> and lead« me to the qiountaw-bfowi 
Where sits the «h4$pbe|Bd ou th^ ffW^. tiu€,, 
Inhaling, healthfigj, tbe ^e^cendiiig^BUD^ 
Anmnd hun ie^ Im vamyMtm^g 9<H^ 

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44 apRiNG. 

Of various cadence ; and his sportive lambs* 
This way and that convolv'd, in friskful glee, 
Their frolics play. And now the sprightly race 
Invites them forth ; when swift, the signal giveD> 
They start away, and sweep the massy mound 
That runs around the h3l ; the rampart once 
Of iron war, in ancient barbarous times, 
When disunited Britain ever bled, 
Lost in eternal broU : ere yet she grew 
To thb deep-laid indissoluble state. 
Where Wealth and Commerce lift their golden heads ; 
And o'er our labours, Liberty and Law, 
Impartial, watch ; the wonder of a world ! 

What b this mighty breath, ye sages, say. 
That, in a powerful language, felt, not heard. 
Instructs the fowls of heaven ! and through their breast 
These arts of love diffuses ? What, but God ? 
Inspiring God ! who, boundless Spirit all, 
And unremitting Energy, pervades, 
Adjusts,'lBustain8, and agitates the whole. 
He ceaseless works alone ; and yet alone 
Seems not to work : With such perfection fram*d 
Is this complex stupendous scheme of things. 

But, though conceal'd, to eveiy purer eye 
Th' informing Author in his works appears : 
Chief, lovely Spring ! in thee, and thy soft scenes 
The Smiling God is seen ; while water, earth, 
And air attest his bounty ; which exalts 
The brute citation to this finer thought, 

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Profusely tb|if mlm^^nm» a»4 joy. 

@till left wy w^s ft 9o)^r »o(b^ Aflranie, 
Andsingth* iiifi]^iF^fpn;ei(^3prw^onnuin; , 
When heaY«9 im^ ear^ a9 tf «9Wte9M|Hig, w 
To raise 1m» IJ^og, fwA s^re^e W» PQnl 
Can he £9li^«r jto jpui t1»e gpnerii fiott^ 
Of Nature? €^ fit^iipf f)WJiioM'y«x Iw bi«fwt> 
While every galte tf fWMe) «<i4 eiwry g|f^y# 
b melody? ^Mfi^l from tike bountooHS iialkf 
Of flo wvig Spring! ye aon&d §om Qf ««itb» 
Hard, an<} |uif««Un{; of aaotiier's wo ( 
Or only l^yiah to yoiirselve$; away I 
But come, ye generous minds, ip vhoie wide thovgfata, 
Qf0kM work*, «raative Bounty bums 
With war^Mst beam ; and on yoar «pen fironC 
And Hiwpal eye, sits, fiiom his dack oBteal 
loTitiBg modbat Want Itor, till laifok'd, 
Can restless goodness wait ; yoor activn seandi 
Leaves no cold wintry comer miegiplor'd ; 
Like silent-woridng Heavra, soiprising oft 
Hie lonely heart with miexpected good. 

For yon the roving spirit of the wind 
Blows Spring SLbroad ; for you the teeming olpnds 
DesfBend in gladsome plenty o'er the wori4 ; 
Ami the SUB sheds his kmdest rays ^ yon, 
Ye flower of faunan mce * In these green dayS| 
Reviving Sickness l|£ts her languid head ; 
I4fe flewfl afnih ; and yoang^eyed Health eiaks 

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The whole creation round. Contentment walks 
The sunny glade^ and feels an inward bliss 
Spring o'er his mind, beyond the power of kiDg;s 
To purchase. Pure serenity apace 
Induces thought) and contemplation still. 
By swift degree? the love of Nature worlcs 
And warms the bosom ; tUl at last sublim*d 
To rapture, and enthusiastic heat, 
We feel the pre^nt Deity, and taste 
The joy of God to see a happy worid ! 

These are the saored feelings of thy heait. 
Thy heart inform'd by reason's purer ray, 
O iyttelton, the friend ! thy passions thus 
And meditations vaiy, as at large, 
Courting the Muse, thro' Hagley Park thou 8tray*8t ; 
The British Temp^ ! there aloi^ the dale. 
With woods o'er^hung,and shagg'd with mossy rocks^. 
Whence on each hand the gushing waters play. 
And down the rough cascade white-dashing fall, 
Or gleam in lengthen'd vista through the trees, 
Ton silent steal ; or sit beneath the shade 
Of solemn oaks, that tuft the swelling mounU 
Thrown graceful round by Nature's careless hand. 
And pensive listen to the various voice 
Of rural peace: The herds and flocks, the birds, 
The hoUow-^whisperingbreese, the plaint of rQlS, 
That, pulling down amid the twisted roots 
Which creep around, their dewy murmurs shake 
On the sooth'd ear. From these abstmoted oft, 

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YoQ wander through the philosophic world ; 
Where in bright train continual wonders risey 
Or to the curious or the pious eye. 
And oft, conducted by historic truth, 
Ton tread the long extent of baidnvard time ;. 
Planning, with warm benevolence of mind. 
And honest zeal unwaip'd by party rage, 
Britannin's weal ; how from the venal gulf 
To raise her virtue, and her arts revive. 
Or, tuning thence thy view, thfese graver thoughts^ 
The Muses charm : While, with sure taste refin'd, 
Tou draw th' inspiring breath of ancient song; 
Till nobly rises, emulous, thy own. 

Perhaps thy lov'd Lucinda shares thy walk. 
With soul to thine attun'd. Then Nature all 
Wears to the lover's eye a look of love ; 
And all the tumult of a guflty worid^ 
Tost by ungenerous passions, sinks away. 
The tender heart is animated peace ; 
And as it pours its copious treasures forth, 
In varied converse, softening every theme, 
Ton, freqoent-paudng, turn, and from her eyes. 
Where meeken'd sense, and amiable grace, 
And lively sweetness dwell, enraptur'd, drink 
That namd^s spirit of ethereal joy, 
Unutterable hi^q^dness ! which love 
Alone bestows, and on a favoured few. 
Meantime you gain the height, from whoto fair brow 
The bailing prospect spreads immense around : 

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And snatck*d &€ffkf!d And dde, and ^oodiMdtaW^} 

And verdsAt fi«M, ittid^fieirkenittg hea.^ between ; 

And villages emboddnr'd sbflE iti tre«d, 

And spiry towns by intgtag totavAltti tAsa^^A 

Of hou^etifio«M dAtoke, your eye excni^ive roidiis : 

Wide-stret«hittg froim fl^ hiR, m wbose^ Mntf ifMttC 

The hospitable Gtettiof liikgerd still, 

To where the bMken landiscape, by degrees, 

Ascending, ro«tgheYi8 into rigid hills ; 

O'er whitsh thi^ CMdbrian mountains, li&e £11' do^dis 

That sl^ the Mae hornson, dn^ky rise. 

Flusb'd by ftte spirit of the genial yeai», ^ 

Now fipom the vir^'s theek a fresher bfooib 
Shoots^ fes^r and less, the five carnation round ; 
Her lips bludh detptr sweets*; 1^ bn^athcis of youth ; 
The shining niioi^i« swells into her e;^s, 
In brighter flow ; ik^r WiSaAing bosom h^fives, 
With palpitatioittr Wild ;^ khtd tuUinHs sei26 
Her veins, and all her yielding soul is Ibve. 
From the keen gazfe her Tover turns away, 
Full of the dear e^stath; power, and sidk 
With sighing Itogttishm^nt. Ah flifen, yd ftlir f 
Be greatly cmittoud of your sliding hearts : 
Dare not A* hj^ti&6f(m sigh ; the pleadings I66ky 
Downcast, and loW, in mecik submisskin dr^st, 
But full of guile. Let not the ferreirt tongue^ 
Prompt to deceive, with adcdiltilsn smooth, 
Giinr on your pm^ntfird wtD. ^r in the bdwcfr, 
Where woQ«H>iBe8 flflmt, taaid N>sei shMid a coa^h, 

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^PRlMfU 49 

While EveiHBg dmws her erklMMi curteiiuf rouml, 
Trust your soft miautes with betraying Maa« 
And let th' aspiring youth beware of love. 
Of the smooth glance beware ; for 'tis too late. 
When OB his heart the torrent-soitness pours ; 
Then wisdom prostrate lies, and fading fame 
Dissolyes lA air awaj ; while the fottd soul> 
Wrapt in gay vbions of unreal blissy 
Still paints th' illusive form ; the kindling grace ; 
Th* entkiiq; smile ; the modest-seeming eye. 
Beneath whose^beauteous beams, belying heaves, 
Luik searchless cunning, enielty, and death : 
And still fake-warbling in bis cheated ear, 
Her nren-voicer enchanting, draws him on 
To guileful shores, and meads of fatal joy. 

E'en present, in the very lap of love 
Inglorious hud ; while music flows around, 
Perfumesy and oils, and wine, and wanton hours; 
AnuA the roses fierce Repentance rears 
Her snaky crest: a quiekrretuming pang 
Shoots thro' the conscious heart ; wherebonour stiD^ 
And great design, against th' oppressive load 
Of luxury, by fits, impatient heave. 

But absent, what fantastic woes, arotts'dy 
Rage in each thought, by restless musing fed, , 

Chill the warm cheek, and blast the bloom of life ! 
Neglected fortune flies; and sliding swift, 
Prone into nun^ fell his seom'd affaus. 
'TIS nought bat gloom around : The dari^en'd sun 

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Loses his light : The rosy bosomed Spring 
To weeping Fancy pines ; and yon bright arcfii, 
Contracted, bends into adusky vault. 
All Natnre fades extinct ; and she alone 
Heard, felt, and seen, possesses every thought. 
Fills every sense, and pants in every vein. 

Books are but formal dulness, tedious friends ; 
And sad amid the social band he sits. 
Lonely, and inattentive. From his tongue 
Th' unfinished period falls : while, borne «W9j 
On swelling thought, his wafted spirit llies 
To the vain bosom of his distant fair ; 
And leaves the semblance of a lover, fix*d 
In melancholy site, with head declined. 
And love-dejected eyes. Sudden he starts, 
Shook from his tender trance, and restless run9 
To glimmering shades, and s3rmpathetic glooms } 
Where the dun umbrage o*er the falling stream. 
Romantic, hangs ; there through the pensive do^ 
Strays, in heart-thrilling meditation lost, 
Indulgfaig all to love : Or on the bank 
Thrown, amid droopmg lilies, swells the Inreese 
With sighs unceasing, and the brook with tears. 

Thus in soft anguish he consumes the day. 
Nor quits his deep re^tirement, till the Moon 
Peeps through the chambers of the fleecy eas(> 
Enlightened by degrees, and in her train 
Leads on the gentie hours ; then forth he walks. 
Beneath the trembling languish of her beam. 

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With Boitffa.*d sonAf and wooes the bird of eve 
To min^e woes with hb : or, while the world 
And all the sons of Care lie hosh'd in sleep> 
Associates with the midni^t shadows drear ; 
And, sighing to the lonelj taper, pours 
His idly tortur'd heart into the page, 
Meant for the moTing messenger of love ; 
Where rapture bums on rapture, eveiy line 
With rising frenzy fir'd. But if on bed 
Delirious flung, sleep from his pillow flies. 
AD night he tosses, nor the balmy power 
In any posture finds ; till the gray Mom 
lifts her pale lustre on the paler wretch, 
Exanimate by love : and then perhaps 
Exhausted Nature sinks awhile to rest ; 
Stni intemgpted by distracted dreams, 
That o'er the sick imagination rise. 
And in black colours paint the mimic scene. 

Oft with Ih* enchantress of his soul he talks ; 
Sometimes in crowds distressed ; or if retir'd 
To secret winding flower-ehwoven bowers, 
Far from the dull impertinence of Man ; 
Just as he, credulous, his endless cares 
Begins to lose in blind oblivious love, 
Snatch'd from her yielded hand, he knows not hoWf 
Throng forests huge, and long untravell'd heaths ^ 
With desolation brown, he Mrandera waste. 
In night and tempest wrapt ; or shrinks aghas^ 
Back, from the bendmg precipice ; or wades 

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5S 8FB.1VQ. 

The turbid steam below, and strides to rtach 
The further shove ; where, suceouriess end 8ad» 
She with eiteoded arms his aid iaapions ; 
But strives in vua : heme by th' ootrageoai^flcMMl 
To distance down, be ridet the ridgy wavvy 
Or whelm'd beneath the bofling eddy tinki. 

These are the ehariiiiBg a^Mes of lov«. 
Whose mifery delights. But through the beaft 
Should jealousy its venom once diifese, 
Tis then delightful misery no more ; 
But agony unnixM, incessant gall. 
Corroding every though, and blasting dl 
Love's paradise. Ye fairy prospeets, then, 
Te beds of rose^, and ye bowers of joy, 
Farewell ! y^ gleamings of departed peace, 
Shine out your last ! the yellow^tln^g |to||«e 
Internal vision taints, and in |& night 
Of livid gloom imagination wqaps. 
Ah then, instead of love»enliven'd cbecks. 
Of sunny £eaUires, and of ardent <^6s 
With flowing rapturn bright, dark looira succeed, 
Suffiis'd and glaring with tiatender fli« ; 
A clouded aspeet, and a bwraing cheek, 
Where the whole poison'd soul, malignant, stia, 
Aod frighteoB love away. Ten thousand feam 
Invented wHd, ten thpusand frantic views 
Of horrid rivals, hanging on the charms 
For which he melts in fondness, ei|t biro np 
With fervent angQish, fund AQJQtuming rage. 

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In Tiin repvoaches lend their idle aid, 
Deceitful prideyimd resolutioD (raU, 
Giving false peace a moment. Fancy poars, 
Afiredi, h«r beauties on his busy thought, 
Her first endearments twining round the soul, 
Dn& all the witchcraft of ensnaring love. 
Slnu^ the fierce storm involves his mind anew, 
flaqies'through the nerves, and boils alongthe veins; 
"While anxious doubt distracts the tortur'd heart : 
For e'en the sad assurance of his feiirs 
'Were eas^ to what he feels. Thus the warm youth, 
Whont love deludes into his thorny wUds, 
Through flowery-tempting paths, or leads a life 
Of fever'd rapture, or of cruel care ; 
His bri^est flaipes extinguidi'd all, and all 
ffis tni^btest moments running down to waste. 
But happy they ! the happiest of their kind ! 
Whom gentler stars unite; and in one fate 
Ihehr hearts, their fortunes, and their beings blend. 
lis not the courser tie of human laws, 
Unnatural oft, and foreign to the mind. 
That bmds their peace, bnt harmony itself* 
Attuning all their pasdons into love ; 
Where friendship full exerts her softest power, 
Perfect esteem enlivened by desire 
Ineifiible, and sympathy of soul ; 
Thought meeting thought, and wfll preventing wily 
With boundless confidence : For naught but love 
Can antWer love, and render bliss secure. 

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Let him, iing0tieeOiii0> wIud, alone ioUat 
To bless himself, from-ftordid p9i^ai& bng^a 
The loatjhtog f irgio, in eternal ease, 
Well-merite4> confume his nights and days ; 
Let barJbi^oiis natioos, whose inhuman love 
Is wild desim, f eroe a» the suns th/ey f«el ; 
Let eastern tj^mnla from tht light of heavaa 
3«clude theif boaom-slaYes, meanly poasess'd 
Of a mere lifeleis, vioflnted form y 
While those wkom. loYC cemenlis 'm holy^ fWth» 
4nd eqiifU transport, free as rialnm liva, ' 
Disdaining fear. What is the weM ia them i 
Its pomp, its pkflMure, and its ooosense all ? 
Who in each other clasp whatever fait 
High fanc^ fonn$, and lavish heart&can wikik ; 
Something than beauty deejcer, shoiddtbej^iofak 
Or on the mind, or mind-ri)hiinkL'dff£e,;\ 
Truth, goodness, honour^ h^mony, dndlttwi 
Th0 cifihest bounty of induliiint heaVeil. 
Meantime a smiUng ^spriog rises sound, 
And mingles both tbexr grae». By degrees, 
The humai^ blojisooi blows. ; andevf rjr dity, 
Soft as it rolls al(>ng> shoMTs some net¥ ohavg^ 
The father^ lp»tre»*nd th* mother>bloora. 
The infant reason grows apaee, and calls. 
For the kind hand of ao aieicjiuQus o^ee. 

P^igbt£uy[ task ! to rear tbue tender tbonght, 
To tjB^qh the young id«a how to shoots 
To pour the &«shiiiiif»etioa«'6v t^ vfiadi» 

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To breathe th' enlivening spirit, and to fix 
The generous purpose in the glowing breast. 
Oh, speak the joy ! ye, whom the sudden tear 
Surprises often, while you look around. 
And nothing strikes your eye but sights of bliss, 
All various Nature pressing on the heart ; 
An elegant sufficiency, content, 
Betirement, rural quiet, friendship, books, 
Ease and alternate labour, useful life. 
Progressive virtue, and approving Heaven ! 

These are the matchless joys of virtuous love ; 
And thus their moments fly. The Seasons thus, 
As ceaseless round a jarring worid they roll, 
&tin findthem happy ; and consenting Spring 
Sheds her own rosy garland on their heads : 
nil evening comes at last, serene and mild ; 
When after the long vernal day of life, 
Enamour'd more, as more remembrance swells 
With many a proof of recollected love, 
Together down they sink in social sleep ; 
Together freed, thev gentle spirits fly 
To scenes where love and bliss immortal reign. 

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she with the sylvan pea 

Of rural lovers this confession carvM, 

Which soon her Damon kiss'd with weeping joy. 

D. FanshaWf Printer. 

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The tvbjeet fropottd, invocation. Mdrtu to Mr. 
Dodingjton. An introductory reflection on the mo- 
tion of the heavenly bodies; whence the tuccession of 
the seatont. .Am the face of JfaJhire in this teaton u 
almott uniform, the progress of the poem is a dC" 
scriptum of a summer^s day. The dawn. Sunrising. 
Hymn t^ the sun. Forenoon. Sumper insects de- 
scribed. H€Qf^making: Sheep^Ae4»7§g. Mnrnday. 
A woodland retreat. Group of herds and flodci. A 
solemn grove : how it ajfeds a contemplative mind, 
A cataract, and rude scene. View of Summer in the 
torrid aone. Storm of thunder and Ughtning. A tale. 
The storm over, a serene afternoon. Bathing. Hour 
of walking. Trantitionto the prospect of a ridi,welU 
euUivated country ; which introduces a panegyric on 
Great Britain. Sunset. Evening. Night. Susnmer 
meteors. A comet. The whole concluding with the 
praise of philosophy. 

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Fboh brightening fields of ether fair disclos'd^ 
ChOd of the Sun, refulgent Summer comesi 
In pride of youth, and felt through nature's depth* 
He coibes uttended by the sultry hoursy 
And ever-fJBinning breeses, on his way ; 
While, from his ardent look, the turning Spring 
Averts her blushful face ; and earth, and skies, 
All-smiling, to his hot dominion leaves. 

Hence let me haste into the mid-wood shade. 
Where scarce a sunbeam wanders through the g^oom ; 
And on the dark-green grass, beside the brink 
Of haunted stream, that by the roots of oak 
Rolls o'er the rocky channel, lie at large, 
And sing the glories of the circling year. 

Come, Inspiration ! from thy hermit-seat. 
By mortal seldom found : may Fancy dare,. 
From thy fix'd serious eye, and raptur'd glance 
Shot on surrounding heaven, to steal one look 
Creative of the Poet, every power 
Exalting to an ecstacy of soul. 

And thou my youthful Muse*s early friend^ 
In whom the human graces all unite : 
Pure lig^t of raiad, and tenderness of heart ; 

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G«nius, and wisdom ; the gay social sense. 
By decency chastb'd ; goodness and wity 
In seldom meeting harmony com%iii*d ; 
Unblemished honour, and an active zeal 
For Britain's glory, Liber^^ and Man r 
Dodington ! attend my rural song. 
Stoop to ray theme^ inspurit every linei 
And teach me to deserve thy just applause* 

With what an awftil world-revelving power 
Were first the unwieldy plajtets kanch'd along 
Th' illimitable void ! Thus to FeoMiDy 
Amid the flux of many thousand yeafSt 
That oft has swept the toiling race of men. 
And all their laboured momments, away, 
Firm, unremitting, matchless^ in thek course ; 
To the kind tempered change of ni^.and d«y. 
And of the seasons ever stewing round, 
Minutely faithfU : such tki' AU-perfect Hand ! 
That pob'd, impels, and redes the sleBMly whole. 

When now no more th* alternate Twins are filr^c^ 
And Cancer reddens witii the solar blaie^ 
43hort is the doubtfiil en^Nie of the night ; 
And soon observant of a^roaehing day, 
'The meek'd-ey 'd Mom aj^ars, mother of dews^ 
At first faint gleaming in the dappled east : 
Till far o'er ether spreads the wideaiBg glow ; 
And, frogi before the Instre of her lace, 
White break the clouds away. With quichtti'd sttfv 
J^rown Night retipes : yoisig Day p<iiH» in apace,. 

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SVMMBft.. 61 

And openf al> the lawny profpect ^i^dcc 
The dripping rotk, the mowitain^s misty top 
Swell on the sight, and hrigfatem witb the cbmi. 
Bloe, throogfa the dusk^ the amokingcuitenta^ shine ; 
And from, the bladed fiekl the feaifalhace 
Limps, awkward : while along the foiest-i^ade 
The wild deer trip» and eften tumii^ gaw 
At early passenger. Musie awakes 
The native voice of undissembled j(^ ; 
And thick around the woodland hymns aiise. 
Roosed by the cock, the soon^clad< shepherd leave* 
His mosi^ cottage^ where with Peace he dwell* ; 
And from the crowded £ald, in ordery driven 
His flock^ to taste the verdoFe oCthe mom. 

Falsely liuuiriouft ! will not man a(wake ; 
And, springmgirom the bed of sloth, enjoy 
Hie cool, the fragrant, and the silent hour. 
To meditation due and sacred song ? 
For is theraan^ in skep can. charm the wise f 
To lie in dead oblivion, losing half 
The fleeting. moments of too short alife ; 
Total extinction o£ the enlighten'd souL I 
Or else to feverish vanity alive, 
Wilder'd, and tossing through distempered dreams? 
Who would in such a g^my state remain 
Longer than natme craves ; when every Muse 
And eveiy blooming pleasure waH without,. 
To bless the wOdlydeviotts moming waUc ^ 

But yonder cpmes tine potwerful King of Day, 

oy Google 

62 . SUMMER. 

Rejoicing in the east. The lessening cloudy 

The kincUing azure; and the mountain's broiir 

nium'd with fluid gold, his near aj^roach 

Betoken glad. Lo ! now, apparent all. 

Aslant the dew-bright earth,and coloured air^ 

He looks in boundless majesty abroad ; 

And sheds the shining day, that burnished plays 

On rocks and hills, and tow'rs, and wand'ringstreamsr 

High gleaming from afar. Prime cheerer, Li^t ! 

Of all material beings first, and best ! 

Efllnx divine ! -Nature's resplendent robe ! 

Without whose vesting beauty all were wnq)t 

In unessential gloom ; and thou, O Sun ! 

Soul of surrounding worlds ! in whom best seea 

Shines out thy Maker ! may I sing of thee ? 

'Tis by thy secret, strong, attractive force, 
As with a chain indissoluble bound, 
Thy system rolls entire : from the far bourne. 
Of utmost Saturn, wheeling wide his round 
Of thurty years ; to Mercuiy, whose disk 
Can scarce be caught by philosophic eye, 
Lost in the near effulgence of thy blaze. 

Informer of the planetary train ! 
Without whose quick'ning glance theh* cumbrous CfTb§ 
Were brute unlovely mass, inert and dead, 
And not, as now, the green abodes of life. 
How many forms of being wait on thee, 
Inhaling spirit ! from the unfettered mind, 
By thee sublim*d, do-^n to the dafly race, 
The mixing myriads of thy setting beam. ^ 

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Hie vegetable worid is also tfainei 
Parent of Seasons ! who the pomp precede 
That waits thy throne, as through thy vast domain) 
Annual, along the bright ecliptic road; 
In worldnrejolcipg state, it moves sublime. 
Meantime th' expecting^ nations, circled gay 
With all the various tribes of foodfiil earth, 
In^ore thy bounty, or send jprateful iq> 
A common hymn : while, round thy beaming car, 
Hi^-seen, the Seasons lead, in sprightly dance 
Harmonious knit, the rosy-finger'd Hours ; 
The Zephyrs floating loose ; the timely Rains ; 
Of bloom ethereal the light-footed Dews ; 
And softened into joy the surly Storms. 
These, in. successive turn, with lavish hand. 
Shower every beauty, every frag nee shower. 
Herbs, flowers, and fruits ; till, kiirdlmg at thy touch, 
From land to land is flush'd the vernal year. 

Nor to the surface of enliven'd earth, 
Graceful with hills and dales, and kafy woods, 
Her liberal tresses, is thy force confin'd : 
But, to the bowel'd cavern duting deep. 
The mineral kinds confess thy mighQr power. 
Effulgent, hence the veiny makble shines ; 
Hence labour draws his tools ; hence biHmish'd War 
Gleams oq the day ; the nobler worics of Peace 
Hence bless mankind ; and geu'rous Commerce binds 
The round of nations in a golden chain. 

Th' unfruitful rock itself, impregn'd by thtto. 

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In dark retunemeiltlormB tbe Inekl stoiie. 

The livefy diamond drinks thy purest rays, 

Olleetedligkty eompaot; ^at, polbh'd bri^t, 

And all its natixw IosIm tot abroad. 

Dares, as it ij^aities on the €dr one's breast, 

With vain wnbHion emidiite her eyes. 

At thee the raby lights its deepemng glow, 

And with a wariBg radiiuice iiiWBid flames. 

From thee the sappMre, solid ether, takes 

Its hue «eMQean ; and, of «^Aening tmet, 

The purple-«treaming ametiiy^ Istfanie. 

With ffay own smile ike yellow topas bonis. 

Nor deepet Terdnre dies ibe robe of Spring, 

When first she gNes it to >the soathem gale, 

Than the gi«eii omerald ^hows. But, eH oombln'd, 

Thick thiKMgh the w4iite(ning epal play thy beams ; 

C^, -flji^ng «eirerBl fimn its surface, form 

A trembliB|r yafianoe «f Mfolving hues, 

As the sight varies in the gner^ hand^ 

The veiy'deiid creation, from «hy touch, 
Assumes a mintc life. 6y tbee vefia'd, 
In brighter maaes tiM ralaeent stream 
Plays o'er Ikie mea«d. %^ preoipiee abrupt. 
Projecting honor o« tiM blCMAien^ flood. 
Softens at thy <relani. The decert joys, 
Wild^, throogk «H bis melanoboly bounds, 
Rad» mins glkter ; «nd Hie bfiny •docpy 
Seen from some pointed piomotitoty^ t<^ 
Far to. tbe blue hoBtonM utmost voige, 

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sviunCE* 65 

Be8dQiB,mfleelf afloadnggieaiii. Bntthiis, . 
And all the muohhtraiisported Muse ean singi 
Are to tfay-beantjry dignify) and vmei 
Unequal iat; great delegiBited source 
Of Bght, and life, and graec) and joy below ! 

How shall I tluen attempt to sing of Hui^ 
¥^o, Light Himself) in nncrealed light 
Invested deep, dweHs'awfidly re^'d 
From mortal eye^ or angel's pteer ken ; 
Whose single saile has^ frokn thet^rst of time^ - 
Fill'dy ov^owingy i&H: tfaese -Imfepst o^ heaven ^ 

That bean foe ever 'through ibSei bdundhsss sky : 
But, should he hide his face, Hh' asto&ishfd sun, 
And all the eitingaish^d'sCan, -would loosening reel 
Widd from tfaksfe sphetes^ and Chaos come ttgaln: 

And yet was every fakering* tongue of Man^ 
AuuoHTT Fatb^ ! silent in thy praise ; 
Thy Works themselves wotildaraise a' geneial »voiee,- 
£*en in the dtpth of- solitary woods 
^ human foot. nntrod; prooksm; thy power, ' 
And to the quire selestial'THKe resound, 
Th' eternal liause, suppint, and end of all ! 

To me be "Nature's volumebroad-dispiay"d > 
And to peruse its oll^nstructing page, 
Or, haply cfttolung inqraration thence. 
Some easy passage, raptnr'd to translate. 
My sole delist ; as through the faUing glooms 
Pensive I stray, or with the rising dawn 
On fancy's eil|^wing exeunive soar^ 

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M 99 

Nowi fliniligitptii^KMBrato^ths potent i^ 
Melts iottt Umpkl; ftir thi»^ Mgh^nrnfck okMdS) 
And morning fog9^ iktA kovacM roniid tke ^3M» 
In paity-colour'd banisi; titt vide imveilfdi 
The face of. nature shtnes^ finmiVh^m eaaA ieems^ 
Far-stretlohfAaioiind^ tarinpetthe beMUng^qiiievR. 

Half in a blmh of ctotang rosea leit» 
Dew-dropping Ooateea to tli« ifaade re^vea v 
There> on the i verdaal turf>. or flow»y bedf 
By gelid founta add oaneieflt BHi ttMBUM ; 
WhUe tjnMt ifisal^ diBpreMHtaigtiiffragli the akyv 
With rvfadsitagry his hanaps inflMoae dairU 
On maa^aitdibeMt, andhnh^ andtqiidretiJuaih 

'Wh« €a»<impityiii9 a^f^Aowny raee> 
Shedi^ tfaa iBonif their na^flaihiMibkkbni ras%ii, 
Befor^tha paaolmig beam ? sojfada the iain. 
When fevei^foval thtioMgh^^ aaoDe Teinsi 
B«|:on€ir(baW^£oHDiiiaff^tiie sm^ 
Sad when he 8et%di]]iteap heryeNoar.laavetr 
DroopiogAltnight;. aad^ when ha wnrai ratamsy 
Points her edaoHMvU hosanala hiaray. 

Home fhUnliismoilaBigtailpffthe swahiiffalnatsi; 
Hu floel^balqre him stepping tatbafbU? 
WhUe the full-uddac'd BBOthar fevra aoromd 
The cheerful cpltage^ theaBe^pieeting £6lod^ 
The food of innDcanceand bepith t The d«wv 
The roidi^aiid;aMgpie^tQ<the gray«^r«wm aaka< 
That the calmi vittagaid thdr Taidant armt, - 
Shelterhug, emhoKa, dliraatthev iaajp iMght > 

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All the hot Booii^ tDfecoolerihowv^aiike. 
Faint, Qnd^meaik, thehmiseboldl fowls ooaftlidi; ' 
And, i& a oomer o£lhA bnadftg 'shadbe, 
The(ftKMiM-«dbg> wftli«the viusantsmyitbimd) 1^ 
OalbsiMUk%mi^Utff*, 1^ hib^alunibBRi^oiie' 
Attacks the oi^MythNsi^ and one exu^tn 
O'erhillanddiaef tU}vwiBken'4byth»wa0py , ^ 
Thef etertbig sBa|»« NoF'shall the Miiee dlMhrin 
To- tee 4lie lilto note3F -summatHpaoe- 
Live iB'hfttt Ittff«id Anlt^' through ke^swig : 
Not mean thoHgh. 0lm{^ ; t& the diH|.flly^} 
From him tkey ^Mw ^eii»«i^aMJling' fioa. 

Wak'd by his^ wtynner myv ^o Keptile yonng 
Come wmg'd abiead ; bf the<Ugbl ai^ tqftbome, 
Lighter, an^iiiB df<80«^/ From every «hiBk> 
And secret eomeiv where^^y 8lept'awi7 
The wintry storms ; of ri^iii^from'^teip tomhS) 
To higher H^; by myribda, fortii irt once, 
Swarming they pour ; of all the vary 'd hues . 
Their beauty-beamingparent can- (Hsclose^ 

Tesi^ottsmid fbrms ! tenitkousand different tribes I* 
People the btese. Tb sunny waters some 
By fatal instinct fff ; where on- the pool 
They, sportfrevWheel-; or, saiBng down ti)est»catt, 
Are snatch'd ipimedit^ by the quick*eyed trout, 
Or dAiting saimon. Througb the green-wood^ glkde 
Some love to<stray', there lodg'd, amus^, and fed, 
In thrfresli leaf. Luxurious^ others, make 

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68 $UM][SB« 

The meads their clwioe, and ¥iiit«irery towers 
And every latent herht fortheavreettask) 
To propa^te their Idods, and where to wrap* 
In what soft beds, their yovmg jFei undiscloa'dr 
Emplojs thfor tender care. Some to the houae, 
The fold, and daiiy, hilngiy^ bend their fiigl^ ; 
Sip round the pail, .or taste the curdling cheese : 
Oft, inadvertent, (rom the milky stream 
They m^et theur fate ; or, weltering in the bowl) 
With powerless wings around them wmpt, eipUe. 

But chief to heedless flies the wmdow pvovea 
A constant death ; where, gloomtUy retir'd» 
The villain ^Ider lives, eunoing» and fifliree» 
Mixture abhor'd i amid a manned heap 
Of carcasses, in eager watch he ^iU% 
O'erlooking all his waving snaies around. 
Near the dire cell the dreadless wanderer oft 
Passes, as oft the ruffian shows his front ; 
The prey at last ensnar'd^ he dreadful dArts, 
With rapid glide, along the leaning line ; 
And, fixing in the wretch his cruel fangs, 
Strikes backward grimly pleas'd; the fluttering wing, 
And shriller sound, declare extreme distresPf 
And ask the helping hospitable hand. 

Besounds the living surface of the ground i 
Nor undelightful is the ceaseless hum, 
To him who muses through the woods at noon ; 
Or drowsy shepherd, as he li6s reclin'd, 
With half-shut eyes, beneath the floating shad^ 

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Of wOlows "grajf dose-erowding o'er the brook. 

Gradnal^fhHn "these what tramerons kinds descend, 
EvMlrag «*«n the microecopic e^e ! 
Fall nature swarms v/f&i Hfe ; one wondrous mass 
Of animals, or attorns organized, 
Waiting the vital brettth, when parent Heaven 
Shall bid hfs spirit blow. The hoaiy fen, 
In potrid streams , emits the living dond 
Of pestilence. Through sobterranean cdls, 
Where searchmg smibeams scarce can find away, 
Earth animated heaves. The ilowery leaf 
Wants not its soft inlxabitants. Secure, 
Within its wfaidtng eitadel, the stone 
Holds mcdtitudes. But cMef &e forest boughs, 
That dance onnumberM to the playftd breeze ; 
Tlie downy -orelMtrd, and the melting pnip 
Of mellow fruit, the naaneless nations feed 
Of evanescent insects. Where the pool 
Stands mantled o*er with green, Invisible, 
Amid the floating verdure mHlions stray. 

Each liquid too, whether it pierces, sool9i% 
Inflames, refreshes, or exalts Ae taste. 
With v^Bffious forms abounds. Nor bthe stream 
Of purest crystal, nor the hicid air. 
Though one transparent vacancy it seems. 
Void of their unseen, people. These, conceaPd 
By the kind art of forming Heav«n, esci^ 
The grosser eye of man : for, if the worlds 
In werUb enoles'd should on bissenses borst, 

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70 &VH1IEIU 

From cates ambrosial, and the Jiectar'd bowl. 
He would abhorrent torn ; and in deed night, 
When silence sleeps o*er all, be stonn'd with nolae,. 

Let no presuming impious railer tax 
Crbatiys Wisdom, as if aught was formed 
In vain, or pot for admiraUe ends. 
Shall little haughty Ignorance pronounce 
His works unwise, of which the smallest pait 
Exceeds the narrow vision of her mind ? 
As if upon a fuU-proportion'd dome, 
On swellmg columns heav'd, the pride of art ! 
A critic-fly, whose feeble ray scarce spreads 
Ah inch around, with blind presumption bold. 
Should d^jce to tax the structure of the whole. 
And lives the Man, whose universal eye 
Has swept at once th' unbounded scheme of thing* ; 
Mark'd their dependence so, and firm accordi 
As with unfaltering accent to conclude 
Thai thb availeth naught ? Has any seen 
The mighty chain of beings, lessening down 
From Infinite Perfection to the brink 
Of dreaiy nothing, desolate abyss ! 
Fi^m whiph astonish'd thought, recoiling, tuma t 
Till then alone let iei|ious praise ascend. 
And hymns of holy wonder, to that Powkr, 
Whose wisdom shines as lovely on our mindii 
As on our smiling eyes hb servant sun. 

Thick in yon stream of light, a thousand wayst 
Vpwvd; and dQWuward, thwaiting, and coiiTolY'4a. 

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The quivering nations sport ; till, tenipe8t-wing*d, 
Kieree Winter sweeps them from the face of day. 
£'en so loxnrioas men, tinheeding, pass 
An idle summer Kfe in fortune's shine, 
A season's gUtter ! Thus they flutter on 
From toy to toy, from vanity to vice ; 
TiD, blown away by death, oblivion comes 
Behind, and strikes them from the book of life. 

>^ow swarms the village o'er the jovial mead : 
The rustic youth, brown with meridian toU, 
Healthful and strong ; full as the summer-rose 
Blown by prevailing suns, the ruddy maid, 
Half naked, swelling on the sight, and all 
Her kindled graces burning o'er her cheek. 
E'en stooping age is here ; and infant-hands 
l^afl the long rake, or, with the fragrant load 
Cercfiarg'd, amid the kind oppression roll. 
Wide flies the tedded grain ; all in a row 
Advancing broad, or wheeling round the field; 
They spread the breathing harvest to the sun, 
That throws refreshful round a rural smell : 
Or, as they rake the ^en-q)pearing ground, 
And drive the dusky wave along the mead, 
The russet hay-cock rises thick behind, 
In order gay. While heard from dale to date, 
Waking die breeze, resounds the blended voice 
W happy hdxMsr, love, and social glce^ 

Or rushing thence, in one diffusive band. 
They drive th^ troubled flocks, by many a dog 

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73- syjfMiuu 

CompeU'di to where the nuu^-niniiuig brook 
Forms a deep pool ; this bank abrupt and hish. 
And that fair-spreading in a pebbled shore. - 
Urg'd to the giddy brink, much is the toil» 
The clamour much, of nien» and boys,, anddogv 
Ere the soft fearful people to the flood 
Commit their woolly sides. And oft the swaio. 
On some impatient seizing, hurl» them in : 
Embolden 'd then, nor hesitating more, 
Fast, fast, they plunge amid the flashing wave^ 
And panting Labour to the fur&est shore-. 
Repeated this, till deep the well-wash*d fleece 
Has drunk the flood, and from his U¥ely haunt 
The trout is banish'd by the sordid stream ; 
Heavy, and dripping, to the breezy brow 
Slow move the harmless race ; where, as th^ spread 
Their swelling treasures to the sunny ray, 
Inly disturb'd^ and wondering what this wild 
Outrageous tumult means, theur loud complaints 
The country flU ; and, toss'd from rock U>rock» 
Incessant blealings run around the hills. 
At last, of snowy white, the galher'd flocks 
Are in the wattled pen innumerous press'd. 
Head above head : and rang'd in losty rows 
The shepherda sit, and whet the amiuHng shears.*. 
The housewife waitf to roll her fleecy steres) 
With all her gay-drest maids attendingjfOBad. 
One, chief, in gracious dlgpi^ enthron^d^ 
Shines o'er the rest, the pastoral q^een^ and rays 

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suKMim^ IS 

Her smiles^ ■w«et4^MiiDiig, od her shepfaefd-kiiii: ; 
Whfle the glad cifdft fOSBd then yield their soui» 
To festive mir^y «nd wit that knows no gall. 
Meantime) their joyoos taiik goes ob apace : 
Some mingling stir the netted tar, and some, 
Deep on the new-sfaevn iragntit'ft heaving side. 
To stiBip his martyr's oi|riier ready stand ; 
Others th* anwilling wetber drag akng; 
And, glorying in his ang^ Ihe sbftdy boy 
Holds by the twisted horns fh' IndigDaBtraa. 
Behold where bound, and o£ its robe boraft^ 
By needy Man^ that riMepoiding lord. 
How jBeek, how patient, the mikl cieata t e liei I 
Whajt soteess in its nnlatKholy €Me, 
What dumb con^laining imiocenfEeappears^l 
Fe«r not^ya geiptie tribes, 'tianot the knifis 
Of horrid slangltfei that is o'er 3^«ni wwr'd ;. 
No„ 'tia (he kaider sun^o's weil-gnidad shears, 
Who having now, to pay his amnial caio, 
BorrQ!W*d year fleece^ to you a cnmbroas hMdy 
Wfll send you bounding to your h31» agdn. 
AsimfdesiDene! yet henee Britannia sees 
Her solid grandeur rise : hence she coaMoandii 
Th' exalted stores of every brighter dime,. 
The trespwes of the Sun witiboat hia lage : 
Hence, fervent aU^ with cultore, toU, and arts, 
Wide glowii her land: her dieaittiil thanderhencc! 
Rides o'er the wayiAsabKme; and now, e^en now, 
Impending^ hangi o'er Gattia'a bumbled, coast; 
Hence rules the circling deep, and awes the world, , 

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Tis raging noon ;' and, veorticaly the nm 
Darts on the head direct his forceful rays. 
O'er heaven and earth, far as the ranging eye 
Can sweep, a dazsling deluge reigns ; and all 
From pole to pole is undistinguish'd blaze. 
In vain the sight, dejected to the ground, 
Stoops for relief ; thence hot-ascending steams 
And keen reflection pain. Deep to the root . 
Of vegetation parch'd, the cleaving fields 
And slippery lawn an arid hue disclose ; 
Blast Fancy's blooms, and wither e'en the soul^ 
Echo no more returns the cheerful sound 
Of sharpening scithe : the mower sinking heaps 
O'er him the humid hay, with flowers peifuon'd ; 
And scarce a chirping grasshopper is heard 
Through the dumb mead. Distressful nature pants. 
The very streams look languid from afar ; 
Or, through th' unshelterM glade, impatient, seem 
To hurl intothe covert of the grove. 

All-conquering Heat I oh intermit thy wrath ; 
And on my throbbing temples potent thus 
Beam not so fierce ! incessant still you flow. 
And still another fervent flood succeeds, 
Four'd on the head profuse. In vain I sigh. 
And resUess tniii, and look around for night ; 
Night is far otf ; and hotter hours q>proacb. 
Thrice happy be ! who on the sunless side 
Of a romantic mountain, forest-crown'd, 
Beneath the whole coUeeted shade recUneg ; 

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Or in the gelid caverns, woodbine-wronglit, 
And fresh bedew'd with ever-spouting streamsi 
Sits coolly calm ; while all the wdrid without, 
Unsatisfied, and sick, tosses in noon. 
Emblem instructive of the virtuous man, 
Who 'keeps his tempered mind serene, and pure ; 
And every passion aptly harAioniz'd, 
Amid a jarring world with vice inflam'd. 

Welcome, ye shades ! ye bowery thickets, hail ! 
Te lofty pines ! ye venerable oaks ! 
Te ashes wildj resounding o'er the steep ! 
Delicious b yourshelter to the soul. 
As to the hunted hart the sallying spring. 
Or stream full-flowing, that his swelling sides 
Laves, as he floats along the herbag'd brink. 
Cool, thro' the nerves, your pleasing comfort glides ; 
The heart beats glad ; the fresh-expanded eye 
And ear resume their watch ; the sinews knit ; 
And life shoots swift through all the lightened limbs^ 

Around th' adjoining brook, that purls c^onig 
The vocal grove, now fretting o'er a rock, 
Now scarcely moving through a reedy pool. 
Now starting to a sudden stream, and now 
Gently diffus'd into a limpid plain ; 
A various group the. herds and flocks compose, 
Rural confusion ! on the grassy bank 
Some ruminating lie ; while others stand 
Half in the flood, and often bendmg, sip 

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76 StJMMER. 

The circling soi&ee. !■ die middle droops 
The strong laborioss ox, of honest front. 
Which ineompos'd he diakes ; and from his skies 
' The troublous insects lashes with his tail, 
Returning still. Amid his sahjects safe, 
Slumbers the raonarch-swiain ; his careless arm 
Thrown round his head, on downy moss sustained ; 
Here laid his serip, with wholesome viands fiU'd ; 
There, listening every noise, his watchful dog. 

Light fly his slumbers, if perchance a flight 
Of angry gad-flies fasten on the h&rd ; 
That startling scatters from the shallow brook. 
In search of lavish stream. Tossing the foam, 
They seom the keeper's voice, and scour the plain. 
Through all the bright severity of noon ; 
While, from thefar labouring breasts, a hollow moan 
Proceeding, runs low*beUowing round the hiik. 

Oft m this season too the horse, provak'd, 
While hb big sinews full of spirits swell ; 
TremUing with vigour, in the heat of blood, 
Springs the high fence ; and, o*&r the field effua^dy 
Darts OB the gloomy flood, with steadfiast eye. 
And heart estrang'd to fear: hb nervous chest, 
Luxuriant, and erect, the seat of strength, 
Bears down th' opposing stream : quenchlesahiv thirst; 
He takes the river at redoubled chuughts ; 
An d with wide nostrils, snorting, skims the wave. 

Still let me pierce into the midnight depth < 

Of yonder grove, of wildest, largest growth ; 

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summhu 77 

That, formiiig high in air a woocBand qvin^ 

Nods o'er the moant beneatli. At every at^y 

Solemn, and slow, the shadows bjacker fall, 

And all is awful listening gloom around. 

These are the haunts of Meditation, these 

The scenes where ancient bards th* inspiring breath. 

Ecstatic, felt ; and, from tins world redr'd. 

Conversed with angels, and immortal forms, 

On gracious errands bent : to save the fall 

Of virtue struggling on the brink of vice ; 

In waking whirrs, and repeated dreams. 

To hint pure thought, and warn the fEurour'd soul 

For future triab feted to prepare ; 

To prompt the poet, who devoted gives 

His muse to better themes ; to sooth the pangs 

Of djring worth, and from the patriot's breast 

(Backward to mingle in detested war. 

But foremost when engaged) to turn the death ; 

And numberless such offices of love, 

Daily, and nightly, zealous to perform. 

Shook sudden from the bosom of the sky, 
A thousand shapes or gUde along the dusk, 
Or stalk majestic on. Deep-rous'd, I feel 
A sacred terror, a severe delight, 
Creep through my mortal frame ; and thus, methinks^ 
A voice, than human more, th' abstracted oar 
Of fancy strikes :— ^< Be not of us aivaid, 
Poor kindred man ! thy fellow creatures, we 

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7B smiXKiu 

From thenme Pttrait F»wer ov bein|pi drew» 
The 8a««e our Loffdr and laws, and great punoSt 
Once some of us, tike thee> through storaty life, 
ToH'd, tempest-beaten, ere we eoold attain 
This holy calm, this harmony k^ mind, 
Where pniity and peace immingle cfaanns. 
Then fear not us > but wii^ nsponsiire song. 
Amid these dim recesses, undistorb'd 
By noisy folly and discordant Yice, 
Of Nature smg with us, and Nature's God. 

" Here frequent, at the viaonaiy hour, 
Wheti niUfaig midi^ht reigns, or silent noon, 
AngeUc harps are in full concert heard, 
And voices chanting &om the wood-crown*d hiU, 
The deepening dale, in inmost sylvan g^Uide ; 
A privilege bestowed by us, alone, 
On Contemplation, Of the hallow'd ewr 
Of poet, sweUwg to seraphic strains.'" 

And art thou, Stanley/ of that saered band f 
Alas, for us too. soon ! though rais'd above 
The reach pi human pain, aboi^ the flight 
Of human i<^ ; yet, with a mingled ngr 
Of sadly plaaa'd remembrance, must thou fisel 
A mother's love, a mother's ten der wo : 
lyhP af^ t;hee stitt, In many a £oaner scene ; 
Seeks thy &Lir form, thy lovely^aming eyes, 
Thy pleasing convenevby gay Mvely sense 

* A young lady, who died ttt the age of eighteen, inthe 
year 1738, upon whom Thonuon wrote an epitaph. 

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Inspir'd : where moral wisdoai mildly shone, 
Without the toil of art ; and virtue giow'd, 
In all her smileB, without forbiddmg pride. 
Bot, O thou best of perentd ! wipe thy tears ; 
Or rather to Parental Nature pay 
The tears of grateful joy ; who for awhile 
Lent thee tins younger self, this opening hloom 
Of thy ent^tened mind and gentle worth. 
Believe the Muse ; the wintry blast of death 
Kills notthe buds of vWtue ; no, they spread, 
Beneath the heavenly beam of brighter suns, 
Throu|^ endless ages^ into higher powers. 

Thus up the mount, in aiiy vision wrapt, 
I stray, regardless whither ; till the sound 
Of a near fall of water every sense [back. 

Wakes from the dkarm of thought: swilt'^hrhiking 
I check my steps, and view the broken seene. 

Smooth to &e shelving brink a copioua flood 
Rolls fairy andphicid ; where collected all. 
In one impetuous torrent, th>wn the steep 
It thundering shoots, and shakes the country round. 
At first, an azure sheet, it rushes brosid ; 
Then whitening by degrees, as prone it Idis, 
And from the lood-resoandh^ rocks below 
Dash'd IB a cloud of foam, it sends aloft 
A hoaiy mist, and forms a ceeselem shower. 
Nor can the tortured wave here And repose ; 
But, raging stiH amid Jtfae shaggy rocks, 
Now fla^bes o'er the tcatterU f ragme nt Sy now 

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Aslant the hollowed cluuiiiel rapid darts ; 
And falling fast firom gradual slope to slope, 
With wild infracted course) and lessened roar^ 
It gains a safer bed ; and steals, at last, 
Along the mazes of the quiet vale. 

Invited from the cliff, to whose dark brow 
He clings, the steep-ascending eagle soars, 
With upward pinions through the flood of day ; 
And, giving ful) his bosom to the blaze. 
Gains on the sun ; while all the tuneful race, 
Smit by th' afflictive noon, disorder'd droop. 
Deep in the thicket ; or, from bower to bower 
Responsive, force an interrupted strain. 
The stock-dove only through the forest cooes. 
Mournfully hoarse ( oft ceasing from his plaint ; 
Short interval of weary wo ! again 
The sad idea of his murder'd mate. 
Struck from his side by savage fowler*s guile, 
Across his fancy comes ; and then resounds 
A louder song of sorrow through the grove. 

Beside the dewy border let me sit, 
All in the freshness of the humid air : 
There in that hoUow'd rock, grotesque and wild, 
An ample chair moss-lin'd, and over head 
By flowering umbrage shaded ; where the bee 
Strays diligent, and with th' eitracted bairn 
Of fragrant woodbine loads his little thi^. 

'Now, while I taste the sweetovess of the shade^ 
While Nature lies around deep-lull'd in noon9 

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Now come, bold Fancyi spread a daritig light, 
And view the wonders of the torrid sone : 
Climes unrelenting ! with whose rage conipar'd> 
Ton blase is feelde, and yon skies are cool. 
See, how at once the bright-eflidgent son, 
Rising direct, swift chases from the sky 
The short4iy'd twilight ; and with ardent blase 
Looks gaily fierce throi^i all the dasriing air : 
He laounts his throne ; but kind before him sends, 
Issiung from out the portals of the mom. 
The general breese f to mitigate his fire. 
And breathe refredunent on a fainting world. 
Great are the scenes, with dreadful beauty crown*d 
AnA. barbarous wealth, that see, each circling year, 
Ketoming suns and double seasons! pass : 
Rocks rich in gems, and mountains big with mines, 
That on the high equator ridgy rise. 
Whence many a bursting stream auriferous plays ; 
Majestic woods, of every vigorous green. 
Stage above stage, high waving o'er the hilb ; 
Or to the far horizon wide diffused, 

* Wkkh blotffs constantly between the tropics from 
the eatt^ or tke coUaterat points, the north-teat 6nd south- 
east ; caused bythepressure of the rarefied air on (hdt 
before ft, aeeor^ng to the diwmal motion of the sun 
from east to west. 

Mnedt climates between the fropiesy the sun, as he 
passes and repasses in his anmui motion, is ivnee a 
year vertical^ which produces this effect. 

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A boundless deep immeiisity of shade. ' 

Here lofty trees, to ancient song unknown. 
The noble sons of potent heat and floods. 
Prone-rushing from the clouds, rear high to heayen 
Their thorny steni% ; and broad around them throw 
Meridian gloom. Here, in eternal prime, 
Unnumber'd fruits, of keen delicious taste 
And vital spirit, drink amid the cliffs, 
And burning sands that bank the shrubby vale9» 
Redoubled day ; yet in their rugged coats 
A friendly juice to coot its rage contain. 

Bear me, Pomona ! to thy citron groves ; 
To where the lemon and the piercing lime. 
With the deep orange, glowing through the green, 
Their lighter glories blend. Lay me reclin'd 
BeneiBLth the spreading tamarind that shakes, 
Fann'd by the brecse, its fever-cooling fruit- 
Deep in the night the massy locust sheds, 
Quench my hot limbs ; or lead me through the jaum»i 
Embowering endless, of the Indian fig ; 
Or thrown at gayer ease, on some fair brow, 
Let me behold, by breezy murmurs cool'd* 
Broad o'er my head the verdant cedar wave, 
And high palmetos lift their graceful shade. 
Or stretch'd amid these orchards of the sun. 
Give me to drain the cocoa's milky bowl, 
And from the palm to draw its freshening wine ! 
More. bounteous far than all the frantic joke 
.Which Bacchus pours. Nor, on its slender twigs 

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SUMMER*^^ 83 

Low-bendingybe the full pomegranate scorn'd ; 
Nor, creeping through the woods, the gelid.raca 
Of berries. Oft ui humble station dwells 
Unboastful worth, above fastidious pomp. 
Witness, thou best Anana, thou the pride 
Of vegetable life, beyond whate'er 
The poets imag'd in the golden age : 
Quick let me strip thee of thy tufly coat, 
Spread thy ambrosial stores, and feast with Jove ! 

From these the prospect varies. Plains immense 
Lie stretched below, interminable meads, 
And vast savannahs, where the wandering eye, 
Unfixt, is in a verdant ocean lost. 
Another Flora there, of bolder hues, 
And richer sweets, beyond our garden's pride, 
Plays o'er the fields, and showers with sudden han4 
Exuberant spring : for oft these valleys shift 
Their green-embroider'd robe to fiery b'rowni 
And swift to green again, as scorching suns, 
Or streaming dews and torrent rains, prevail. 

Along these lonely regions, where retir'd 
From little scenes of art, great Nature dwells 
In awful solitude, and naught is seen 
But the wild herds that own no master's stalls 
Prodigious rivers roll their fattening seas : 
On whose luxuriant herbage, half-conceal'd. 
Like a fall'n cedar, far diffus'd his train, 
Cas'd in green scales, the crocodile extends. 
The flood disparts : behold \ in plaited mail, 

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64 StTMMSR* 

BehemoCk* rears Ins head. Glane'd from his side^ 
The darted steel m idle shivers flies : 
He feariess walks the plain, or seeks th^ hflls ; 
Where, as he crops his varied fare, the herds, 
In widening cirele romid, forget their food, 
And at the harmless stranger wondering gaze. 

Peaceful, beneath primeval trees, tiiat cast 
Their ample shade o'er Niger's yellow stream. 
And where the Ganges rolls his sacred wave ; 
Or mid the central depth of blackening woods, 
High-rais'd in solemn theatre aroond, 
Leans the huge elephant : wisest of brutes! 
O truly wise ! with gentle might endow'd ; 
Though powerful, not destructive ! here he sees 
Revolving ages sweep the changeful earth, 
And empires rise and fall ; regardless he 
Of what the never-resting race of men 
Project: thrice happy J could he 'scape their guile, 
Who mine, from cruel avarice, his steps ; 
Or with his toweiy grandeur swell their state. 
The pride of kings ! or else his strengfli pervert, 
And bid him rage amid the mortal fray, 
Astonish'd at the madness of mankind. 

Wide o^ the winding umbrage of the floods, 
Like vivid blossoms glowing from afar, 
Thick swarm the brighter lairds. For Nature's hand, 
That with a sportive vanity has deck'd 
The plumy nations, there her gayest hues 

• TheESppopotamus^wrher-hont. 

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&17V]fEB« 85 

Tniamiy poqn.* But) if the bids them shinei 
Airay.'d ia all the beauteouf beams of day, 
Tet frugal still, she humbles them in song. 
Nor enyy we the gaudy robes they lent 
Frond Montezuma's realm, whoso lemons cast 
A boundless radiance waving on the sun, 
While Philomel is ours ; while in our shades, 
Through the soft silence of the listening ni^t« 
T^ sober suited songstress trills her lay. ^ 

But come, my Muse, the desert-barrier burst, 
A wild expanse of lifeless sand and sky : 
And, swifter than the toilmg caravan, 
Shoot o*er the vale of Sennar ; ardent climb 
The N«il>ian mountains, and the secret bounds 
Of jealous Abyssinia boldly pierce. 
Thou art no ruffian, who beneath the mask 
Of social commerce com'st to rob their wealth ; 
No holy fury thou, blaspheming Heaven, 
With consecrated steel to stab their peace, 
And through the land, yet red from civil wounds, 
To spread the puiple t3rranny of Bome. 
Thoa, like the harmless bee, may'st freely range, 
From mead to mead bright with exalted flowers ; 
From jasminegrove to grove, may'st wander gay ; 
Through palmy shades and aromatic woods, 

* In all the regions of the torrid zone, the birds, 
ihou^ more beautiful in their plusnage, are observed 
to be leu meiodioua than ours. 

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86 SUMMER.' 

That grace the plains^ invest the peopled h31«, 
And up the more than Alpine mountains wave. 
There on the breezy summit, spreading fairi 
For many a league ; or on stnpendous rocks, 
That from the sun-redoubling valley lift. 
Cool to the middle air, their lawny tops ; 
Where palaces, and fanes, and villas rise ; . 
And gardens smile around, and cultur'd fields ; 
And fountains gaati ; and careless herds and flocks 
Securely stray ; a world within itself, 
Disdaining all .assault : there let me draw 
Ethereal soul ; there drink reviving gales. 
Profusely breathing from the spicy groves, 
And vales of fragrance ; there at distance heitf 
The roaring floods, and cataracts that sweep 
From disembowell'd earth the virgin gold ; • 
And o'er the varied landscape, restless, rove^ 
Fervent with life of every fairer kind : 
A land of wonders ! which the sun stUl eyes 
With ray direct, as of the lovely realm 
Enamour'd, and delighting there to dwell. 

How chang'd the scene ! in blazing height of noon. 
The sun, oppressed, is plung'd in thickest gloom. 
Still horror reigns ! a dreary twilight round, 
Of struggling night and day malignant mix'd ! 
For to the hot equator crowding fast. 
Where, highly rarefied, the yielding air 
Admits their stream, incessant vapours roll, 
Amazing clouds on clouds continual hesqp'd ^ 

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Or whirled tempestuous by the gusty wind, 

Or silent borne along, heavy, and slow, 

With the big stores o[ steaming oceans chai^d.- 

Meantime, amid thede upper seas, condens'd 

Around the oold aerial mountain's brow. 

And by conflicting winds together dash'd. 

The thunder holds his black tremendous throne ; 

From cloud to cloud the rending lightnings rage ; 

Till, in the furious elemental war 

Dissolved, the whole precipitated mass 

Unbroken floods and solid torr^its pours. 

The treasures these, hid from the bounded search 
Of ancient knowledge ; whence with annual pomp, 
lUch king of floods ! overflows the swelling Nile. 
From his two springs, in Gojam's sunny realm» 
Pure-welling out, he through the lucid lake 
Of fair Dambea rolls his infant stream. 
There, by the naiads nurs'd, he sports away 
His playful youth, amid the fragrant isles. 
That with unfading verdure smile around. 
Ambitious, thence, the manly river breaks ; 
And gathering many a flood, and copious fed 
With all the mellow'd treasures of the sky, 
Winds in progressive majesty along : 
Through splendid kingdoms now devolves his mase ; 
Now wanders wild o'er solitary tracts 
Of life-deserted sand ; till, glad to quit 
The joyless desert, down the Nubian rocks 
From thundering steep to steep, he pours his um, 
And Egypt joys beneath the spreading wave. 

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His brother Niger too, aod lUl the floods 
In which the fuU^bnn'd maids of AMc lare 
Their jetty limb*; and all that from the traot 
Of woody mouHtaiiia stretch'd through goi^eooa Iticl 
Fall on Ck)niiander» coast) or Malabar ; 
From Menam V orient stineam^ that nightly shines 
With inaeot-lamqia, to where Aurora sheds 
On Indus' imlUng banks the rosy shower ; 
All, at this bounteous season, ope their tims, 
And pour untoillug harvest o'er the land. 

Nor less thy WoHd, Ckilnrabus, drhiks lelMh'd 
The Ittvish moisture of the melting year. 
Wide o'er liis islea, the branching Oronoque 
Rolls a brown deluge ; and the native drives 
To dwell aloft on life-soffiehig trees, 
At onee bis dome, his robe, his food, and amhr. 
Sweird by a tb<MHand streams, impetuous htirf id 
From all the roaring Andes, huge descends 
The mighty Orenana.t Searce the Muse 
Dares stretch her wing o'er this enormous mass 
Ofrushing water ; scaroe she dares attempt 
The seaKke PtfltCa ; to whose dread expanse. 
Continuous depth, and wondrous length of coursey 
Our floods are riits. With unabated force, 
In silent dignity they sweep along; 

* The river Ikti rum through 9um; on tohots 
hank* a vari muUUude of (hose insects, cd^ed Fwt-fieSi 
make a beautiful appearance in the nig^, 

t The riffer of the Imogens. 

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And trayene realms unknown, and blooming wilds. 
And (raitful deserts, worids of solitude ! 
Where the sun smiles and seasons teem in vain, 
Unseen, and unenjoy'd. Forsalcing these. 
Overpeopled plains they fair diffusive floW| 
And many a nation feed, and circle safe, 
In their soft bosom, many a happy isle ; 
The seat of blameless Pan, yet un<listurb'd 
By Chrbtian crimes and Europe's cruel sons. 
Thus pouring on they proudly seek the deep. 
Whose vanquished tide, recoiling from the ^ock, 
Yields to this liquid weight of half the globe ; 
And ocean trembles for his green domain. 

But what avails this wondrous waste of wealth ? 
Thb gay profusion of luxurious bliss ? 
This pomp of nature ? what their balmy.meads, 
Their powerful herbs, and Ceres void of pain ? 
By vagrant birds diq[)era'd, and wafting winds. 
What their unplanted fruits ? what the cool draughts, 
Th' ambrosial food, rich gums, and spicy health, 
Their forests yield ? their toiling insects what ? 
Their silky pride, and vegetable robes ? 
Ah ! what avail the'r fatal treasures, hid 
Deep in the bowels of the pitying earth, 
Crolconda's gems, and sad Potosi's mines ;* 
Where dwelt the gentlest children of the sun ? 
What idl that Afric's golden rivers roll, 
Her odorous i^oods, and shining ivoiy stores ? 
Hl-fiated race ! the softening arts of Feace^ 

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$0 SUMVfiR. 

Whatever tbe hwiiaiiizing M«00b teUk ; 
The godlike wisdom of the tempered bmast ; 
ProgrMfllve troth ; the pstient force of tt^mglit ; 
Investigation calm, wbo^ silent poWets 
Commandtiie world ; the l^t that leads to kew&i ; 
Kind equal rale ; the government of k»<^, 
And all protecting Freedom, which alone 
Sustains the name and dignity of man ; 
These are not theirs. The parent-stin himse^ 
Seems o*er this world of i^aves to fyvsmfiize ; 
Andy with oppressive ray, the roseate bloomi 
Of beauty blasth^, gives the gloomy hue, 
And feature gfoss : or worse^ to ruthles* di^l^ 
Mad jedousy, Wind w^€i, and fell revenge, 
Their fervid spirit fires. Love dwelfe not lh^*e ; 
The soft regards, the tendierness of life. 
The hesort-shed tear,th* ineffable delight 
Of sweet humattity : these cottrt the beam 
Of milder clines ; in selfii^ fierce desire. 
And the wild fury of vohiptuoas seflse. 
There kwt. The very brutd-ereation there 
This rage partakes, and bomis with horrid fire. 
ho ! the green serpent, from his darkaboile^ 
Which e'en fanagination fearrs to tread, 
At noon foYth^issuing, gathers up his trffib 
In orbs immense ; then, darting out anew, 
Seeks the refreshing fount ; by which dlfiTus-d, 
He throws his foWs : and wMie, wi«r threatening 
And deathftrf jaws erect, Hie mofweer curb [ttfngtie, 

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6trMM£lt« 91 

His flifflii% tmst, bH other thiM ftp{)aird, 

Or shivering fliesy or check'd at distance stands, 

Nor dares approocfar. Bat still more direful be, 

The small elose-liirking rainkrter offate, 

Whose high concocted venon through the ttms 

A rapid ligbtfltiBg darts, arresting swift 

The vital current. Formed to humble nMin, 

This child Of ves^fui Nature ! (herei, subKm'd 

To fearless lost of Mood, the savage race 

Hoam, licensed by (he shading hour of guik. 

And foul misdeed, when the pure day has shut 

His sacred eye. The tiger darting fierce 

Impttooua oii the prey his glan^ has doom'd : 

The lively-shining leopard, speckled o'er 

With many a spot, the beauty of the waste ; 

And, scoFning all the taming arts of man. 

The keen hyeaa, fellest of the fell. 

These, mshtn^ from th' inhospitable woods 

Of Mawitarfia, or the tufted isles 

That verdant rise amid the Lybian wild, 

InnumerOtts glare around their shaggy king, 

Majestic, stalking o'er the printed sand ; 

And, with imperiote md repeated roars. 

Demand thehr Waited food. The fearful flocks 

Crowd near the guardian swain ; the nobler herds, 

Where roond their lordly bull, ha mrrf eeeae. 

They ruminalnig lie, with horror hear 

The coming ra^. Th' awaketi'd village «UtrVs ; 

And to her fiatteHug breast the mother strains 

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Her thoughtless infant. From the pirate's den,. 
Or stem Morocco's t3nrant fang escap'd, 
The wretch half-wishes for his bonds again : 
Whiie, uproar alh, the wilderness resounds. 
From Atlas eastward to the frighted Nile. 

Unhappy he ! who from the first of joys, 
Society, cut off, is left alone 
Amid this world of death. Day after day, 
Sad on the jutting eminence he sits. 
And views the main that ever toHs below ; 
Still fondly forming in the furthest vei^, ' 
Where the round ether mixes with the wave. 
Ships, dim-discover'd, dropping from the clouds ', 
At evening, to the setting sun he turns 
A mournful eye, and down his dying heart 
Sinks helpless ; while the wonted roar is up. 
And hiss continual through the tedious night. 
Yet here, e'en here, into these black abodes 
Of mobsters, unappall'd, from stooping Rome, 
And guilty Cesar, Liberty retir'd. 
Her Cato following through Numidian wilds "t 
Disdainful of Campania's gentle plains, 
And all the green delights Ausonia pours ; 
When for them she must bend the servile knee. 
And fawning take the splendid robber's boon. 

Nor stop the terrors of these regions here. 
Commission 'd demons oft, angels of wrath ! * 
Let loose the raging elements. Breath'd hot, 
Trom all the boimdlesB furnace of the skyt 

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Aai tin wid^ gtillevnig w»te ofbiinibg wul, 
A soffocatiiig wiad the pflgrim smHes 
With InstMit death. Patient ef thirst and toil> 
Son of the desert ! e'^n the camel feel^i 
Shot through his withered heart, the fiery blast. 
Or from the blaisk-red ether, bwsCiDg hroad, 
Sallies the sadden whirlwind. Straigfat the sands, 
Commoy'd aromdi fat gathering eddies' ph^; 
Nearer and nearer stiH th^ darifiening come ; 
TQl, with the general all-BiyoWing storm 
Swept up, the wliole eontinufCNis wilds arise ; 
Andhy thieir noonday fount dejected thrown, 
Or sunk at night hi sad diMstrOus sleep* 
Beneath descending hills, the caravan 
Is buried deep* In euro's crowded streets 
Th' impatient merchant, wondering, waits in vain, 
And Mecca saddens at the long delay. 

But chief at sea, whose every fleiHe wave 
Obeys the blast, the aerial tanmlt swdls. 
In the dread ocean, undidating wide, 
Beneath the radiant Ipne that girts the globe. 
The cvcling Typhon,* whurlM from point to pouH, 
Exhausting all the rage of aH the sky, 
And dire Ecnephia* reign. Amid the heavens, 
Fdsdy serene, deep in a cloudy speckt 

• J)fphm and EentpMa , names ofpartfeular ttom$ 

t CaUedbymiilortthe Ox eye^ being in appearanu 
at fird no bigger. 

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Compress'd, the mighty tempest brooding dwelli : 

Of no regard, save to the skilful eye. 

Fiery and foul, the small prognostic hangs 

Aloft, or on the promontory's brow 

Musters its foroe. A faint deceitful calm. 

A fluttering gale, the demon sends before, 

To tempt the spreading sail. Then down at onoei 

Precipitant, descends a mingled mass 

Of roaring winds, and flame, and rushing floods. 

In wild amazement fix'd the sailor stands. 

Art is too slow :' by rapid fate oppress'd. 

His broad-wing'd vessel drinks the whelming tide, 

Hid in the bosom of the black abyss. 

With such mad seas tiie daring Gama* fought. 

For many a day, and many a dreadful night, 

Incessant, li^uring round the stormy Cape ; 

By bold ambition led, and bolder thirst 

Of gold. For then from ancient gloom emerg'd 

The rising world of trade : the Genius, then, 

Of navigation, that, in hopeless sloth. 

Had slumber'd on the vast Atlantic deep, 

For idle ages, starting, heard at last 

The Lusitanian Prince ;t who, Heav'n-ins^nr'd, 

* Vatco de Gamay the first uho saUedrovmd ^fika^ 
by the Cape of Good Hopty to the East Indies. 

t Don Henn/t third son to John the First, King of 
Portugal. His strong genius to the discovery of nef» 
^untries was the chief source of all the modern im- 
provements in na^jigation. 

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To love of useful glory rous'd mankindi 

And in iinboiinded commerce mix'd the world. 

Increasing still the terrors of these storms, 
Hb jaws horrific arm'd with threefold fate. 
Here dwells the dureful shark. Lur'd by the scent 
Of steaming crowds, of rank disease, and death, . 
Behold ! he rushing cuts the briny flood. 
Swift as the gale can bear the ship along } 
And, from the partners of that cruel trade, 
Which spoils unhappy Guinea of her sons, 
' Demands his share of prey— -demands themselves. 
The stormy fates descend : one death involves 
Tynmts and slaves; when straight, their mangled limbs 
Crashing at once, he dies the purple seas 
With gore, and riots in the vengeful meal. 

When o'er this world, by equinoctial rains 
Flooded immense, looks out the joyless sun, 
And draws the copious steam : from swampy fens. 
Where putrefaction into life ferments. 
And breathes destructive myriads ;. or, fr»m woods., 
Impenetrable shades, recesses foul. 
In vapours rank and blue corruption wrapt. 
Whose gloomy horrors yet no desperate foot 
Has ever dar'd to pierce ; then, wasteful, forth 
Walks the du« Power of pestUent disease. 
A thousand hideous fiends her course attend. 
Sick Nature blasting, and to heartless wo, 
And feeble desolation, casting down 
The towering hopes and all the pride of Man. 
Such as, of late, at Carthagena quench'd 

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, dS fiUKSEE* 

The British firs. Too, gaUant ¥enoB * saw 
The miserable scene ; jou, pitying, saw 
To iiifant«>weBkiieis sunk the wanior's arm ; 
Saw the deep^raddiig paog, fbe gfaasdy form, 
Tbe lip pale^ui*snering, and the beamless eye 
No moM with aiidoiir bright : you heard the groans 
Of agonizing ships, fiKWi shore to shore ; 
Heard, nightly plung'd amid the sullen waves, 
The frequent corse ; while on each other fix*d, 
In sad presage, the blank assistants seem'd, 
Silent, to a^, whom Fate would next demand. 
WhiA need I mention those inclement skies, 
Where, frequent o'er the sickening city, Plagner 
The fiercest child of Nemesis divine, 
Descends P From Ethiopia's poison'd woods. 
From stifled Cairo's filth, and fetid fields 
With locust-^trmies putrifying heap'd, 
This great destroyer sprung. Her «w(u\ rage 
The brutes escape : Man is her destin'd prey,: 
Ilitemperate Man ! and, o'er his guilty domes,. 
She draws a close incumbent cloud of death ; 
Uninterrupted by the living winds. 
Forbid to blow a wholesome breese ; and stain'd 
With many a mixture by the sun, suffus'd. 
Of angry aspect Princely wisdom, then, 
Dejects hb watchful eye ; and from the hand 
Of feeble justice, ineffectual, drop 
The sword and balance : mute the voice of joy, 
And hush^ the clamour of the busy world. 

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Empty the streetpy wHhoBcoiidi Ycnhire c3ad ; 

Into the wont of deserts sudden toni'd 

The cheeffiillwuiitof men; nnlen ea^^i'd [neignsi 

From the doom'd hotBe, wfaeee MwteMfiss honcr 

Shut op bf InitMrans fear, the smittien wretch. 

With fnaey wild, boeeks loose ; and, lond to Heairea 

Screaming, Ih^ dreadful policy arraigns, 

Inhnman, and unwise. The sullen door, 

Tetoninfected, on its cautious liinge 

Fearing to turn, abhors sociefy : 

Dependants, friends, velalions, Love himself, 

SavBg'd by wo, Ibrget 4he tender tie. 

The sweet -eBgagement of the feeling heart 

But vain their selfish care : the cireHag sky, 

The wide^enUvebng aur is foil of fate ; 

And, struck by turns, in soiitaiy pangs 

They fall, unblest, nntended, and unmoom'd. 

Thos o^r the prostrate city black Despair 

Kitends her raven wing ; while, to complete 

The flfsene of desolation, st^retch'd around, 

The.grim guards jtand, denying all retreat, 

And give the flying wretch abetto- death. 

Much yet remains unsung : the rage intense 
Of brasen-tvBulted skies, of iron fields. 
Where dnrnght and fisunine starve the blasted year .- 
Fir'd fay the torch of noon to tenfold rage, 
Th' mfuriate m thot^hoots the pilWd flame ; 
And, rous'd witiiin the subterranean world, 
Th* expanding eaithquafce, ^tiiat vemstless shaket 

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Aspiring cities from their solid base. 
And buries mountains in the flaming golf. 
But 'tis enough ; return, my vagrant Muse : 
A nearer soene of horror calls thee home. 

Behold, slow-settling o'er the lurid grove 
Unusual darimess broods ; and growing gains 
The full possession of the sky, surcharg'd 
With wrathful vapour, from the secret beds 
Where sleep the mineral generations, drawn. 
Thence nitre, sulphur, and the fiery spume 
Of fat bitumen, steaming on the day. 
With various-tinctur'd trains of latent flame. 
Pollute the sky ; and in yon baleful cloud, 
A reddening gloom, a magazine of fate, 
Ferment ; tUl, by the touch ethereal rous'dy 
The dash of clouds, or irritating war, 
Or fighting winds, while all is calm below. 
They furious spring. A boding silence reigns, 
Dread through the dun expanse ; save the dull sound 
That from the mountain, previous to the storm, 
Rolls o'er the muttering earth, dbturbs the flood, 
And shakes the forest-leaf without a breath. 
Prone, to the lowest vale, the aerial tribes 
Descend : the tempest-loving raven scarce 
Dares wing the dubious dusk. In rueful gase 
The cattle stand, and on the scowling heaVem 
Cast a deploring eye ; by man forsook, ■ 
Who to the crowded cottage hies him fast, 
Or seeks the shelter of the downward cave. 

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Tis listening fear, and dumb amazemeiit all : 
When to the startled eye the sudden glance 
Appears far south, eruptive through the cloud; 
And following slower, in explosion vast, 
Hie Thunder raises hb tremendous voice. 
At first, heard solemn o'er the verge of heaven. 
The tempest growls ; but as it nearer comes, 
And rolls its awful burden on the wind, 
The lightnings flash a larger curve, and more 
Hie noise astounds : till over head a sheet 
Of livid flame discloses wide *, then shuts. 
And opens wider ; shuts and opens still 
Expansive, wrapping ether in a blaze. 
Follows the loosen'd aggravated roar, 
Enlarging, deepening, mingling ; peal on peal' 
Cnish'd horrible, convnbing heaven and earth. 

Down comes a deluge of sonorous hail. 
Or prone-descending rain. Wide-rent, the clouds 
Poor a whole flood ; and yet, Its flame unquench'dt 
Th' unconquerable lightning struggles through, 
Bagged and fierce, or in red whirling balls, 
And fires the mountains with redoubled rage. 
Black from the stroke, above, the smould'ring pine 
Stands a sad shattered trunk; and, stretch'd below, 
A lifeless group the blasted cattle lie : 
Here the soft flocks, with that same harmless look 
They wore alive, and ruminating still 
In fancy's eye ; and there the frowning bull, 
And ox half-iraift'd. Struck on the castled cliff; 

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100 SUMMEB* 

The ytH n tM e tower and spiry fane 
Resign their aged pride. The gloomy woode 
Start at the fash, and from their deep recess. 
Wide-flaming out, their trembling inmates shalM. 
Amid Carnarvon's momtains rages load 
The repereossive roar: with mighty croshy 
Into the flashing deep, from the mde rocks 
Of Penmanmaur heap'd faadeoos to the sky, 
Tumble the smitten cliffs ; aad Snowden's peak. 
Dissolvings instant yields his wintry load. 
Far seen, the heights of besthy Cheviot biase, 
And Thule beBows throngfa her ntmost isles. 

Ckiilt hears appdl'd, wfth deeply troubled thought 
And yet not always on the guilty head 
Desce'Aib the fkted flash. Toung Celadoa 
And his Amelia weie a matchless pair ; 
With equal virtue form*d, and equal grace. 
The same, dBsthigaish'd by ther sex alone : 
Htn the mild hutre of the blooming mom. 
And his the radiaaeeof the risen day. 

They lov'd : but socb their guileless passion was, 
As in the dawn of time informed the heart 
Of innocence, and nndissembling truth. 
Twas friendship, heighten'd by the mutual wish, 
Th' enchanting hope, and sympsitheftie glow, 
Beam'd from the ■Mrtaat eye. Devotmg aU 
To love, each was to each a dearer self; 
Supremely happy in th* awaken'd power 
Of giving joj. Aleoe, aaid tka shades, 

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SUMMEK. 101 

Stin in hannoniobs intercourse they liv'd 
The rural day, and talk'd the flowing heart, 
Orngh'd and look'd unutterable things. 

So pass'd their life, a clear united stream. 
By care unruffled ; till, in evil hour, 
The tempest caught them on the tender walk, 
Heedless Eow far and where its mazes strayed ; 
While, with each other blest, creative love 
Still bade eternal £den smile around. 
Presaging instant fate her bosom heav*d 
Unwonted sighs, and stealing oft a look 
Of the big gloom, on Celadon her eye 
Fell tearful, wetting her disordered cheek. 
In vain assuring love, and confidence 
In Heaven, repressed her fear; it grew, and shook 
Her frame near dissolution. He perceiv'd 
Th' unequal conflict ; and as angels look 
On dying saints, his eyes qompassion shed. 
With love illumin'd high. " Fear not," he said, 
" Sweet innocence ! thou stranger to offence, 
And inward storm ! He, who yon skies involves 
In frowns of darkness, ever smiles on thee 
With kind regard. O'er thee the secret shaft 
That wastes at midnight, or th* undreaded hour 
Of noon, flies harmless : and that very voice, 
Which thunders terror through the guilty heart. 
With tongues of seraphs whispers peace to thine. 
Tis safety to be near thee sure, and thus . . 
To clasp peifection !" From hb void embrace, 

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(Mysterious tieaten !) HMt tHoiaeot, to th^ gr^emd, 
A blackened corse, was dtrack the betniteous iteld. 
But who can paint the lover, ad he stood, 
Pierc'd by severe amste^ment, hating life. 
Speechless, and fix'd in all the death of wof 
So, faint resemblance ! on the marble tomb, 
The well-dissembfed mourner stooping stands, 
For ever silettt, and for ever sad. 

As from the face of heaven the shattered clouds 
Tumultuous rove, th'-interminable sky 
Sublimer swells, and o'er the world expands 
A purer azure. Through the Hghteh'd air 
A higher lustre and a dearer calm, 
Diffusive, tremble ; whfle, as if in sign 
Of danger past, a glittering robe of joy, 
Set off abundant by the yellow ray. 
Invests the fields ; and nature smiles revived. 

'Tis beauty all, and grateful song around, 
Join'd to the low of kine, and numerous bleat 
Of flocks thick-nibbling through the clover*d vale- 
And shall the hymn be marr'd by thankless Man, 
Most-favour'd ; who with voice articulate 
Should lead ^e chorus df tills Ibwer worid'.^ 
Shall' he, so soon foi^etfiil of the Hand 
That hushed tli6 thUnder, and serenes the sky, 
Extingidsh'd feel that spark the tempest wak*d^^ 
That sense of powers exceeding far his own, 
Ere yet his feeble heart has k>St its fears ? 

Cheered by the milder beam, the sprightly youth 

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Speed! to the \^\ known pool, who^ eiyst&I ikf^ 

A suufy bottom shows. A whfie he standh 

Gazing th' inverted landscape, half alir&kt 

To meditate the blue profoond beloW ; 

Then plunges headlong down the cireBng flood. 

Hb ebdn tresses and his rosy cheek 

histant emerge ; and through th' obedient wav^j 

At each short breathing by his lip repell'd, 

With arms and legs according well, ht makes, 

As humour leads, an easy-winchng path ; 

While from his polish'd sides a dewy light 

Effuses on the pleas'd spectators round. 

This is the purest exercise of health, 
The kind refresher of the summer-heat ; 
Nor, when cold Winter keens the bright enfhg flood, 
Would I weak-shivering linger on the brink. 
Thus life redoubles, and b oft preserv'd. 
By the bold swimmer, hi the swift elapse 
Of accident distiistrous. Hence the Ilmb^ 
Knit into force ; and ttie same Roman arm. 
That rose victorious o*er the conquer'd eailh, 
Firrt learned, while tender, to subdue the wave. 
E'en from the body's purity, the mind 
Keceives a secret sympathetic aid. 

Close in the covert of a haisel cop^. 
Where winded into pleasing solitude 
Runs out Ae rambling dale, young Dartort sftt. 
Pensive, and pSerc'd with love's dcllghtfill pangs. 
Tfaiere to the stream that down the distant rockH 

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104 SUMMER. 

Hoane marmuriDg fell, an4 plaintiye breeee that 
Among the bending willows ; falsely he [play'd 
Of Musidora's cruelty complain'd. 
She felt his flame ; But deep within her breast 
In bashful coyness, or in maiden pride, 
The soft return conceal'd ; save when it stole 
In side-long ^^ces from her downcast eye. 
Or from her swelling soul in stifled sighs. 
Touch 'd by the scene, no stranger to his vows. 
He fram'd a melting lay, to try her heart ; 
And) if an infant passion struggled there. 
To call that passion forth. Thrice happy swain ! 
A lucky chance, that oft decides the fate 
Of mighty monarchs, then decided thine. 
For lo ! conducted by the laughing Loves, 
This cool retreat bb Musidora sought : 
Warm in her cheek the sultry season glow'd ! 
And rob'd in loose array, she came to bathe 
Her fervent limbs in the refreshing stream. 
What shall he do ? In svieet confusion lost, 
And dubious flutterings, he a while remain 'd : 
A pure ingenuous elegance of soul, 
A delicate refinement, known to few, 
Perplex'd his breast, and urg'd him to retire : 
But love forbade. Ye prudes iii virtue, say. 
Say, ye severest, what would you have done ? • 
Meantime, this fairer nymph than ever blest 
Arcadian stream, with timid eye around 
The banks surveying, stripped her beanteous limbs, 

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To tash the Itictt coMem of tb« ifoodl. 
Ahth«n! not Paris eo tikft plsy tep 
Of [da panted stfoilger, wken ttsi^e 
The rival goddeiMs the vle9 divine 
Cast unconfio'd^ And g«ve him all their ehmnns, 
Tim, Damon, thou ; m frote the snow;^ tog, 
And 8l«Mler foot, til* invert^ nfk she d^ew ; 
As the soft tovcii dfeMlvM. tih« vtrgin «>ne ; 
Mmi, throttgh the parting robe, the altenMte hi«ast, 
With youth wild-threbMag, on thy feMirliess gase 
In full hunrisnee rosi. BiA, deq^erftte yoMh, 
How durst thoa risk the •eiili*dfslMieting vtevr ? 
As from her nalstd limbe of gleiviftg white, 
Harmonious sweH*d by Nature's ftiest Msidf 
In folds loose«floathig ielt the fabitep lawft ; 
And fai^eipos^d she stood, shmnlt from he^If, 
With fancy blueing, at iSie doubtfhl breese 
Alarm'd, and startmg Hike the feiuM fawn ? 
Tlien to the flood she nish'd ; the pfuted flood 
Its lovely guest with elbshig waves received ; 
And every beauty softening, every grace 
Flodiiiig anew, a mellow lusfare shed : 
As shines the lily through tiie erystc^ mffd ; 
Or as the rose anml ^e morning dew, 
Fresh'froa Aurora's hand, more sweetly gtOwt. 
While thusehe wttiton'd', now beneath the wave 
Bat ill-conceal'd ^ mid now with streaming lodcs^, 
That half embrac'd her in a humid veil, 
Bisiog again the laAeirt DmiOB drew 

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106 SUMMER. 

Such madd'ning draughts of beauty to the soul, 

As for a while o'erWhelm'd his raptur'd thought 

With luxury too daring. Check'd, at last, 

By love's respectful modesty, he deem'd 

The theft {irofane, if aught profane to love 

Can e'er be deem'd ; and, struggling from the shade, 

With headlong huriy fled ; but first these Jines, 

Trac'd by his ready pencil, on the bank 

With trembling hand he threw : — *^ Bathe on, my £ur» 

Tet unbeheld save, by the sacred eye 

Of faitliful love : I go to gu^rdthy haunt, 

To keep from thy recess each vagranjt foot. 

And each licentious eye." With wild suiprise. 

As if to marble struck, devoid of sense, 

A stupid moment motionless she stood : 

So stands the statue* that enchants the world, 

So bending tries to veil the matchless boast. 

The mingled beauties of exulting Greece, 

Recovering, swift she flew to find those robes 

Which blissful Eden knew not > and, array'd" 

In careless haste, th' alarming paper snatch'd. . 

But, when her Damon's well-known hand she saw. 

Her terrors vanish'd, and a softer train 

Of mixt emotions, hard to be descnb'd. 

Her sudden bosom seized : shame void of guilt> 

The charming blush of innocence, esteem, 

And admiration of her lover's flame. 

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StJHMER; 107 

By modesty exalted : e'en a sense 

Of self-approving beaaty stole across 

Her busy thought. At length, a tender calm 

Hnsh*d by degrees the tumult of her soul ; 

And on the spreading beech, that o'er the stream 

Incumbent hung, she with the sylvan pen 

Of rural lovers this confession carv'd. 

Which soon her Damon kiss'd with weeping joy : 

« Dear youth ! sole judge of what these verses meant 

By fortune too much favoured, but by love, 

Alas ! not favoured less, be still as now 

Discreet : the time may come you need not fly." 

The sun has lost has rage : his downward orb 
Shoots nothing now but 'animating warmth, 
And vital lustre ; that, with various ray. 
Lights up the clouds^hose beauteousrobesofheaveii> 
Incessant roU'dinto romantic shapes, 
The dream of waking fancy ! broiid below, 
Cover'd with ripening fruits, and swelling fast 
Into the perfect year, the pregnant earth 
And all her tribes rejoice. Now the soft hour 
Of walking comes : for him who lonely lovee 
To seek the distant hills, and there converse 
With Nature ; there to harmonize his heart, 
An4 in pathetic song to breathe around 
The harmony to others. Social friendsi 
Attnn'd to happy unison of soul ; 
To whose exalting eye a fairer worid, 
Of which the vulgar never had a glimpse; 

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)0I 9VUMmt^. 

Displays its charms ; w^os^ Blinds ape rioUy bw^ 

With philosophic stores, supiMior li|^t ; 

And in i^hofe Inraaft, eathiisiaetic, burns 

Virtue, the 9oa» of interest df era KNnanoe ; 

Nov eaU'd abroad enjoy tkke felling day : 

Now to the verdant Portico of woodsy 

To Nature's vast Lycemsy fortb they walk ; 

By tkat kind Sobool where no proad mastier leigBS, 

Tjk» ftiH free converse of the friendly heart. 

Improving and unproved. Now from the worid« 

Sacred to sweetratinementy lovers steal. 

And pour their souls in transport ; winch the Sire 

Of lofve, approving, hears, and calls it good. 

Which way, Amanda, shall ws bend^Mur coursed 

The choice peiEplexes.. Wherafoieahoiddwechooae? 

All is tlKsame with thee. Say, akaXk we wind 

Along the streams ? or watt the smiling mead ? 

Or court the forest glades ? or wander wild 

Amongthe ivaving harvests ? or ascend, 

While radiant Summer opens all its pride. 

Thy hill, deMghtliil Shene ?* Here let us sweep 

The boundless teadseape: now the captar'd eye» 

Exulting swift, to huge Angusla send ; 

Now to the tSister^Hitts that skirt her .plain, ' 

To lofty Hantow now, and now to where 

Majestic Windsor lifts his princely brow. 

* The old name ef IHehmand, tignifymg, 
Shiningy or Splenimtr. 
t Highgaie and Hamptlead. 

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SVMMCR* 108 

In lov«ly eontmsC to this ^mioni ^/kmf 
Calmly magnMeent) then wiU we tani 
To where the silver Thames first rural grows. 
There let the feasted eye unwearied strt^ : 
Lmurious, there, rove throtigh the pendent woods 
That noddhig hang o^er Httrrington's re^al ; 
Andy stooping thence to Ham's embowering waHoiy 
Beneath whose shades, in spotless peace retlr'd, 
With Her the pleasing partner of his heart. 
The worthy Qneensb^ry yet laments his Chiy ; 
And poHsh'd Comhmy wooes the wffllng Muse. 
Slow let m trace the matchless Vale of Thames ', 
Fair^winding up to where the Muses haunt 
In Twif nam's bowers, and for their Pope ImplofB 
The healmg God f to royal Hampton's pfle, 
To Clermonf s terrac'd height, and Esher's groves ; 
Where in the sweetest solitude, embrac'd 
By the soft windings of the silent mole, 
From courts and senates Pelham finds repose. 
Enchanting vale ! beyond whate'er the Muse 
Has of Achaia or Hesperia sung ! 
O vale of bliss ! O softly-swelling hHls ! 
On which the Power of Cultivation lies, 
Ami joys to see the wonden of his toil, 
'heavens ! what a goodly prospect spreads around, 
Of hills, and dales, and woods, and lawns, and spires, 
And ^tering towns, and gflded streams, till ail 

* In his lad sicknegs. 

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110 SUMMER. 

The stretching landscape mto smoke decays ! 
Happy Britannia ! where the Queen of ArtSy 
Inspiring vigour, Liberty abroad 
Walks, unconfin'd, e'en to thy furthest cotSf 
And scatters plenty with unsparing hand. 

Rich b thy soil, and merciful thy clime ; 
Thy streams unfailing in the summer's drought; 
Unmatched thy guardian-oaks ; thy valleys float 
With golden waves : and on thy mountains flocks 
Bleat numberless ; whUe, roving round their sidesy 
Bellow the blackening herds in lusty droves. 
Beneath, thy meadows glow, and rise unquell'd 
Against the mower's sithe. On every hand 
Thy villas shine. Thy country teems with wealth ; 
And property assures it to the swain, 
Pleas'd, and unwearied, in his guarded tofl^^,^ 
^uU are thy cities with the sons of Art ; 
And trade and joy, in every busy street. 
Mingling are heard : e'en Drudgery himself, 
As at the car he sweats, or dusty hews 
The palace stone, looks gay. Thy crowded ports. 
Where rising masts an endless prospect yield ; 
With labour bum ; and echo to the shouts 
Of hurried sailor, as he hearty waves 
Hb last adieu ; and loosening every sheet, 
Besigns the spreading vessel to the wind. 

Bold, firm, and graceful, are thy generous y4>uth. 
By hardship sinew'd, and by danger fir'd ; 
Scattering the nations where they go ; and first 

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SUMMCft. Ill 

Or on the listed j^aiD, or stormy seas. 
M0d are thy glories too, as o*er the plans 
Of thriving peace thy thoughtful sires preside ; 
In genius, and substantial learning, high ; 
For every virtue, every worth, renown'd ; 
Sincere, plain-hearted, hospitable, kind ; 
Tet like tiie mustering thunder when provok'd, 
The dread of tyrants, and the sole resource 
Of those that under grim oppression groan. 

Thy sons of glory many ! Alfred thine ; 
In whom the splendour of heroic war, 
And more heroic peace, when govem'd well, 
Combine ; whose hallow'd name the Virtues saint,. 
And his own Muses love ; the best of kings ! 
With him thy Edwards and thy Henrjrs shine, 
Names dear to fame ; the first who deep impress'd 
On haughty Ghml the terror of thy arms, 
That awes her genius still. In statesmen thou. 
And patriots, fertile. Thine a steady More, 
Who, with a generous though mistaken leal, 
Withstood a brutal tyrant's useful rage, 
Like Cato firm, Hke Aristides just, 
Like rigid Cincinnatus nobly poor ; 
A dauntless soul erect, who smil'd on death. 

Frugal, and wise, a Wabingham is thine, 
A Drake, who made thee mistress of the deep, 
And bore thy name in thunder round the worid. 
Then flam'd thy spirit high : but who can speak 
The numerous worthies of the Maiden Reign .' 

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112 SVMIfSR* 

In Raleigh mark tfaetr vwtf gloiy miiCd ; 
Raleigh, the aMtvge of Spain I wboB^bre&flt "wkh aD 
The 89&i, tii» paitfiot) iad th« heto bvni'cL 
Nor sunk his Vigour^ trhea & towaid-rc^gB 
The warrior fetter'd, a«d at laH re«i^*4y 
To glut the ven^eancd of a vait(|iil9h*d £dcu 
Then, «otive itiU aftd m^Mtraift'df hl» misd 
Explored ib» yast extenl df agies part^ 
And with hifl pri90BH^oiim«iirieh'd the worid; 
Yet found no 1lme% id all the long ve9earo]»^ 
So glorious, or sobaatf a»t^8» lie prov'di 
In which he dOnqwer'df add in which he bM« 
Nor ean the Afosa the gallant Sidney pfts8> 
The plume of war ! With eariy lai»elt crowii'4^ 
The lover's myrtle, and the peet'e bay. 
'A Hampden too is. thine, iMustrious land t 
Wise, strenuous, firm. Of untiibmittiBg aoiAy 
Who stemm'd the torrent of a downwaid age 
To slavery pMlne, and bade tlfee rise $gftim 
In all thy native pomp of freadom bold. 
Bright, at hb caU^ thy Age of Med effiilg'di» 
Of Men on whom late time a kiidttng eye 
Shall turn, and tyrants tremble while they read. 
Bring everj^ sWeetast ftowet, and let me strew 
The grave where Rnsell lies; whose tempered bloOd, 
With oofaiiest oheerfulnees for thee resigii'd* 
Stain'd the sad annals of a giddy reign ; 
Aiming at lawless power, thoHgfl meanly sunk 
Ih loose inglorioaa luniy. WiUikim * 

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SUMMER. 113 

Hb friend, the British Cassius,* feariess bled ; 

Of high determined spirit^ roughly brave. 

By ancient learning to th' enlightened love 

Of ancient freedom warm'd. Fair thy renown 

In awful sages and in noble bards ; 

Soon as the light of dawning Science spread 

Her orient ray, and wak'd the Muses' song. 

Thine is a Bacon ; hapless in hb choice, 
Unfit to stand the civil storm of state, 
And through the smooth barbarity of courts. 
With firm but pliant virtue, forward still 
To urge his course : him for the studious shade 
Kind Nature form'd ; deep, comprehensive, clear, 
Exact, and elegant ; in one rich soul, 
Plato, the Stagyrite, and Tully join'd. 
The great deliverer he ! who from the gloom 
Of cloister'd monks, and jargon-teaching schools, 
Led forth the true Philosophy, there long 
Held in the magic chain of words and forms. 
And definitions void : he led her forth, 
Daughter of Heaven ! that slow-ascending still. 
Investigating sure the chain of things. 
With radiant finger points to heaven again. 

The generous Ashleyt thine, the friend of man ; 
Who scann'd his nature with a brother's eye, 
His weakness prompt to shade, to raise his aim, 

* Algernon Sidney. 

t Anthony AMey Cooper, Earl of Shaftakwy, 

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114 SUMMSfi* 

To toach the finer movements of tlie mM, 
And with the mor^l beauty charm the heart 
Why need I npune thy Boyle, whose pious search 
Amid the dai^ recesses of his works^ 
The great Creator soi^ght f And why thy Locke, 
Who made the whole internal world his own f 
' Let Newton, pure intelligence ! whom God 
To mortals lent, to trace his boundless works 
From laws sublimely simple, speak thy fame 
In all philosophy. For lofty sense. 
Creative fancy, and inspection keen 
Through the deep windings of the human hearti 
Is not wild Shakspeare thine and Nature's boast ? 
Is not each great, each amiable MijtBe 
Of classic ages is thy MUton met ? 
A genius universal as his theme -, 
Astonishing as chaos, as the bloom 
Of blowing £den fair, as heaven sublime ! 

Nor shall my verse that elder bard forget, 
The gentle Spenser, Fancy's pleasing son ; 
Who, like a copious river,'pour'd his song 
O'er all the mazes of enchanted ground : 
Nor thee, his ancient master, laughing sage, 
ChfMieer, whose native manners-painting verse, 
Well-moraliz'd, shines through the gothic cloud 
Of time and language o'er thy genius thrown. 

May my song soften, as thy daughters I, 
Britannia, hail ! for beauty b their own, 
The feeling heart, simp^city of Kfe, 

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SPMMEH.^ 115 

And eleganoO) wd taste : the faultiess forai} 
Shap'dby the hand of hannony ;. the cheeky 
Where the live crimsoni thfough the native white 
Soft-shooting} o'er the face diffuses bloom. 
And every nameless grace ; the parted lip, 
Like the red rose^bad moist with morning-dew^ 
Breathing delight ', and, under flowing jet» 
Or sunny ringlets, or of circling brown, 
The neck slight-shaded, and the swelling breast : 
The look resistless, piercing to the soul, 
And by the soul informed, when drest in love 
She sits high-smiling in the conscious eye. 

maud of bliss I amid the subject seas, 
That thunder round thy rocky coasts, set up. 
At once the wonder, terror, and delight. 
Of distant nations ; whose remotest shores 
Can soon be shaken by thy naval arm ; 
Not shook thyself, but all assaults 
Baffling, as thy hoar cliffs the loud sea-wave. 

Thou ! by whose Almighty nod the scale 
-Of empire rises, or alternate falls. 
Send forth the saving Virtues round the land, 
In bright patrol ; white Peace and social Love ! 
The tender looking Charity, intent 
On gentle deeds, and shedding tears through smiles ; 
Undaunted Truth, and Dignity of mind : 
Courage composed, and keen ; sound Temperance, 
Healthful in heart and look ; clear Chastity, 
With blushes reddening as she moves along. 

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116 SUMMER. 

Disorder'd at the deep regard she draws ; 
Rough Industry ; Activity untir*d, 
With copious life informed) and all awake ; 
While in the radiant front, superior shines 
That first Paternal virtue, Public Zeal ; 
Who throws o'er all an equal wide survey, 
And, ever musing on the common weal. 
Still labours glorious with some great design. / 

Low walks the sun, and broadens by degrees, 
Just o'er the verge of day. The shifting clouds 
Assembled gay, a richly-gorgeous train, 
In all their pomp attend his setting throne. 
Air, earth, and ocean smile immense. And now, 
As if his weary chariot sought the bowers 
Of Amphitrit^, and her tending nymphs, 
(So Grecian fable sung) he dips his orb ; 
Now half-immers'd ; and now a golden curve 
Gives one bright glance, then total disappears. 

For ever running an enchanted round, 
Passes the day, deceitful, vain, and void ; 
As fleets the vision o'er the formful brain, 
This moment hurrying wild th' impassioned soul, 
The next in nothing lost. *Tis so tp him. 
The dreamer of this earth, an idle blank : 
A sight of horror to the cruel wretch, 
Who all day long in sordid pleasure roll'd, 
Himself a useless load, has squander'd vile. 
Upon his scoundrel train, what might have cheer'd 
A drooping family of modest worth. 

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svMHmu 117 

But to the genei^MM stiU-titl|)r(yni^ mandf 

That give* the hopeless heart tcf smg for joy, 

Diflfosmg kind b^lefieence wnmhdf 

Boastless, as now de0eeiid» the aflent dew ; ^ 

To him the long reyiew of order'd lifo 

Is mward rapiar^ oaky to be fdt 

Confess'd fion yosder slew extmgrash'd ctondtr, 
AJl ether softeoMigy sober Bvenuig takes 
Her wonted station in the middle air ; 
A thousand shadows at her b^ck. First this 
She sends OB earth $ then that of deeper die 
Steab soft behind ; and then a deeper stiUy 
In circle foUo^Wing eirele^ gathers. roimd» 
T^elose the face dfthmgs. Afr^shergale 
Begins to wave the Wood, and stir the strean^ 
Sweeping With idntdowy gust the fields of ooni *, 
While the qoail elamours (of his nmning mate. 
Wide o'er the thirsty lawBy as swells the brsese^ 
A whitening ^ower of vegetable dowii 
Amusive floats. The kkid impartial ears 
Of Natnre nanght disdains : thovghtfol to feed 
Her lowest sons, and clothe the coming yeer. 
From field to field the feather'd seeds skm wings. . 

His folded flock seeure^ the shepherd home 
Hies, meny-bearted ; and by turns relieves 
The ruddy milk-maid of her brimming pail ; 
llie beauty whom perhaps his witless hearty 
Unknowing what the joy-mitt angaish means^ 
SiQcerely loves, by thut best ktagua^s shows 

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118 SUMMER. 

Of cordial glances, and obliging deeds. 
Onward they pass, o'er many a panting height^ 
And valley sunk, and ui^requented ; where 
At fall of eve the fairy people throng. 
In various game, and reveby, to pass 
The summer night, as village-stories tell. 
But far about they wander from the grave 
Of him, whom his ungentle fortune urg'd 
Against his own sad breast to lift the hand 
Of impious violence. The lonely tower 
Is also shunned ; whose mournful chambers hold, 
So night-struck Fancy dreams, the yelling ghost 

Among the crooked lanes, on eveiy hedge, 
The glow worm lights his gem ; and, through the dark, 
A moving radiance twinkles. Evening yields 
The world to Night ; not in her winter-robe 
Of massy stygian woof, but loose array'd x 
In mantle dun. A faint erroneous ray, 
Glanc'd from th' imperfect surfaces of things, 
Flings half an image on the straining eye ; 
While wavering woods, and villages, and streams, 
And rocks, and mountain-tops, that long retained 
Th' ascending gleam, are all one swimming scene ; 
Uncertain if beheld. Sudden to heaven 
Thence weary vbion turns > where, leading soft 
The silent hours of love, with purest ray 
Sweet Venus shines ', and from her genial rise. 
When daylight sickens till it springs afresh, 
Unrivall'd reigns, the fairest lamp of Night 

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SUMMER^ 119 

As thus th* efifialgence tremulous I drinky 
With cherish 'd gaze, the lambent lightnings shoot 
Across the sky ; or horizontal dart 
In wondrous shapes; by fearful murmuring crowds 
Portentous deem'd. Amid the radiant orbs. 
That more than deck, that animate the sky, 
The life-infusing suns of other worlds ; 
Lo ! from the dread unmensity of spaice 
Returning, with accelerated course, 
The rushing comet to the sun descends ; 
And as he sinks below the shading earth, 
With awfid train projected o'er the heavens. 
The gnUty nations tremble. But, above 
Those superstitious horrors that enslave 
The fond sequacious herd, to mystic faith 
And blind amazement prone ; th' enlighten'd few, 
Whose godlike minfds Philosophy exalts. 
The glorious stranger hail. They feel a joy 
Divinely great ^. they in their powers exult, [spurns 
That wondrous force of thought, which mounting 
This dusky spot, and measures all the sky ; 
WhOe, from his far excursion through the wilds 
Of barren ether, faithful to his time, 
They see the blazing wonder rise anew ; 
In seeming terror clad, but kindly bent 
To work the will of all-sustaining Love : 
From his huge vapoury train perhaps to shake 
Reviving moisture on the numerous orbs, 
Through which his long ellipsis winds ; perhaps 

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130 80MMBft« 

To lend new fael to deolining 9tm»f 
To fight tq) worids, end feed th^ eternal Are. 
With thee, serene PhUosophj, with tibeei 
And tl^ blight gariand, let me crown m^ song! 
Effusive MHirce of eridenee, and^nth ! 
A lustre shedding o*er th' ennobled mSndy 
Stronger than fltmimer-BOon ; and pure as thatf 
Whose mild vibrations sooth the parted souiy 
New to the dawning of celestial day. [thee^ 

Hence through her noorish'd powers, eidarg'd by 
She springs aloft, wStfi elevated pride. 
Above thA tangHng mass of low desires, 
That bind the flattering crowd ; and, angelwing'd, 
The heights of science and of virtue gains, • 
Where all is calm and clear ; ¥rith Nature romid, 
Or in the stany regions, or th' abjss, 
To Reason*s and to Fancy's eye displayed : 
The First up-tracing, from the dreary voidy 
The chain of causes and efibcts to Hitf , 
The worid-prodacing Essence, who done 
Possesses being ; while tiie Last receives 
The whole mti^nificence of heaven and earthy 
And every beauty, delicate or bold. 
Obvious or more remote, with livelier sense, 
Diffusive painted on the rapid mind. 

Tutor*d by thfee, hence Poetry exalts 
Her voice to ages ; and informs the page 
With music, image, sentiment, and thought, 
Never to die ! the treasure of mankind ! 

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sumraii* 131 

Their highest honoiiF) and their tniest joy ! 
Without liiee what were aneiilighten'd Man ? 
A eavage roaming through the woods and wildfi 
In quest of prey; andvrith th' nnfiBduoa'd for 
Bough'Clad ; devoid of every finer wrt, 
And elegance of fife. Nor happineas 
Domestic, mix'd of tendemeis and care, 
Nor moral excellence, nor social bliss, 
Nor guardian law were hi^ ; nor various sldll 
To turn the furrow, or to guide the tool 
Mechanic; nor the heavei>condueted prow 
Of navigation bold, that feariess braves 
The burwg line, or dares the wtotry pole ; 
Mother severe of infinite delights ! 
Nothing, save rapine, indolenee, and gaile, 
And woe« 4>n woes, a still-revolving train t 
Whose horrid circle had made human Mfe 
Than nonexbtence worse : but, tau^tl^ thee. 
Ours are the plans of. policy and peaee ; 
To live like brothers, and conjunctive all 
Embellish life. While thus laborious crowds 
Ply the tough oar. Philosophy directs 
The ruling helm ; or like the liberal breath 
Of potent heaven, invisible, the sail 
Swells out, and bears th' inferior world along. 

Nor to thb evanescent speck of earth 
Poorly confined, the radiant tracts on higli 
Are her exalted range ; intent to gaze 
Creation through ; and, from that full complex 

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13^ SUMMER. 

Of nei^r-ending wonders, to conceive 
Of the Sole Being right, who spoke the Wordy 
And Nature mov'd complete. With inward vieW) 
Thence on th* ideal kingdom swift she tmns 
Her eye: and instant, at her powerful glance^ 
Th' obMJIbnt phantoms vanish or appear ; 
Compytind, divide, and Into order shift, 
Each to hb rank, from plain perception up 
To the fair forms of Fancy's fleetii 
To reason then, deducing truth froi 
And notion quite abstract ; where 
The world of spirits, action all, ai 
Unfettered, and unmixt. But here 
So wills Eternal Providence, sits ( 
/Enough for us to know that this di 
In wayward passions lost, and vaii 
This Infancy of Being, cannot pr< 
The final issue of the works of Gi 
By boundless Love and perfect Wisdom fonn'd^ 
And ever rinng with the rising mind. 

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By strong Necessity's supreme command, 
With smiiing patience in Iier loolis, she went 
To glean Palemon's fields. 

D, FeauhaWi Prinier. 

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The mbjeet propoted. Addressed to Mr. Onslow. A 
prospect of the fields ready for harvest. Reflectums 
in praise of Industry raUed by that view. Retqting, 
A tale relative to it. A harvest storm. Shooting 
and hunting, theix barbearity. A ludicrous account 

' of fox hunting. A view of an orchard. WaU-fruU. 
A vineyard. A description of fogs, frequent in the 
latter part of Autumn : whence a digression, inquir- 
inginto the rise of fountains andrive?^. Birds of sea- 
son considered, thai rU>w shift theif hdbUaium. The 
prodigious number Of them 'thai cover the northern 
and western isles of Scotland. Hence a view of the 
country. A prospect of the discoloured, fading 
woods. After a gentle dusky day, moonlight. Au- 
tumnal meteors. Morning: to which succeeds a 
calm, pure, sunshiny day, such as usually Auts up 
the season. The harvest being gathered in, the eoun^ 
try dissolved in joy. The whole concludes with « 
panegyric on a philosophical eouniry life. 

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Cbowu'd with tiie sickle and the wheaten sheaf, 
While Autumn, nodding o*er the yellow plaiii, 
Ck)ines jovial on ; the Doric reed once more, 
Well-pleased, I tune. Whatever the wintry frost 
Nitrous prepar'd ; the various-blossom 'd Spring 
Put in white promise forth ; and Summer-suns 
Concocted strong, rush boundless now to view ; 
Full, perfect all, and swell my glorious theme. 

Onslow ! the Muse, ambitious of thy name. 
To grace, inspire, and dignify her song. 
Would from the public voice thy gentle ear 
Awhile engage. Thy noble cares she knows 
The patriot virtues that distend thy thought. 
Spread on thy front, and in thy bosom glow, 
While listening senates hang upon thy tongue ; 
Devolving through the maze of eloquence 
A roll of periods, sweeter than her song. 
But she too pants for public virtue ; she. 
Though weak of power, yet strong in ardent will. 
Whene'er her countiy rushes on her heart, 
Assumes a bolder note ; and fondly tries 
To mix the patriot's with the poet's flame. 

When the bright Virgin gives the beauteous days, 

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126 AUTUMN. 

Ai^d Libra weighs in equal scales the year ; 

From heaven's high cope the fierce effulgence shCM>k 

Of parting Summer, a serener blue, 

With golden light enlivened, wide invests 

The happy world. Attempered suns arise, 

Sweet-beam'd, and shedding oft through lucid clouds 

A pleasing calm ; while broad, and browo, below 

Extensive harvests hang the heavy head. 

Rich, silent, deep, they stand ; for not a gale 

Rolls its light billows o'er the bending plain : 

A calm of plenty ! till the ruflGied air 

Falls from its poise, and gives the breese to blow. 

Rent is the fleecy mantle of the sky ; 

The clouds fly different ; and the sudden tun 

By fits effulgent gilds th' illumin'd field, 

And black by fits the shadows sweep along. 

A gaily chequer'd heart-expanding view, 

Far as the circling eye can shoot around. 

Unbounded tossing in a flood of com. 

These are thy blessings, industry I rou^ power ! 
Whom labour still attends, and sweat, and pain ; 
Yet the kind source of every gentle art, 
And all the soft civility of life : 
Raiser of humankind ! by Nature cast* 
Naked and helpless, out amid the woods 
And wilds, to rude inclement elements ; 
With various seeds of art deep in the mind 
Implanted, and profusely pOior'd around 
Materials infinite, bat idle all. 

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Still nneiertedy in th' qnconsoioos breast 
Slept the letharg^ powers ; Corruption stUl, 
Voracious, swallow'd what the libenil hand 
Of bounty scattered o'er the savage year : 
And still the sad barbarian, roving, mix'd- 
With beasts of prey, or for hb acorn-meal 
Fought the fierce tusky boar ; a shivering wretch ! 
Aghast and comfortless, when the bleak norths 
With winter chai|('d, let the mixt tempest fly, 
Hail, rain, and snow, and bitter-breathing frost : 
Then to the shelter of the hut he fled ; 
And the wild seasons, sordid, pin'd away. 
For home he had not ; home is the resort 
Of love, of joy, of peace, and plenty, where, 
Supporting and supported, polish'd frieBda» 
And dear relations, mingle into bliss. . 
But this the rugged savage never felt, 
£'en desolate in crowds ; and thus his da3rs 
RoU'd heavy, dark, and unenjoy'd along : 
A waste of time! till industry approach'd. 
And rous*d him from his miserable sloth ; 
His faculties unfolded ; pointed out. 
Where lavish Nature the directing hand 
Of Art demanded ! show'd hina how to raise 
His feeble force by the mechanic powers. 
To dig the mineral from the vaulted earth ; 
On what to turn the piercing rage of fire ; 
On what the torrent, and the gathered Uast ; 
Gave the tall aoQient forest to his axe ; 

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128 AUTUMN. 

Taught him to chip the W4>od, and hew ^e stone, 

Till by degrees the finished fabric rose ; 

Tore from his limbs the blood-polluted fur, 

And wrapt them in the woolly vestment warm ; 

Or bright in glossy silk, and flowing lawn ; 

With wholesome viands fiU'd his table ; pour'd 

The generous glass around, inspired to wake 

The life-refining soul of decent wit : 

Nor stopp'd at barren bare necessity *, 

But still advancing bolder, led him on 

To pomp, to pleasure, elegance, and grace ; 

And, breathing high ambition through hb soul, 

Set science, wisdom, glory in his view. 

And bade him be the Lord of all below. [bin'd, 

Then gathering men their natural powers com- 
And form'd a public ; to the general good 
Submitting, aiming, and conducting all. 
For this the Patriot-Council met, the full, 
The free, and fairiy represented Whole ; 
For this they plann'd the holy guardian laws, 
Distinguish'd orders, animated arts, 
And with joint force Oppression chaining, set 
Imperial Justice at the helm ; yet still 
To them accountable : nor slavish dream'd 
That toiling millions must resign their weal. 
And all the honey of their search, to such 
As for themselves alone themselves have raised.- 

Hence every form of cultivated life- 
In order set, protected, and inspired; 

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AUTUMK* 139 

Into perfection wrought. Uniting all, 
Society grew numerous) high, polite, 
And happy. Nurw of art ! the city rear'd 
In beauteous pride her tower-encircled head ; 
And, stretching street on street, by thousands drew, 
From twining woody haunts, or the tough yew 
To bows strong-straining, her aq[Mring sons. 

Then Ck>nimerce brought into the public walk 
The busy merchant ; the big warehouse built ; 
Bais'd the strong crane j chok'd up the loaded street 
With foreign plenty } and thy stream, O Thames» 
Luge, gentle, deep, majestic, king of floods 1 
Chose for his grand resort On either hand, 
Like a long wintry forest, groves of masts 
Shot up their ^ires f the bellying sheet'between 
Possessed the breeiy void ; the sooty hulk 
Steer'd sluggbh on ; the ^endid baige along 
Row'd, regular, to harmony ; around, 
The boat, light skimming, stretched its oaiy wings ; 
While deep the various voice of fervent toil 
From bank to bank inorees'd ; whence ribb'd with 
To bear the British thunder, black, and bold, [oak» 
The roaring vessel rush'd into the main. 

Then too the pillar'd dome, magnific, heav'd 
Its ample roof ; and Luiuiy within 
Pour'd out her glitt'ring stores: the canvass smooth, 
With glowing life protuberant, to the view 
Embodied rose ; the statue seem'd to breathei 
And soften Into flesh ; beneath the touch 

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130 AUTUMN. 

Of forming art) imagination*fliish'd. 

AU is the gift of industry ; whatever 
Exalts, embellishes, and renders life 
Delightful. Pensive Winter cheer'd by him 
Sits at the social fire, and happy hears 
Th' excluded tempest idly rave along ; 
Hb hardened fingers deck the gaudy Spring ; 
Without him Summer were an arid waste ; 
Nor to th' Autumnal months could thus transmit 
Those full, mature, immeasurable stores, 
That, waving round, recall my wandering song. 

Soon as the morning trembles o'er the sky, 
And, unperceiv'd, unfolds the spreading day ; 
Before the ripen'd field the reapers stand, 
In fair array'; each by the lass he loves ; 
To bear the rougher part, and mitigate 
By nameless gentle offices her toil. 
At once they stoop and swell the lusty sheaves ; 
While through their cheerful band, the rural talk, 
The rural scandal, and the rural jest. 
Ply harmless ; to deceive the tedious time. 
And steal unfelt the sultry hours away. 
Behind the master walks, builds up the shocks ^ 
And, conscious, glancing oft on every side 
His sated eye, feels his heart heave with joy. 
The gleaners spread around, and here and there, 
Spike after spike their scanty harvest pick. 

Be not too narrow, husbandmen ! but fling 
From the full sheaf, with charitable stealth, 

oy Google 

AUTUMN. 131 

The liberta handfbl. Think, oh ! grateful think !. 
How good the God of harvest b to you ; 
Who pours fl^bfundance o'er your flowing fields ; 
While these unhappy partners of your kind 
Wide-hover round you, like the fowls of heaven. 
And ask their humble dole. The various turns 
Of fortune ponder ; that your sons may want 
What now, with hard reluctance, faint, ye give. 
The lovely young Lavinia once had friends> 
And Fortune smil'd, deceitful, on her birth. 
For, in her helpless years deiuriv'd of all, 
Of every stay, save Innocence and Heaven, 
She, with her widow'd mother, feeble, old, 
And poor, liv'd m a cottage, far retir'd 
Among the windings of a woody vale ; 
By solitude and deep surrounding shades. 
But more by bashful modesty, concealed. 
Together thus they shunn'd the cruel scorn 
Which virtue, sunk to poverty, would meet 
From giddy passion and loyv-minded pride : 
Almost on Nature's common bounty fed ; 
Like the gay birds that sung them to repose, 
Content, and careless of to-morrow's fare. 
Her form was fresher than the morning rose, 
When the dew wets its leaves ; unstain'd, and pure, 
As is the lily, or the mountain snow. 
The modest Virtues mingled in her eyes. 
Still on the ground dejected, darting all 
Their humid beams into the blooming flowers : 

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153 AUTUMN. 

Or when the monrnful Ule her mother told, ' 
Of what her faithless fortune promU'd once, 
ThrilVd in her thought, thef , like the dewy Hnr 
Of evening, shone in tears. A native grace 
Sat fair proportion'd on her poKsh'd limbs^ 
Veird in a simple robe, their best attire, 
Beyond the pomp of dress ; for loveliness 
Needs not the foreign aid of omament> 
But is, when unadorned, adom'd the most. 
Thoughtless of beauty, she was Beauty's sel^ 
Recluse amid the elose-emboweHng woods. 
As in the hollow breast of Appenine, 
Beneath the shelter of encirding hills, 
A myrtle rises, for from human eye, 
And breathes its balmy fragrance o'er the Wild ; 
So flourish'd blooming, and unseen by idl, 
The sweet Lavinia ; till, at length, compell'd 
By strong Necessity's supreme command, 
With smilhig patience in her looks, she went 
To glean Palemon's fields. The pride of swalnr 
Falemon was, the generous, and the rich ; 
Who led the rural life in «)1 its joy 
And elegance, such as Arcadian song 
Transmits from ancient uncorrupted thnes ; 
When tyrant custom had not shackled man, 
But free to follow Nature was the mode. 
He then, his fancy with autumnal scenes 
Amusing, chano'd beside his reaper-train 
To walk, when poor Lavinia drew his ejre ; 

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Avrvunu 133 

UncoDscioos td her power, and taming quick 
WHh onaffected blushes from his gase : 
He saw her charming, but he saw not half 
The charms her downcast modesty conceal*d. 
That veiy moment love and chaste desire 
Sprung IB his bosom, to himself unknown ; 
For still the world prevail'd, and its dread langhj 
Which scarce the firm philosopher can scorn, 
Should his heart own a gleaner in the field ; 
And thus in secret to his soul he sigh'd :^*- 

<< What pity! that so delicate a form. 
By beauty kindled, where enlhrening sense 
And more than vulgar goodness seem to dwell. 
Should be devoted to the rude embrace 
Of some indecent clown ! she looks, methinksi 
Of old Acasto's line ; and to my mind 
Recalls that patron of my happy life, 
From whom my liberal fortune took its rise ; 
Now to the dust gone down ; his houses, lands. 
And once fair-spreading family, dissolv'd. 
Tis said, that in some lone obscure retreat, 
Urg'd by lemembranee sad, and decent pride, 
Far from those scenes which knew their better days« 
Qis aged widow and his daughter live. 
Whom yet my fruitless search ce«ild never find. 
Romantic wii^! would this the daughter were l" 

When, strict inquiring, from herself he found 
She was the same, the daughter of his friend, 
Of bountifiii AfiBsto ; who can speak 

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134 AUTUMN. 

The mingled paasions thai snrpris'd his heart. 
And through his nerves in shivering transport ran f 
Then blaz'd his smother'd flame, avowed, and bold; 
And as he view'd her, ardent, o'er and o'er» 
Love, gratitude, and pity wept at once . 
Confused, and frigfaten'd at his sudden tears^ 
Her rising beauties flu:ii'd a higher bloom. 
As thus Palemon, passionate, and just, 
Pour'd out the pious rapture of his soul : 

" And art thou then Acasto's dear remains i 
She, whom my restless gratitude has sought. 
So long in vain ? O heavens ! the very same, 
The soften'd image of my noble friend ', 
Alive his every look, his every feature. 
More elegantly touch'd. Sweeter than Spring ! 
Thou sole surviving blossom from the root 
That nourished up my fortune ! say, ah where, 
In what sequestered desert, hast thou drawn 
The kindest aspect of delighted heaven ? 
Into such beauty spread, and blown so fair ; 
Thoug)i Poverty's cold wind, and crushing rain, 
Beat keen, and heavy, on thy tender years ? 
O let me now, into a richer soil. 
Transplant thee safe ! where vernal suns, and showen. 
Diffuse theu* warmest, largest influence ; 
And of my garden be the pride, and joy ! 
HI it befits tHee, oh it ill befits 
Acasto's daughter, his, whose open stores. 
Though vast, were little to his ampler heart, 

Digitized by Google 


The father of a coantry, thus to pick 
The very refuse of those harvest-fields, 
Which from his bounteous friendship I enjoy. 
Then throw that shameful pittance from thy hand) 
But ill applied to such a rugged task ; 
The fields, the master, all, my fair, are thine ; 
If to the various blessings which thy house 
Hfls on me lavished, thou wilt add that bliss, 
That dearest Uis^, the power of blessing thee !'* 

Here ceas'd the youth : yet still his speaking eye 
Eipress'd the saered triumph of bis soul. 
With conscious virtue, gratitude, and love, 
Above the vulgar joy divinely rais'd. 
Nor waited he reply. Won by the charm 
Of goodness irresistible, and all 
In sweet disorder lost, she blush'd consent. 
The news immediate to her mother brought. 
While, pierc'd with anxious thought, she pin'd away 
The lonely moments for Lavinia's fate ; 
Amaz'd, and scarce believing what she heard, 
Joy seiz'd her withered veins, and one bright gleam 
Of setting life shone on her evening-hours : 
Not less enraptur'd than the happy pair ; 
Who flourish'd long in tender bliss, and rear'd 
A numerous ofiTspring, lovely like themselves ; 
And good, the grace of all the country round. 

Defeating oft the labours of the year. 
The sultry south collects a potent blast 
At first, the groves are scarcely seen to stit 

Digitized by Google 

136 AUTVMNk 

Their trembling tops ; aod a still muriBdr nms 
Along the soft inclining fields of cpm. 
But as th' aerial tempest fbller swells, 
And in one mighty stream, invisible, 
Immense, the whole excited atmosphere, 
Impetuous rushes o'er the sounding woild ; 
Strain'd to the root, the stooping forest poors 
A rustling shower of yet untimely leaves. 
High-bei^ the enroling mountains e^dy in. 
From the bare wild, ^e dissipated storm. 
And send it in a tofrent down the vale. 
Exposed, and naked, to its utmost rage, 
Through' all the sea of harvest rolling roand, 
The billowy plun floats wide ; nor can evade, 
Though pliant to the blast, its seising force ; 
Or whirl'd in air, or into vacant chaff 
Shook waste. And sometimes too a burst of raia. 
Swept from the black horison, broad, descends 
In one continuous flood. Still over head 
The mingling tempest weaves its gloom, and still 
The deluge deepens ; till the fields around 
Lie sunk, and flatted, in the sordid wave. 
Sudden, the ditches swell ; the meadows swim. 
Red, from the bills, innumerable streams 
Tumultuous roar; and high above its banki 
The river lift ; before whose rushing tide, 
Herds, flocks, and harvests, cottages, and swains, 
Roll mingled down ; all that the winds had spar'd 
In one wild moment n^'d ; the big hopes, - 

Digitized by Google 

AUTUMN. 137 

And well-earn'd treasures of the painful year. 
Fled to some eminence, the husbandman, 
Helpless, beholds the miserable wreck 
Driving along ; his drowning ox at once 
Descending, with his labours scatter'd round, 
He sees ; and instant o*er his shivering thought 
Comes Winter unprovided, and a train 
Of claimant children dear. Ye masters, then. 
Be mindful of the rough laborious hand 
That sinks you soft in elegance and ease ; 
Be mindful of those limbs in russet clad 
Whose toU to yours is warmth and graceful pride ; 
And, oh ! be mindful of that sparing board, 
Which covers yours with luxury profuse ; 
Makes your glass sparkle, and your sense rejoice ; 
Nor cruelly demand what the deep rains. 
And all-involving winds, have swept away. 

Here the rude clamour of the sportsman's joy, 
The gun fast thundering, and the winded horn, 
Would tempt the Muse to sing the niral game : 
How in his mid^-career, the spaniel struck, 
Stiff, by the tainted gale, with open nose, 
Outstretch'd, and finely sensible, draws full. 
Fearful, and cautious, on the latent prey ; 
As in the sun the circling covey bask 
Their varied plumes, and watchful every way. 
Through the rough stubble turn the secret eye. 
Caught in the meshy snare, in vain they beat 
Thear idle wings, entangled more and more ; 

Digitized by Google 

133 AfJTOHN* 

Nor on the §nrgo» of the bonndleM 4ir« 
Though borne triumphaot, are they safe ; the giw, 
Glanc'd just, and sodden, from the fowler*s i^e 
Overtakes their sounding pinions : and agam. 
Immediate, brings them from the towering wiiig» 
Dead to the ground ; or drives them wlde-diqpers'di 
Wounded, and wheeling vai^KMis, down thb wind. 

These are not subjects for the peaceful Muse, 
Nor will she stain with such her spotless song : 
Then most delighted, when she social sees 
The whole mSx*d ^imal-creation round 
Alive, and ha(>py. 'Tis not joy to her» 
This falsely-cheerful barbarous game of dettii, 
This rage of pleasure, which the restless youth 
Awakes, impatient, with the i^eaming morn : 
When beasts of prey retire, that all night long, 
Urg'd by necessity, had ranged the daik^ 
As if their conscious ravage shunn'd the Ikijtttf 
Asbam'd. Not so the steady tyrant Man, 
Who with the thoughtless insolence of power 
Inflam'd, beyond the most infuriate wrath 
Of the worst monster that e*er roam'd the wiite, 
For sport alone pursues the cruel chase, 
Amid the beamings of the gentle days. 
Upbraid, ye ravening tribes, our wanton rage. 
For hunger kindles you, and lawless want ; 
But lavish fed, in Natui«*s bounty roU'd, 
To joy at anguish, and delight in blood, 
Is what your hoirld bosoms never knew. 

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AUTUMN. 130 

Poor is the trhunph o'er the timid hare ! 
Scar'diMm the com, and now to some lone seat 
Betir'd : the rushy fen ; the ragged iiuvey 
Streteh'd o'er the stony heath ; -the stubble oIm^ ; 
The tiiistly lawn; the thick entangled broom ; 
Of the same friendly hue, the withered fern ; 
The fallow groond laid open to the sun, 
CoDcoctive ; and the nodding sandy bank. 
Hong o'er the mases of the mountain brook. 
Vam is her best precaution ; though she sits 
Conceal'd, with folded ears ; unsleeping eyes, 
By nature rais'd to take th' horizon in ! 
And head oouch'd close betwixt her hairy feet, 
In act to spring away. The scented dew 
Betrajrs her early lab3nrinth ; and deep, 
In scatter'd sullen openings, far behind, 
With every breeee she hears the coming storm. 
But nearer, and more frequent, as it loads 
The sighing gale, she springs amaE'd, and all 
The savnge soul of game is up at once : 
The pack full-opening, various ; the shrill horn. 
Resounded from the hills ; the neighing steed, 
Wfld for the chase ; and the loud hunter's shout ; 
O'er a weak, harmless, flying creature, all 
Afix'd in mad tumult, and discordant joy. 

Hie stag, too, singled from the herd, where long 
He rang'd the branching monarch of the shades. 
Before the tempest drives. At first In speed 
He, sprightly, puts his feith ; and roused by fear, 

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140 AUTUMN. 

Gives all hit swift aerial soul to flight ; 
Against the iHreeze he darts^ that way the more 
To leave the lessening murderous cry behind : 
Deception short ! though fleeter than the winds 
Blowii o'er the keen-air'd mountain by the north, 
He bursts the thickets, glances through the ^ades, 
And plunges deep into the wildest wood ; 
If slow, yet sure, adhesive to the track. 
Hot-steaming, up behind him come again 
Th' inhuman rout, and from the shady deptli 
Expel him, circling through his every shift 
He sweeps the forest oft ; and sobbing sees 
The glades, mUd opening to the golden day ; 
Where, in kind contest, with his butting (riends 
He wont to struggle, or his loves enjoy, 
Oft in the full-descending flood he tries 
To lose the scent, and lave his burning sides. 
Oft seeks the herd ; the watchful herd, alarm'd, 
With selfish care avoid a brother's wo. 
What shall he do ? His once so vivid nerves. 
So full of buoyant spirit, now no more 
Inspire the course ; but fainting breathless toil, 
Sick, seizes on his heart : he stands at bay ; 
And puts his last weak refuge in despair. 
The big round tears run down his dappled face ; 
He groans in anguish ; while the growling pack, 
Blood-ha{^y, hang at his fair jutting chest. 
And mark his beauteous chequer'd sides with gore. 
Of this enough. But \ftke sylvan youth, 

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AUTUMN. 141 

Whose fervent blood boils into violence^ 
Must have the chase ; behold, despbing flighty 
The rous'd-up lion, resolute, and slow, 
Advancing full on the protended spear, 
' And coward-band, thi^ circling wheel aloof. 
Slonk from the cavern, and the troubled woody 
See the grim wolf; on him his shaggy foe 
Vindictive fix, and let the ruffian die ; 
Or, growling horrid, as the brindled boar 
Grins fell destruction, to the monster's heart 
Let the dart lighten from the nervoos arm. 

These Britain knows not ; give, ye Britons^ then 
Tear sportive fury, pityless, to pour 
Loose on the nightly robber of the fold ', 
Him, from his craggy winding haunts nnearth'dy 
Let all the thunder of the ehase pursue. 
Throw the broad ditch behind you ; o'er the hedge 
High-bound, resistless ; nor the deep morass 
Refuse, but through the shaking wUdemess 
Pick your nice way ; into the perilous flood 
Bear fearless, of the raging instinct full ; 
And as you ride the torrent, to the banks 
Tour triumph sound sonorous, running round, 
From rock to rock, in circling echoes tost ; 
Then scale the mountains to their woody tops ; 
Rush down the dangerous steep ; and o'er the lawn^ 
In fimcy swallowing up the space between, 
Pour all your speed into the rapid game. 
For happy he ! who tops the wheeling obaso ; 

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142 AUTUMN. 

Has every maze evolv'd, and eveiy guile 
biflclos'd ; who knows the merits of the pack ; 
Who saw the villain seiz'd and dying bard, 
Without complaint, though by a hundred mouths 
Relentless torn : O glorious be, beyond 
His daring peers ! when the retreating horn 
Calls them to ghostly halls of gray renowui 
With woodland honours grac'd ; the fox's fur, 
Depending decent from the roof; and spread 
Round the drear walls, with antic figures fiercei 
The stag's targe front : be then b loudest heardi 
When the night staggers with severer toils ; 
With feats Thessalian Centaurs never knew, 
And their repeated wonders shake the dome. 

But first the fiielPd chimney blazes wide ; 
The tankards foam ; and the strong table groans 
Beneath the smoking sirioin, stretch 'd immense 
From side to side ; in which, with desperate knife, 
They deep incision make, and talk the while 
Of England's glory, ne'er to be defac'd, 
WhOe hence they borrow vigour, or amain 
Into the pasty plung'd, at intervals. 
If stomach keen can intervals allow, 
Relating all the glories of the chase. 
Then sated Hunger bids his brother Thirst 
Produce the mighty bowl ; the mighty bowl, 
Swell'd high with fieiy juice, steams liberal round 
A potent gale ; delicious, as the breath 
Of Maia to th^ love-sick shepherdess, 

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AUTUMN. 143 

On violets diffused ; while soft she hears 
Her panting shepherd stealing to her arms. 
Nor wanting is the brown October, drawn^ 
Mature and perfect, from hb dark retreat 
Of thirty years ; and now his honest front 
Flames in the light refulgent) not afraid 
E'en with the vineyard's best produce to vie^ 
To cheat the thirsty moments, Whist awhite 
Walks hb dull round, beneath a cloud of smoke, 
Wreathed, fragrant, from the pipe ; or the quick dicQ^ 
hi thunder leaping from. the box, awake 
The sounding gammon ; while romp-loving miss 
Is haul*d about, in gallantry robust. 

At last these puling idlenesses laid 
Aside, frequent and full, the dry divan 
Close in firm circle ; and set, ardent, in 
For serious drinking. Nor evasion sly, 
Nor sober shift, b to the puking wretch 
bdnlg'd apart ; but earnest, brimming bowls. 
Lave every soul, the table floating round. 
And pavement, faithless to the fuddled foot. 
Thus as they swim in mutual swill, the talk, 
Vociferous at once from twenty tongues. 
Reels fast from theme to theme ; from horses, hounds^ 
To church or mistress, politics or ghost. 
In endless mazes, intricate, perplei'd. 

Meantime, with sudden mteiruption, loud, 
th' impatient catch bursts from the joyous heart ; 
That moment touch'd b every kindred soul ; 
And, opening in a fvdl-mouth'd cry of joy^ 

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144 AUTUMN* 

The laagh, the slap, the jocund curse go round ; 
While, from their slumbers shook, the kennel'd 
Mix in the music of the day again. [hounds 

As when the tempest, that has vex'd the deep , 
The dark night long, with fainter murmurs falls ; 
So gradual sinks their mirth. Their feeble tongoeSy 
Unable to take up the cumbrous word, * 
Lie quite dissolved. Before their maudlin eyes 
Seen dim, and blue, the double tapers dancey 
Iiike the sun wading through the misty sky. 
Then, sliding soft, they drop. Confus*d above, 
Glasses and bottles, pipes and gasetteers, 
As if the table e'en itself was drunk. 
Lie a wet broken scene ; and wide, below, 
is heap'd the social slaughter : where astride 
The lubber Power m filthy triumph sits. 
Slumbrous, inclining still from side to side, 
And isteeps them drench'd in potent sleep till i 
Perhaps some doctor of tremendous pauneh. 
Awful and deep, a black Bbyw of drink. 
Outlives them all ; and from his buried flock 
Retiring, full of nmiination sad, 
Laments the weakness of these latter times. 
But if the rou^r sex by this fierce sport 
Is hurried wild, let not such horrid joy 
E'er stain the bosom of the British fair. 
Far be the spirit of the chase from them ! 
Uncomely courage, unbeseeming skill ; 
To spring the fence, to rein the prancing steed ; 

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Aunndff^ 146 

The cap, the whip, tins maMvliM «ttivei 
In which they roaghett te the iene, Mid bB 
The winning soltiMiaal theil*eexiB loit 
In them 'tis graacM to disaoipe hi wo ; 
With every fli*tfaii» eveiy vnmip to wmw 

[ QuidLo'erltelDimaing cheek the mdjrUwh; 

I And^EomtiMioMLlleslviQlcaceto^ahiMdc 
Unequal, tlnn the iovdiest %i 4hek fian ; 
And by thw flilmt mhdation, aiift» 
To tbeir pre te ctyMt mors engaging Men. 

may their «ye» no mwonble wght. 
Save weeping iec^ers, eee 9 a webler game. 
Through lotw'a emthmting wHm pumiedf yiet Ml, 
In chase ambigacnia. Atay their iencber4iliriM 
Float in thetooie dmplicity oS dees« ; 
And, fashion'd all to hannooy, aiene 
Knowthey to sefaeliie oaptfarated soul, 
In rapture waHMedirmn hMce4irafEaiiBg fips ; 
Toteachthekrtetolangtiiih; with snuMth step, 
Disclosing motion In ite every oharm, 

' To swim along, esid «weN the maey dance ; 
To train ^fae foliage o^ the'snewy iwwn ; 

liToguide'tiiepeMS,tnni the tmMM page; ^ 
To lend new flo^oor to the fraftfnl year, 
And heighten If alttfe^s daierties ; in Iheb race 
To rear their graces into seeond Hfe ; 
To give society Ha highest taMe ; 

^ Well-order'd home man's best delight to make ; 
And by submissive wisdom, modest sIeIII> 

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146 AUTUMN. 

With eveiy gentie ^are^nding art. 
To raise the vktues^ animate ibe bliss. 
And sweeten all the toils of human life : 
This be the femc^ dignity) and praise. 

Ye swains now hasten to the ha8el4Mnk ; 
Where, down yon dale, the wildly-winding brook 
Falls hoarse from steep to steep. In close array. 
Fit for the thickets and the tangling shraby 
Ye virgms come. For you their latest song 
The woodlands ruse ; the clustering nuts for yoo 
The lover finds amid the secret ^ade ; 
And, where they buraish on the tc^most bough, 
With a<^e vigour crashes down the tree ; 
Or shakes them ripe from the resigning husk, 
A glossy shower, and of an ardent brown, 
As are the ringlets of Melinda's hair : 
Melinda ! fonh'd with eveiy grace complete; 
Yet these neglecting, Above beauty wise, 
And fer transoending such a vulgar praise 

Hence from the busy joy-resounding fields* 
In cheerful error, let us tread the mase 
Of Autumn, unconfin'd ; and taste, reviv'd. 
The breath of orchard big with bending fruit. 
Obedient to the breeee and beating ray, 
From the deep-loaded bou^ a mellow shower 
Incessant melts away. The juicy pear 
Lies, in a soft profusion, scattered round. 
A various sweetness swells the gentle race ; 
By Nature's all-refining hand pre^'d ; 

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Of tempered flmy and water, earthi andair. 
In ever-changing composition mix'd. 
Such, falling frequent throu^ the chiller night. 
The fragrant stores, the wide-projected heaps 
Of apples, which the lusty handed Tear, 
Innumerous, o'er the blushing orchard shakes. 
A various spirit, fresh, ddUcious, keen, 
Dwells in their gelid pores ; and, active, points 
The piercing cider for-the thirsty tongue : 
Thy native theme, and boon inspirer too, 
Philips, Pomona's bard ! the second thou 
Who nobly durst, in rhyme-onfetter'd verse, 
With British freedom nng the British song : 
How, from Silurian vats, hi^-sparkling wines 
Foam m transparent floods ; some strong, to cheer 
The wintry reveb of the labouring hind ; 
And tastefol some, to cool the summer-hours. 
In this glad season, while his sweetest beams 
The sun sheds equal o'er the meeken'd day ; 
Oh lose ms in the green delightful walks 
Of, Dodington, thy seat, serene and plain ; 
Where simple Nature reigns ; and every view, 
Diffusive, spreads the pure Dorsetian downs, 
In boundless prospect ; yonder shagg'd with wood, 
Here rich with harvest, and there white with flocks ! 
Meantime the grandeur of thy lofty dome, 
Far-splendid, seises on the ravish'd eye. 
New beaoties rise with each revolving day ; 
New columns swell > and still the fresh ^ring finds 

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148 Aonniii* 

Newplantfttv^piitketiySidiUw gnwoKlo green. 
Full of thy geniutf atl * te Moseys seal : 
Where in the Mtet beweiv end ivMiiiig walk^ 
For virtBOUB Yoai^ and thee tiiey twine USac begr. 
Here wandering oft^ flv'd Jtntk the teslktt HmH 
Of thy apphetey 1 soiitafy ecot 
Th' inspiring bi*OKe ; and MMUtMelh^keelE 
OfNatttveevoropenf ^mfaigtheHcey 
Warm from the faewt^ te team the monl song. 
Here, as I steal aleng thesomy waH» 
Where Autumn htAty wi& ftiAt enniiyied deep. 
My pleasing tiiente eo^Aeraal pMaptfr my f^fOm/jtA.: 
Presents the downy peaeh ; the ahiiiBig plem ; 
The ruddy yfragrtui nectarine ; and deit, 
Beoerth Ms ample leaCy the kwddns fig. 
The vine too beeehosr cmlftig iendrib efaeots ; 
Hangs oat herehBten^ g^wing (e theeemlkr; 
And scaioeiy tvMie9 for a wafmer sky. 

Turn we • nJonnnt Faney '» rapid fligbt 
To vigorous setts,. and ctimes elftdrettent; 
Where, by tbe potent son eklid higb, 
The vigieyerd sweAU n^idgent ontfae duy ; 
Spreads o'er the vole ; or up the moaatani dniiif^ 
Profine; liad dnahn amid tbe somyroeksy 
From diff tcr dttfhiefeas'd the heighten'^ btaee. 
Low bend the weigb^ boe^si Tbe ehttters dov^ 
Half through Hn feG^ seen, or nrdent flanie> 
Or shine transpanat^ wfafle peffectioa bi^olkoi 
^Vkite e^ (he targfliit ibi aw Ihriny dew. 

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AUTUMN. 149 

As thus they brigfaten with ezaHed juice, 

ToQch'd into flayour by the mingling ray ; 

The roral youth and Th^ns o*er the field. 

Each fond for each to coll th' antumnal prime, 

Exohuig rove, and speak the vintage nigh. 

Then comes the crushing swain ; the country floats. 

And foams unbounded with the mashy flood ; 

That by degrees fermented, and refin'd, 

Roond the rais'd nations pours the cup of joy : 

The claret smooth, red as the lip we press 

In sparkling fancy, while we drain the bowl ; 

The mellow-tasted binrgundy ; and quick. 

As is the wit it gives, the gay champaign. 

Now, by the cool declining year condensed, 
Descend the copious exhalations ; check'd 
As ap the middle sky unseen they stole ; 
And roll the doubling fogs around the hill. 
No more the mountain, horrid, vast, sublime. 
Who poiffs a sweep of rivers from his sides, 
Ai|d high between contending kingdoms rears 
The rocky long division, fills the view 
With great variety ; but in a night 
Of gathering vapour, from the baffled sense 
Sinks dark and dreary. Thence expandmg far, 
The huge dusk, gradual, swallows up the plain : 
Vanish the woods ; the dim-seen river seems 
Sullen, and slow, to roll the misty wave. 
E'en in the height of noon oppress'd» the sun 
Sheds w^k, and blunt, his wide-refi»cted ray ; 

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150 A^rvmv4 

Whence glansg ofl» with miAf a bfeaidEo'd orb« . 
He frights the aatkins* Indis^et oa «arth, 
Seen through, the turfoid aifv heyand the lile 
Objects appear ; and, wilder'4) o^ the wiMte 
The shepherd atalks gigantic. XUlMlast 
Wreath'd dim aromd, in deeper eireles etiU 
Successive cloaingy tits the general io^ 
Unbounded o'er the wcnrld ; and« minting thieky 
A formless gray ooaliBsion covers i^. 
As when of old (so sung the Hebrew bard) 
Light, uficollected, throu^ the chaos urg'd 
Its infant way ; nor Order yet had drawn 
His lovely train irmn out the dnbtous gloom. 

These roviof mistsy that oooftalit now begin 
To smoke ahmg the faiUy ooontry^ these; 
With weighty rains, and melted Alpine snows. 
The mountain^cistems fill, those ample stores 
Of water, sooop'd among the.hcdlow rocks ; 
Whence goh the streams, tiie ceaseless fbuntaiBf 
And their mfeHing wealth the rivers draw. [play, 
Some sages say, that wheee the numerous wave 
For ever lashes the resounding shore, 
PriU'd through the sandy stratum, every way. 
The waters with the sandy stratom rise ; 
Amid whose angles infinitely strained. 
They joyftd leave theur jaggy salts behind. 
And clear and sweeten, as Ihey soak along. 
Nor stops the restless find, noanting sliU, 
Though oft amidst tb* kriguous vale it i^irings ; 

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AUTUXir. 151 

But to the tniMaitaln eoMfted hy (Jm tbadf 

That leads it daHding on in faithful Mase, 

Far from tbe parent Main, it boils again 

Fresh into dajr ; and all the guttering hill 

Is bright with spoirtiag riUs. Bat hence tfab vaia 

Amnsi ve drean ! why ikoM. tibe waters love 

To take so far a jonraejio the hills. 

When the sweet vaneys offer to their toil 

Inviting quiet, and a nearer bed i 

Or if, by blind ambition led astray, 

l^ey must aspire ; why should they sodden atop 

Among the broken moantam's mdiy dells, 

And, ere they gain its highest peak, desert 

Th' attractive sand that charm'd thenroonrse so long ? 

Besides, the hard agglomerating salts, 

The spoil of ages, would in^iervioiis choke 

Thefa* secret chaimels ; or, by slow degrees, 

High as the hffls protrude the swelling vales: 

Old Ocean too, inck'd throogh the porow globe. 

Had long ere now forsook his horrid bed. 

And brought Deucalion's watery times again. 

Say then, where Itork the vast eternal springs, 
That, like creating Nature, lie conceal'd 
From mortal eye, yet wHh their lavish store* 
Refresh the globe, and all its joyous tribes ? 
O thou pervading Genius, given to man. 
To tiaee the secrets of the darit abyss ! 
O lay the mountains bare ; and wide di8{day 
Tbiir hMMm itroctiire lo th' astonish'd view ; 

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152 AUTUMN. 

Strip from the branching Alps their piny load ; 
The huge encumbrance of horrific woods 
From Asian Tauras, from Imans stretch'd 
Athwart the roving Tartar's sullen bounds ; 
Give caning Hemus to my searching eye. 
And liigh Olympus pouring many a stream. 
O from the sounding summits of the north. 
The Dofrine hills,' through Scandinavia roU'd 
To farthest Lapland and the frozen main ; 
From lofty Caucases, far seen by those 
Who in the Caspian and black Euxine toil ; 
From cold Riphean roclcs, which the wild Ruas 
Believes the stony girdle^ of the world : 
And all the dreadful mountains, wrapp'd in storm, 
Whence wide Siberia draws her lonely floods ; 
O sweep th* eternal snows, hung o'er the deep, 
That ever works beneath his sounding base. 
Bid Atlas, propping heaven, as poets feign. 
His subterranean wonders spread ; unveil 
The miny caverns, blazing on the day. 
Of Abyssinia's cloud-compelling cli^ 
And of the bending Mountainst of the Moon ! 
O'ertopping all these giant-sons of earth, 
Let the dire Andes, from the radiant line 

* The Muscovites caU the RijAean Mmmimns WelUd 
Camenypoys ; that ist the great stony Gffdle : beeause 
they suppose them to encompass the whole earth. 

t ^ range ofmounUdnsin JifrteOf that surrmmd in- 
most aU Monomotfqia. 

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AUTUHV. 159 

Stretch'd Ut ikm itoim^ seas fhal thmder immd 
The southern poke, their hhleoaf d6ep§ vmfyk^ 

AmaelBi^ feene t foehoM! the gtooos dudosv, 
I see tbe rt^erain their ib&nt beds ; 
Deep, dM{> i heir then, hi li— iu^ to get km ! 
I see the leaning s^n«B> attM ruig*d; 
The gaping fiMoreeto reecire tlie ndns) 
The melting snotn, vm^ eTei^«driJ9piiig fog^ 
Strew'd Mbolon above i stse tlie ssmds^ 
The pthMy gmvel Dext^ the lasers tbea 
Of mingled mooldByof noni retentive eitrtfa% 
The gutter'd fooks mrI maxy tunfeing ctefta ; 
That, while the stMriing moistdHi they tranfltHt^ 
Retail its BMftknir and forbid its waste. 
Beneath th' idoessant weeping of these dniini> 
I see the roelry siphons itretcb'd imrnense ; 
The migfatf reservoirs, of hn^eo'd ehalki 
Or stiff compacted clay^ tapaeions iorm'd. 
Overflowing thence, the ooDgi«g&ted stores^ 
The ciystal treasures of th&M^iiid nHsrld^ 
Through the stirred sanda a bubbling pasMige btnit| 
And wellmg outy around the middle sleepy 
Or fiom the bottoMs of the botoDl*d hiUsy 
In pBi« cffinioB flow. United, thiB» 
Th' exhaling sii% the vapouF'bardai'd air, 
The gelid moontsins, that to nrin eoMfeMs'd 
These vaponni in cwntiMial ourreot dfaw, 
And send them, o'er the fflfr-^:Hded earthy 
Iq bounteous rivers to the deep again ; 

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154 AUTUMN« 

A social commerce hold, and fiim mxppori 
The full-^kdjusted harmony of things. 

When Antumn scatters his departing gle 
Wam'd of approaching Winter, gatlier*dy plaj 
The swallow-people ; and toss'd wide around. 
O'er the calm sky, in convolution swift, • 

The feather'd eddy floats : rejoicing once> 
Ere to their wintry slumbers they retire ; 
In clusters clung, beneath the mouldering baidCy 
And where, unpierc'd by frost, the cayem Sweats. 
Or rather into warmer clunes convey'd, 
With other kindred birds of season, there 
They twitter cheerful, till the vernal months 
Invite them welcome back : for, thronging, now 
Innumerous wings are in commotion all. 

Where the Rhine loses his majestic force 
In Belgian plains, won from the raging de^ 
By diligence amadng, and the strong 
Unconquerable hand of Liberty, 
The stork-assembly meets ; for many a day, 
Consultfaig deep, and various, ere they take 
Their arduous voyage through the liquid sky. 
And now their route design'd, their leaders chose, 
Their tribes adjusted, clean'd their vigorous wings ; 
And many a circle, many a short essay, 
WheePd round and round, in congregation full 
The figur'd flight ascends ; and, riding high 
Th' aerial billows, nuiet with the cloudy. 

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AUTUMir. 155 

Or where the Northern oceani in vast whiris^ 
Boils round the naked melancholy isles 
Of furthest Thule, And th' Atlantic surge 
Pours in among the stormy Hebrides ; 
Who can recount what transmigrations there 
Are annual made ? what nations come and go ? 
And how the living clouds on clouds arise ? 
Infinite wings ! till all the plume dark ahr, 
And rude resounding shore^ are one wild cry. 

Here the plain harmless native, hb small flock. 
And herd diminutive of many hueS) 
Tends on the little island's verdant swell. 
The shepherd's sea-girt veig& ; or, to tho rocks 
Dire-clinging, gathers hia ovarious food ! 
Or sweeps the fishy shore ! or treasures up 
The phmage, rising full, to form the bed 
Of luxury. And here awhile the Muse, 
High hovering o'er the broad cerulean scene, . 
Sees Caledonia, in romantic view : 
Her airy mountains, from the waving main. 
Invested with a keea diffusive sky. 
Breathing the soul acute : her forests huge, 
Incult, robust, and tall, by Nature's hand 
Planted of old ; her azure lakes between, 
Pour'd out extensive, and of watery wealth 
Full ; winding deep, and green, her fertile vales ; 
With many a cool translucent brimming flood 
Wash'd lovely, from the Tweed ^ure parent stream, 
Whose pastoral banks fii9t heard, my Doric reed, 

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15€ AUTUMN. 

With, 8|rii!»i JBsd* Ihj txibaivf k&H>h) 

To where the nartfarinflaited lempBai ionm^ 

O'er Orca's or BetaMum*^ higheit fiMiks 

Nurse of a people, in AGsfiDitune't ackioak 

Train'd ttp to hardy 4ecdft ; soon ▼uUmI 

By Leaeuiag, when befora the gathie lage 

She took her WBitam flight. A manly mC0y 

Of unsubmitting spiritt ^^190 aadl^auire ; 

Who stitt through hteading agei «lnigglcdh»d» 

( As ^w«il uihapi^ WailBoe dean attost. 

Great patriot-herp 1 iil-re^wted ehi^l^ 

To hold a geuerois vndiHiBiifh'd ^Hdte ; 

Too moch in main ! Hennaof <inf>qiHMWtd> 

Impatient, and by t oi p tiny gloiy home 

O'er every land ; for every knd their life 

Has flow'd proAne, their pdeucing genua fttMi'^i 

And sweli'd the pomp of peace thair &5th£al toil. 

As from their own dear aMMth, in ladifnit atream^ 

Bright over Europe bunts <ihe boreal mora. 

Oh ! is ^here not soma patriot, fan Whose powar 
That best, that godt^e inrary b plaeViy 
Of blessing thoiMaadg, thausands yat WBttoa^ 
Through late posterity ? some, large of soul, 
To cheer dejected %idintry P to gftv>e 
A double harvestio the pinfaig swahi ? 
And teaeh the labooring band the aweeels of toil ! 
How, by the fiaeM ait, theMtivo robe 
To weave ; how, white as hypeii»ofoan snoWy 
To form <the hicid lawn 5 with v^Ml^roas oar 
How to dash wide the billow ; nor look on. 

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AUtOMin 157 

ShamefuHy passive, wtifle Bataviaii fleets , 
Defraud as of the glittering finny swarma. 
That heave our friths, and crowd upon our shored ? 
How all enliven&ig trade to rouse, aad wing 
The prosperous sail, from every growing port, 
Unfaijur^ d, round the sear-encfaf«led ^obe ', 
And thus, in soul united as in natne. 
Bid Britain reign the mistress of tiie deepf 

Tes, there are sueh. Afid fiiU on thee, Argyie, 
Her hope, her stay, her dai^Sng, and her boast* 
From her 'first patriots and her heroes spmnf, 
Thy fond imploring eountiy turns hm ejre ; 
In thee, with sSi a mother's triumph, aeea 
Her every virtue, every grace eombk^d 5 
Her genius, wisdom, her engaging tura ; 
Her pride of honour, and her courage tried, 
Calm, and intrepid, in the very throat 
Of ^phurous war, on Tenter's dreadful field. 
Nor less the pdm of peace inwreaths fliy brow r 
For, powerful as thy sword, from thy rich tongue 
Persuasion flows, and wins the high debate ; 
While mix'd in thee combine the ehsarm of youth. 
The force Of manhood, nnd the depth of age. 
Thee, Forbes, too, whom every worth attettdsi 
As truth sincere, as weeping friendship kind ; 
Thee, truly generous, and in silence great, 
Thy country feeb'tiirough her reviving arts, 
Plann'd by thy wisdom, by thy soul informed ; 
Add seldom has she known a friend like thee. 

oy Google 


But see the fiiding many-eoloor'd woods. 
Shade deepening over shade, the cotintiy roand 
Imbrown ; a crowded umbrage, dusk, and dun> 
Of every hoe, firom wan declinmg green 
To sooty dark. These now the lonesome Muse, 
Low-whispering, lead into their leaf-strown walks. 
And give the Season in its latest view. 

Meantime, light-shadowing all, a sober calm 
Fleeces unbonnded ether ; whose least wave 
Stands tremnloos, uncertain where to turn 
The gentle current : wlule illumin'd wide, 
«The dewy-skirted clouds imbibe the swiy 
And through their lucid veil his so£ten*d force 
Shed o'er the peaceful world. Then is the time^ 
For those whom Wisdom and whom feature chanDf 
To steal themselves from the degenerate crowd, 
And soar above this little scene of things ; 
To tread low-thoughted Vice beneath their feet ; 
To sooth the throbbing passions into peace ; 
And woo lone Quiet in her nlent walks. 

Thus solitary, and in pensive guise, ' 
Oft let me wander o'er the russet mead, [heard 

And through the sadden'd grove, where scarce is 
One dying strain, to cheer the woodman's toil. 
Haply some widow'd songster pours his plaint. 
Far, in faint warblings, through the tawny copse: 
While congregated thnishes, linnets, larks, 
And each wild throat, whose artless strains so late 
Swell'd all the nusic of the swanooing shades. 

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AUTUMK. 159 

Robb'd of theb tnndful soals, now shivering sit 
On the dead tree, a doll despondent flock ; 
With not a brightness waving o'er their plumes^ 
And nought save chattering discord in their note. 
O let not, aim'd from some inhuman eye, 
The gun the music of the coming year 
Destroy ; and liarmless, unsuspectuig harm, 
Lay the weak tribes, a miserable prey. 
In minted murder, fluttering on the ground. 

The pale decending year, yet pleasing still, 
A gentler mood inq[>ires ; for now the leaf 
Incessant rustles from the mournful grove ; 
Oft startling such as, studious, walk betoWi 
And slowly circles through the waving ahr. 
But should a quicker breese amid the boughs 
Sob, o'er the sky the leafy deluge streams ; 
Till choked, and matted with the dreary shower, 
The forest-walks, at every rising gale. 
Roll wide the wither'd waste, and whisde bleak. 
Fled is the blasted verdure of the fields ; 
And, shrunk into their beds, the flowery race 
Their sunny robes resign. E'en what remain'd 
Of stronger fruits, falls from the naked tree ; 
And woods, fields, gardens, orchards, all around 
The desolated prospect thrills the soul. 

He comes ! he comes ! in every breese the Powes 
Of Philosophic Melancholy comes ! 
Hb near approach the sudden-startmgtear, 
The cowing cheeky the mild dejected ahr 

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160 AUTUMN. 

The soften'd fiBtttare, and the beating hmtiy 
Pierc'd deep with meay a virtiiatts pang) declaie. 
O'er all the soul his sacred influence breathet ! 
Inflames imaginadon ; through the breast 
Infuses every tenderness ; and far 
Beyond him earth exalts the sweUing thought 
Ten thousand thousand fleet ideas} such 
As never mingled with the vulgar dream. 
Crowd fast into the mind's creative eye. 
As fast the correspondent passions rise> 
As varied, and as high. Devotion rait*d 
To rapture, and divine astonishment ; 
The love of Nature unconfin'd, and, chief, 
Of human race ; the laige ambitious wish, 
To make them blest ; the sigh for suffering worth 
Lost in obscurity ; the noble scorn 
Of tyrant-pride ; the feariess great resolve ; 
The wonder which the dying patriot draws, 
' Inspuing gloty through remotest time ; 
Th' awaken'd tiirob for virtue, and for fame ; . 
The sympathies of love, and friendship dear ; 
With all the social ofepring of the heart 

Oh bear me then to vast embowering shades, 
To twilight groves, and visionary vales ; 
To weeping grottos, and pro|>hetic glooms ', 
Where angel forms athwart the solemn dodc, 
Tremendous sweep, or seem to sweep along ; 
And voices more than human, through the voM 
Deep-sounding, seiM th' enthmiastk ear« 

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AUTUMN* 161 

Or is this gloom too much ? Then Jead, ye powers, 
That o*er the garden and the rural seat 
Preside, which shining through the cheerful land 
In countless numbers folest Britannia sees ; 
O lead me to the wide^extended walks, 
The fair majestic paradise of Stowe !* 
Kot Persian Cyrus on Ionia*s shore 
E'er saw such sylvan scenes ; such various art 
By genius fir'd; such ardent genius tam'd 
By cool judicious art ; that, in the strife, 
All-beauteous Nature fears to be outdone. 
And there, O Pitt 1 thy country's early boast, 
There let me sit beneath the sheltered slopes, 
Or in that Templet wh^re, in future times, 
Thou well shait merit a dbtinguish'd name ; 
And with thy converse blest, catch the last smiles 
Of Autumn beaming o'er the yellow woods. 
Whfle there with thee th' enchanted round I walk, 
The regulated wild ; gay Fancy then 
Wni ti^ead in thought the groves of attic land ; 
Will from thy standard taste refine her own, 
Correct her pencil to the purest truth 
Of Nature, or, the unimpassion'd shades 
Forsaking, raise it to the human mind. 
Or if hereafter she, with juster hand. 
Shall draw the tragic scene, instruct her, thou, 

* The seat of Lord Cobham. 

t 7%e Temple qf Virtue in Siowe Garderu. 

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163 AUTUMV« 

To marie the varied movements of the heaorti 
What every decent character requiiiesy 
And every passion speaks : O through her strain 
Breathe thy pathetic eloquence ! that moulds 
Th* attentive senate^ charms, persuades/ exalts ; 
Of honest Zeal th' indignant liglitning throws, 
And shalLes Corruption on her venal throne. 

While thus we talk, and through Elysian vales 
Delighted rove, perhaps a sigh escapes ; 
What pity, Cobham, thou thy verdant files 
Of order'd trees shouldst here inglorious range, 
Instead of squadrons flaming o*er the field, 
And long embattled hosts ; when the proud foe. 
The faithless vain disturber of mankind, 
Insulting Gaul, has roos'd the world to war ; 
When keen, once more, within their bounds to press 
Those polished robbers, those ambitions slaves, 
The British youth would hail thy wise command. 
Thy tempered ardour and thy veteran skill. 

The western sun withdraws the shorten 'd day ; 
And humid Evening, gliding o'er the sky. 
In her chill progress, to the ground condensed 
The vapours throws. Where creeping watera ooce» 
Where marshes stagnate, and where rivers wind. 
Cluster the rolling fogs, and swim along 
The dusky-mantled lawn. Meanwhile the Moon 
Full-orb'd, and breaking through the scattered clouds, 
Shows her broad visage in the orimsoit'd east; 
Tum'd to the son direct, her spotted di^, 

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AVTVUV^ 163 

Where mountaiss rise, umbrageous dales descend, 

And caverns deep, as optic tube descries, 

A smaller earth, gives us his blase again. 

Void of its flame, and sheds a softer daf. 

Now through the passing clcmd she seems to stoop, 

Now up the pure cerulean rides sublime. 

Wide the pale deluge floats ; and strearahi g mild 

0*er the sky'd mountain to the shadowy vale. 

While rocks and floods reflect the quivering gleam, 

The whole air whitens with a boundless tide 

Of silver radiance, trembling round the world. 

But when half blotted from the sky her light, 
Fainting, permits the starry fires to bum 
With keener lustre through the depth of heaven ; 
Or near extinct her deaden*d orb appears. 
And scarce appears, of sickly bearaless white ; 
Oft in this season, silent from the north 
A blase of meteors shoots : ehswe^mig first 
The lower skies, they all at once converge 
High to the crown of heaven, and aR at onee 
Helapsing quick, as quickly reasoend. 
And mvLf and thwart, extingnish, and renew, 
All ether conrsing in a maze of light. 

From look to look, contagious through the crowd. 
The panic runs, and into wondrous shapes 
Th' appearance throws : armies in meet array, 
Throng'd with aerial spears, and steeds of fire ; 
Tin the long lines of full-extended war 
In bleeding fight eommixt, the sanguine flood 

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164 AUTUMN* 

Rolls a broad slangjiter o*er the plains of heaven^ 

As thus they scaa the visionary scene, 

On all sides swells the superstitious din, 

Incontinent; and busy frenzy talks 

Of blood and battle ; cities overturned ; 

And late at nigjht in swallowing earthquake sunk, 

Or hideous wrapt in fierce ascending flame ; 

Of sallow famine, inundation, storm ; 

Of pestilence, and every great distress ', 

Empires sabvers*d, when ruling fate has struck 

Th* unalterable hour : e'en Nature's self 

Is deem'd to totter on the brink of time. 

Not so the man of philosophic eye. 

And inspect sage ; the waving brightness he 

Curious surveys, inquisitive to know 

The causes, and materials, yet unfix'd, 

Of this appearance beautiful and new. 

Now black, and deep, the night begins to fall, 
A shade immense ! Sunk in the quenching gloomy 
Magnificent and vast, are heaven and earth. 
Order confounded lies ; all beauty void ; 
Distinction lost ', and gay variety 
One universal blot : such the fair power 
Of light, to kindle and create the whole. 
Drear is the state of the benighted wretch. 
Who then, bewildered, wanders through the dark, 
Full of pale fancies, and chimeras huge ; 
Nor visited by one directive ray. 
From cottage streaming, or from aiiy hall. 

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AUTUMIf* 105 

PeilM^ impatiait as lie stumbles ob^ 
Struck from the root of stimj rushes, Uue, 
The wUd-fire scatters round ; or ggBtber'd trails 
A length of flame deoeitfid o'er the mom : 
Whither decof'd by the fantastic blase, 
Now tost and now renewed, he sinks absoipt* 
Bider and horse, amid (he miry gulf ; 
While still, from day to day, his pining wifei 
And plaintive children, his return await, 
In wild conje<Stra« lost At other times. 
Sent by the better Cteolns of the night» 
Innoxious, gleaming on (be horse's mane. 
The meteor sits ; and shows the narrow path. 
That winding leads through pits of deatii, or elsft 
Instructs him how to take the dangerous ford. 

The lengthen'd ni|^ elaps'd, the Moning shines 
Serene, in all her dewy beaoty bright ; 
Unfolding fair the last autumnal day. . 
And now the mounting sun dispels the fog ; 
The rigid hoar-frost melts before his beam ; 
And hung on every spray, on every blade 
Of grass, the myriad dew-drops twinkle round. 

Ah see where robb'd, and murder'd. In that pit 
Lies the still heaving hive ! at evening snatoh'd, 
Beneath the cloud of guiH-eoncesiing night» 
And fix'd o'er sulphur: while, not dreaming illy 
The happy peofde, in their waien cells. 
Sat tending public cares, and planning schemes 
Of temperance, for Winter peer; rcjoio'd 

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166 autumn; 

To mark, full flowmg round, tfaev copioos stores. 
Sudden the dark oppressive steam ascends ; 
And, us'd .to mikter scents, the tender race, 
By thousands, tumble from their honey'd domes^ 
Convolved, and agonizing in the dust 
And was it then for tins you roamed the Spring, 
Intent from flower to flower ? for this yon toil*d 
Ceasdess the barnmg Summer-heats away ? 
For thb in Autumn searched the blooming wastCy 
Nor lost one sunny gleam, for this sad fate ? 
O Man ! tyrannic lord ! how long, how long. 
Shall prostrate Nature groan beneath your rage> 
Awaiting renovation ? whenoblig'd. 
Must you destroy ? of their ambrosial food 
Can you not borrow ; and, in just return, 
Afford th&aa, shelter from the wintry winds ? 
Or, as the sharp year pinches, with their own 
Again regale them on some smiling day ? 
See where the stony bottom of their town 
Looks desolate, and wild ; with here and there 
A helpless number, who the ruin*d state 
Survive, lamenting weak, cast out to death. 
Thus a proud city, populous and rich. 
Full of the worics of peace, and high in joy ; 
At theatze or feast, or sunk in sle^ 
(As late, Palermo, was thy fate,) is seie'd 
By some dread earthquake ; and' convulsive huil'd 
Sheer from the black foundation, stench-invohr'd, 
^nto a |;u]f of blue sa^phnreaitt flame. 

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Hence every hardier nglit ! for now the dsy, 
0*er heaven and earth diffiid'd, grows warm and high« 
Infinite ^endoor ! wide investing all. 
How still the breese ! save what the filmy thread 
Of dew evaporate brashes from the plain. 
How dear the cloudless sky ! how deeply ting'd 
With a peculiar blue ! th' ethereal arch 
How sweird immense 1 amid whose asore tfaron*d 
The radiant sun how gay! how calm below 
The gilded earth ! the harvest-treasures all 
Now gathered in, beyond the ra^ of stonns, 
Sure to the swain ; the circling fenee shut up ; 
And instant winter*s utmost rage defied. 
While, loose, to festive joy, the country round 
Laughs with the loud sincerity of mirth, 
Shook to the wind their cares. The toil-stnmg youth, 
By the quick sense of music taught alone, 
Leaps wildly graceful in the lively dance. 
Her every charm abroad, the village-toast, 
Young, buxom, warm, in native beauty rich, 
Darts not unmeaning looks ; and, where her eye 
Points an approving smile, with double force, 
The cudgel rattles, and the wrestler twines. 
Age tod shines out ; and, garrulous, recounts 
The feats of youth. Thus they rejoice ; nor think 
That, with to-morrow*s sun, their amnial toil 
Begins again the never-ceasing round. 

Oh, knew he but lus happiness, of men 
The happiest he ! who far from pubUe rage, 

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168 AVTVVHi, 

Deep n the vale, wOi a choice few retired, 

JDriidkt tlw|Nire pLeafluies of the Ronil Life. 

What though the domebe wattt^> whose proudgat^ 

Eaoh moramgi vomito o«t the snetdang crowd 

Of flatterect {ake^ and m their tmntabiiB'd ? 

Vile intercowae t what tbou^ tfcs giktBiins lobey 

Of every hue reflected lighteaa give, 

Ob floating looae^ or otiff with mamy gold, 

The pride and gaaa oi foob ! oppress hkn aot ? 

What thoi]^, finm aduort lead and aea purvey'd. 

For him each larar tribirtarj life 

Bleeds not, aad his insatiate taUe heaps 

With luxury, aad deaths What (hou^ his Ikiwl 

Flames not with ooally juiee , nor sunk hi beds. 

Oft of gay can, he tosses oat tke aigfat, 

Or mehs the tbongfatless hmrs n idle state ? 

What though he knoare not those faatastiG joys. 

That still annue tiie wanton, still deeaive ; 

A face of plaasufe, but a heart of pain ; 

Their hoUbw momn^ uadelighfted att^ 

Sure peace is his ; asoIidiSia,eBtBiDg'd 

To disappointment, and liBjiainous hope ; 

lUch in cootent^ia Natnae^ bouatyficih^ 

In herbs^ind firaits; wkatever greens the Spring, 

Wisn^evr'ndesceads in showf 's ; orbendstfaeboughy 

When Summer laddans, and when Autuna beams; 

Or in the wintry glebe whatever lies 

Concealed, and fetteas with the riclMBt sap : 

These are net wanting; nor tiie milky drov<e> 

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AUTUim* 16d 

Luxiirianty spread o'er nil the loiriof ¥i]i»; 
Nor bleating mottataklt ; nor the chicle of streams^ 
And hiMd of bees> inrilMii; ideep dinoere 
Into the guiltlesa breasty beneath the ihade» 
Or thrownal lange anid the fragKanl haf ; 
Nor aoglrt. bettcfea of proapeel^ gvov;^ or song^ 
Dim grotto^ gleiHWig la^^ aad ^twatain clear. 
Qare too clareUi abnpleXrath ; phiia Umooettce ; 
Unsollied Beauty; socmdimbrokeft Youths 
Patictait of hiboiir>, with • l^tle pleaa*d ; 
Health ever bloomig ; miaiailMtioiiS; toil ; 
C^aloa €oii(ei9platioi|» aod poetie Eaae^ 

Let otbeorbf«^e the flood hi q^est of gakv 
And beat, forjeyleii monthly tfiegMo^ W9m- 
het such aard^fli itglory to destroy. 
Rush into bloody the aaek o£ citiea seek ; 
^hipieipc*d| exultktg in the widow*s wail. 
The vf^a'* ahniekrand infant's trembling cry. 

Let some^far distant from their native sofl, 
Urg*d or by want or harden*d avarice, 
Find other lands beneath another son. 
Let this through cities work his eager way. 
By legal ontrage and cfftabli^'d guilB,. . 
The social; seofeestmct; and that fenneot 
Mad into tumult the seditions herd. 
Or melt them dowa to slavery* Let these 
Insnare the wiistehed in the toUs of tlowy 
Fomsn^ dieeord, and p<«|^liwng right, 
An iron moft t and those iisum oC Cront, 

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170, AUTUMN^. 

But equal inbumanity, in courts, 

Delusive 4)omp ani) dark cabals, delight ; 

Wreathe the deep bow^ diffuse the Ijring smile^ 

And tread the weaiy labyrinth of state. 

While he, from all the stormy pasnons five 

That restless men invc^e, hears, and but hears. 

At distance safe, the human tempest roarv 

Wn^t close in conscious peace. Tlie fall of kingf. 

The rage of nations, and the crush of states, . 

Move not the man, who, fro^i the world escap*cl^ 

In still retreats, and flowery solitudes, 

To Nature's voice attends, from month to monthi 

And day to day, through the revolving year ; ■ 

Admiring, sees her in her every shape , 

Feels all her sweet emotions, at his heart ; 

Takes what she liberal gives, nor thinks of more. 

He, when young Spring protrudes the bursting germs, 

Marks the first bud, and sucks the healthful gale 

Into his fieshen'd soul ; her genial hours 

He full enjoys ; and not a beauty blows, 

And not an opening blossom breathes in vain. 

In Summer he, beneath the living shade, 

Such as o'er frigid Tempe wont to wave, 

Or Hemus cool, reads wfa^t the Muse, of these^ 

Perhaps, has in immortal numbers sung ; 

Or what she dictates writes : and, oft an eye 

Shot round, rejoices in the vigorous year. 

When Autumn's yellow lustre gilds the woridy 
And tempts the sickled swMn into the Md, 

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AUTUMif* 171 

Selz'd by the general joy, his heart distends. 
With gentle throes ; and, through the tepid gleams 
I>eep musing, then be best exerts his song. 
Fen Winter ^dld to him is fnll of bliss. 
Tte mighty tempest, and the hoary waste, 
Ibrapt, and deep, stretch'd o'er the buried earthy 
Awake to solemn tiiought. At night the skies, 
Discbs'd and kindled by refining frost, 
Pour every Instre on th' exalted eye. 
A (riend, a book, the stealing haoi^ secure, 
And mark them down for wisdom. With swift wing: 
O'er land and sea imagination roams ; 
Or truth, divinely breaking on his mind, 
Elates his being, and unfolds his powers ; 
Or in his breast heroic virtue bums. 
The touch of kindred too and love he feels : 
The modest eye, whose beams on his alone 
Ecstatic shine ; the little strong emlHraoe 
Of prattling children, twin'd around his neck, 
And emulous to please him, calling forth 
The fond piirental soul. Nor purpose gay, 
Amusement, dance, or song, he sternly scorns ', 
For happiness and true philosophy 
Are of the social still, and smiHng kind. 
This is the life which those who fret in guilty 
And guilty cities never knew ; the life. 
Led by primeval ages, uncorrupt, 
When Angeb dwelt, and God himself, with Man. 
Oh Nature ! all sufficient ! over all.! 

oy Google 

17S AUTUMir. 

Enrich mm with the ImoldedgiB of Ihy w6tki ! 
Snfitoh me to heei7«ii ; thy roUing wondcln there, 
Worid beyond world, in ii^dte extetit, 
Profusely scatter'd o'er the Use kuBente^ 
Show me ; their moiloBs, perioda, and tfae^ laem$ 
Give me to ie«n ; thiotighthe ^liKlosmg deep 
Light my bHndnray: the mfaieml strata tiieie ; 
Thrust, blooming, thenoe the veg^aUe ivorid; 
O'er that the rising system, mace cemfileif 
Of animals ; mdiiigher slitt, the mkid, 
iEhe varied scene of ^cfc-cflla|KMiided Ifaeiigli^ 
And where the mixing iMunions endleta alnl^ 
These ever o|ieti to my ravi^^ ^^e ; 
A search, the tifjtA of time ean ne^r eidMiuA« 

But if to that unequal; if the bloody 
In sluggish flfereams idboot my hearty lortad 
That best embition ; under dosing shades* 
Inglorious, lay me by the lofHy brook. 
And whisper to my dpeetta. From Thee bcgiBt 
Dwell all on Thee, with Thee eondude my eong ; 
And let ntt oevery asvcr ftray frem Thee f: 

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- and down he sinks 

Beneath the shelter of the shapeless drift, 
Thinking o'er all the bitterness of deatli. 

' D. Faruhawj Printer. 

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t 1.! -I'. >•! 1.1 

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The iubjea propated. Aidreu to the Earl of WU- 
mingfon. First apfrotuh of Winter, According 
to the naturdtcoyrte of the seaton, varioutdorms de- 
ecribed. Rain. Wind, Snou>. The driving of the 
mows : a man perishing among thtrn; whence re- 
fUetions 091 ike wants an^ rmssries rf human life. 
The wolves descending from the Alps and AppC' 
nines, A winter evening .described ; as spent 6y 
philosophers; by the country people ; in the dty. 
Frost, A view of Winter within the polar circle, A 
ihaw. The whole concluding with moral reflee tims 
on a future state. 

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Sis, Wivtsr conaos, to rule the varied yeqy^t 
Sollen and sad, with all his rising train ; [theioQe., 
Vapours, an'd Cloudsy and Stonns. Be these my 
These ! that exalt ^e soiil to solepin thought, 
And heavenlT musing. Welpome, kindred glpoips ! 
Congenial horrors, ha^ • wHh frequent foot, 
PIcas'd have I, in my ^he^v^ momoif ti(e, 
When i|nr9'4 W ca^el^ss Solitude I Uv*d> 
And sung of ^Biure yvith unceasing jqy, 
Pleas'd havp I wander'^lthrough ypwr ro»|gh do«|if^%; 
Trod the pup* yijrgin-si^oi^s, mysjejf as pure ; 
Heard the wiif c^ coar, a^d the bi^ torrent bur^ ; 
Or seen the deep-iermentmg temp^^t brew'd, 
In the ffim evei^ng al^. Thus^ pass'd the ti^y 
Till t^uglf the l^fji^ phfunb^i^ of the south 
Look'4 Pi?t thf^^yous Spring, loojc'd oi|t^ a^^ sn^l'd. 

To thee^Q pAty:o9 of k^f first csa^, 
The Muse, O lyiUpingtoii I rf^^©W3 ^r i^^ig. 
Slni?^ h^ ^ r^w;^ the ^Rvolvuijg; ye^ ; 
SMfipa'4 rte g^y Spp^ig ; 9^ e^gte-pjWion^ ^PVUPt 
Attempted fti^SMgh tfr^ Swfwer-ljlfzft tft yif^ [ 
Then s^^pt a'ef Ah^V W V'Mf the shi^q)«iy ^Si i 
And now |«gi|g^^i»r^^Jft^^g|^, 

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176 WINTER. 

BoU*d in the doabling stomit she tries to soar ; 
To swell her note with all the rushing winds ; 
To suit hersounding cadence to the floods ; 
As is her theme, her numbers wildly great : 
Thrice happy ! could she fill thy judging ear . 
With bold description, and with manly thought. 

Nor art fhou skill'd in awful schemes alone, 
And how to make a mighty people thrive ; 
But equal goodness, sound integrity, 
A firm unshaken uncorrupted soul 
Amid a sliding age, and burning strong, 
Not vainly blazing, for the country's weal, 
A steady spirit regulariy free ; 
These each exalting each, the statesman light 
Into the patriot ; these the public hope 
And eye to thee converting, bid the Muse 
Record what envy dares not flattery call. 

Now when the cheeriess empire of the sky 
To Capricorn the Centaur Archer yields, 
And fierce Aquarius stains th' inverted year ; 
Hung o'er the farthest verge of heaven, the sun 
Scarce ^reads through ether the dejected day. 
Faint are hb gleams, and ineffectual shodi 
Hb strugi^ing rays, in horizontal lines, 
Through the thick air ; as cloth'd in cloudy storm, 
Weak, wto, and broadyhe skirts tile southern sky; 
And, soon-descending, to the long dark night, 
Wide-shading all, the prostrate world resigns. 
Nor is the night unwished 5 whfle vital tea*, 

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Light, life, aocl }Q)r, the d«b^9iu ^aylQisalM. 
Meantime, in «able cinGtoitey «l^adow« vast^ 
Deep-ting'd «nd dunp, imd caQgragaied<;loads» 
An4^ ih^ ¥«{iOHiy turbulence of hcaveaif 
Involve the face of thii^. Thua Winter ^irit% 
A hea^ g^apm o|»INre«Hve o'er Hie world, 
Through Jfature she4<&)ig^flue»c;e maligB^ 
And rouses up the aeed9 of dark disease. 

The soul of van dies in him, loathing liiei 
And blac]E with^ttore ^an melancholy Yiew9, 
Theoallle droop ; mad o'or Uie furrow'd land. 
Fresh from ^ plousb> the dun disooktUF'd Aoelnb 
Uuteaded spveading, crop the wh<^esome root. 
Along the i;?oods, along the moorish fens, 
Sighs the sad Genius of the eoming stoim ) 
And up among the loo0e disjointed diflb, 
And firactur'd mountains wild, the brawling hroolk ; 
And cave, ffesagefol, send a hoUow moan, 
ResoundingloBg in listening Fancy's ear. 

Then comes the father of the teBa|)est forth, 
Wrapt in black glooms» First joyless rains obscure, 
Dri^e thBOVgh the mingling dues with vapour foul ; 
Dash on the mountain's brow, and shake ike wood^ 
TSiatfnunbling wave below. Th' unsightly plma 
Lie»» blrowli^uge ; as the low-bent clouds 
Pour Aood 091 flood, yet unexhausted still 
Combine, tttd deepening into night, shut iq> 
The dl^'t foir fiiee. The wanderers of heaveo, 
Each to his borne, ifitwe^ Mye.tNM tbat love 

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178 "WINTEK. 

To taketheir pastime is the troubled aif, 
Or skimming flutter rooncl tile dimply pool. 
Ttie«attle firom th* untasted fields return, 
And ask, witli meaning low, their wopted staOs, 
Or ruminate in the contiguous shade. 
Thither the household feathery people crowd, 
The crested coek, with all his female train, 
Pensive, and drif^Hng ; while the cottage hind 
Hangs o'er th* enlivening blase, and taleful there 
Becounts his simple frolic : much he talks, 
And much he laughs, nor recks the storm that blows 
Without, and rattles on his humble roof. 

Wide o'er the brim, with many a torrent sweli'd, 
And the mix'd ruin of its banks o'erspread. 
At last the rous'd-up river pours along : 
Besistless, roaring, dreadful, down it comes, 
From the rude mountain, and the mos^ wild. 
Tumbling through rocks abrupt, and sounding far ; 
Then o'er the sanded valley floating spreads, 
Calm, sluggish, silent ; tiU again, oonstrain'd 
Between two meeting hills it bursts away, 
Where rocks and woods o'erhang the turbid stream J 
There gathering triple force, rapid, and deep, 
It boils, and wheels, and foams, and thunders througlL 

Nature ! great parent ! whose unceasing hand 
Rolls round the Seasons of the changtiful 3rear, 
How mighty, how majestic, are thy works ! 
With what a pleasing dread they swell the soul 2 
That sees astonish'd! and astonish'd sings t 

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Ye too, ye windf ! ^duit now begin to blow; 

Withbobterooff sweep, loose nky voice to you. 

Where are yam. stores f. ye poweifhl beings ! sayi 

Where your aerial magazines reier^'d, 

To svrell the brooding terrors of the storm ? 

In what far^distant region of ^e sky, 

Hash'd in deep sfleoce, sleep ye when *tis calm f 

When from the paBid sky the son descends^ 
With many a spot, that o*er his glaiing orb 
Uncertain wanden, stained ; red fiery streaks 
Begm to flush around. The reeling 'cloods 
Stagger wkh dicsy poise, as donbthig yet 
Which master to obey : while rismg slow, 
BUnk, in the leaden-colour'd east, the moon 
Wears a wan circle round her blunted horns. 
Seen through the turbid fluctuating air, . 
The stars obtuse emit a shivered ray ; 
Or frequent seem to shoot athwvt the gloom. 
And long behind them trail the whitening blaze. 
Snatch'd in short eddies, p]a3rs the withered leaf ^ 
And on the flood the dancing feather floats. 
With broaden'd nostrils to the sky up-tum'd, 
The consdons heifer snuffs the stormy gale. 
E'en ds the matron, at her nightly task, 
With pensive labour draws the flaxen thread, ^ 
The wasted taper and the crackling flame 
Foretell the blast But chief the plumy race. 
The tenants of the sky, its changes spedc 
Retiring from t^e dowvs, where all day loufg 

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They pickMilMic leanty ftvey a UfeidiMiig tnm 
Of clHmorousfookvt^iokiugetltturwMDryiigM^ 
And,i|Kk tlm dosing ihd^of the grove. 
Assiduous, in his bower, the waiting owl 
Plies his sad BOBg. Thec o r mo r aal on higii 
Wheels from the deep, end acreomt along the tand. 
Loudjriuritks the soaring hem ; aad with wild inag 
The ci^ling searfiawl olevro the flaky cHmi^. 
Ocean, unequal pvest'd, with hiolien tide 
And blind eommotion heaves } while jfroi» lft» afaaiey 
Eat into cawrlis by the reilless< wave> 
And forest-msHiiig nkMtatain^ comes a yodea» 
That solemn soundftig bids. the woiid prepare. 
Then issaas liratk the storm ¥r]lh sodden bniity 
And hurls the whole pDBdpitated air, 
Down, in a topvent On the pessire main 
Descends the etheiwd force, and with strong gust 
Turns from its bottom, the discokMv'd deep. 
Through the bladL night that 8itBimmoB8e.aioand» 
I«a8h*d into foam> the fierce oonflioting brine 
Seems o'er a thousand raging waves to bum : 
MeantiipB the mountaittpbiUows^ to the doadt 
In dreadfiiLtanMiUi9well'd,.8u^gfr above 8Ufge» ' 
Burst into cheos with tirenendous noaiv 
And anchoif'd navies from^ their statiow diive^ 
Wild as the wittdv across the howling waste 
Of mi^^ity. watera : now. th' infleted wave 
Straining they sode, and now impetaonS'SiMMt 
Into tiieaecret chambers of the deqm 

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irnrrisRi 181 

The wintry Billio tbunderiBg o'er tkeitrliead. 
Emerging tbenee again, before the breath 
Of fuU-eserted heaven they wing their oourse^ 
Jbad dart on distant eoasts } if some sfaaip rock^ 
Or shoal insidiottS) break not thair faireer. 
And in loose fragments fling them floating roMnd* 

Nor less at land tlie loosen'd tenqpest reigns. 
The monntaia thunders ; and its sturdy sons 
Stoop to the bottom of the rocks they shade. 
Lone on die midnigfat steep, and all aghast, 
The dark wayfaiteg stranger bresttbless toils. 
And, often falUng, dlmba against the blast 
Low waves the rooted forest, vex'd, and sheds 
Wh^ of its taraish'd honours yet remain ; 
Dash'd down, and scattei^ by the tesing wiodV 
Assiduous tapy, its gigantie limbs. 
Thus struggling through the dissipated grove, 
The whirling tempest raves along the plain ; 
And on A« tottage th^tdi'd, or lo^ly roof, 
Keen-fastening, shaken them to the solid base. 
Sleep £^^hted ^iea ; and round the roeking dome^ 
For entrance eager/ howls the savage blast. 
Then too, th^y ^y, through aH th« buvden'd air^ 
h&tkg groans ar^ heard, shrill soands, and dii^anl 
That, ntter'd by th« Demon of Uie night, [s^^ 
Warn the «lev«>ted wretch of wo anddestth. 

Huge uprott^ lords kwld^ The clouds ciommii'd 
With start swift gliding sweep along the sky. 
AU nature reek. Tfll Natmr^'a l^ng^ who oft 

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182 WINTER. 

Amid tempestnous deufkness dwells alone, 
And on the wings of the careering wind 
Walks dreadfnny serene, commands a calm ; 
Then straight, air, sea, and earth, are hush'd at oDee< 

As yet 'tis midnight deep. The weary clouds, 
Slow-meeting, mingle into solid gloom. 
Kow, while the drowsy worid lies lost in sleep, 
Let me associate with the serious Night, 
And Contemphition, her sedate compeer ; 
Let me shake off th' intrusive car^s of day, 
And lay the meddling senses all aside. 

Where now, ye lying vanities of life ! 
^ Te ever-tempting, ever-cheating train 1 
Where are you now ? and what is your amount ? 
VexatioJQ, disappointment, and remorse. 
Sad, sickening thought ! and yet, deluded man, 
A scene of cnide disjointed visions past, 
And broken slumbers, rises still resolv'd. 
With new-flush'd hopes, to run the giddy round. 

Father of light and life, thou Good Supreme ! 
O teach me what is good ! teadi me Thyself! 
Save me from folly, vanity, and vice, 
From teveiy low pursuit ; and feed my soul 
With knowledge, conscious peace, and virtue pure; 
Sacred, substatatial, neVer-&ding bliss 1 

The keener tempests rise : and fnming dun 
From all the livid east, or piercing north, 
Thick clouds ascend ; in whose oapacipus womb 
^vapouiy deluge lies, to snow congeptl'd. 

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WINTER. 183 

Heavy tbey roll their fleecy world along ; 

And the sky saddens with the gathered storm. 

Throagh the huiih'd air the whitening shower de- 

At irst thin wacvering ; till at last the flakes [scendff> 

Fall broad, and wide, and fast, dimming the day 

With a continual flow. The cherish*d fields 

Pot on their winter^robe of purest white. 

Us brightness all ; save where the new snow mtXiS 

Along the ma^ current Low, the woods 

Bow their hoar head ; and, ere the languid sun 

Famt from the west emits his evening ray» 

Earth's universal face, deep hid, and ehiU, 

Is one wild dasding waste, that buries wide 

The works of man. Drooping, the labourer-ox 

Stands cover'd o'er with snow, and then demands 

The fhnt of all his toO. The fowls of heaven, 

Tam'd by the cruel season, crowd around 

The winnowing store, and claim the little boon 

Which Providence assigns them. One alone« 

The red-breast, sacred to the household gods. 

Wisely regardful of th' embroiling sky. 

In joyless fields and thorny thickets leaves 

His shivering mates, and pays to trusted man 

His annual visit Half-afraid, he first 

Against the window beats ; then, brisk, alights 

On the warm hearth ; then, hopping o'er the floor, 

Eyes aU the smiling family askance. 

And pecks, and starts, and wonders where he is : 

TUl more familiar grown, the table-crumbs 

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184 WINTER. 

Attract his slender feet The feodleM w^di 
Pour forth their brown inhabitants. The hajWi 
Though timorous of liearti and bard beset 
By death in various formS) dark snaws, and dogSt 
And more unpitying men, the garden seeks, 
Urg'd on by fearless want The bleating kind 
Eye the bleak heaven, and next the listening eaithi 
With looks of dumb despair ; then, sad dispers'dy 
Dig for the wither'd herb through heaps of snow. 

Now, shepherds, to your helpless charge be kind ; 
Baffle the raging year, and fill their pens 
With food at will ; lodge them below the storm, 
And watch them strict : for from the bellowing east^ 
In this dire season, oft the whirlwind's wing 
Sweeps up the burden of whole wintry plams 
At one wide waft ; and o'er the hapless flocks. 
Hid in the hollow of two neighbouring hills, 
The billowy tempest whelms ; till, upward urg'd, 
The valley to a shining mountain swells, 
Tipt with a wreath high-curling in the sky. 

As thus the snows arise ; and foul, and fierce^ 
All AVinter dirives along the darken'd air ; 
In his own loose-revolving fields, the swain 
Disaster'd stands ; sees other hills ascend. 
Of unknown joyless brow ; and other scenes^ 
Of horrid prospect, shag ^e trackless plain : 
Nor finds the river, nor the forest, hid 
Beneath the formless wild ; but wanders on 
From hill to dale, still more and more astray; 

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WINTBE. 185 

Impatient ftouneing throngh the drifted heaps. 

Stung with the thoughts of home ; the thoughts of 

Rush on hb nervesi and call their vigour forth [home 

In many a vain attempt. How sinks his soul ! 

What black despair, what horror fills his heart ! 

When for the dusky spot, which fancy feign'd 

His tufted cottage rising through the snow, 

Be meets the roughness of the middle waste, 

Far from the track, and bless'd abode of man ; 

Whfle round him night resistless closes fast. 

And every tempest, howling o'er his head, 

Renders the savage wilderness more wild. 

Then throng tiie busy shapes into his mind. 

Of cover*d pits, unfathomably deep, 

A dire descent ! beyond the power of frost ; 

Of faithless bogs ; of precipices huge. 

Smoothed up with snow ; and, what is land, unknown, 

What water, of the still unfrozen spring. 

In the loose marsh or solitary lake. 

Where the fresh fountain from the bottom boils. 

These check hb fearful steps ; and doWn he sinks 

Beneath the shelter of the shapeless drift, 

Thinking o'er all the bitterness of death ; 

Mix'd lyith the tender angubh Nature shoots 

Through the wrung bosom of the dying man, 

Hb wife, hb children, and hb friends unseen. 

In vain for him th' officious wife prepares 
The fire fair-blazing, and the vestment Mninn ; 
In vain hb little children, peeping oot 

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tM wmTftiu 

Into tbe mhigHng storm, demand tbeir ^ktf 
With tears of artless kiBoeenoe. Alas ! 
Nor wife) nor cbildren, more shall he behold ; 
Nor friends, nor saered heme. On eveiy nerw 
The deadly Whiter seises ; shots up sense; 
And, o¥r his inmost vitals oroeping cold. 
Lays him along the snows, a stitfsn'd corse ; 
dtretch*d out, and bleaefaiag in the northern blast. 

Ah ! tittle thhdc the gay licentious proud, 
Whom pleasure, power, and afBuenee suiround ; 
They, who thehr thoughtless hours in giddy miitb. 
And wantoU) often cruel, riot waste ; 
Ah ! little think they, while they dance along, 
Hpw many feel, this retry moment, death} 
And all the sad variety of pain. 
How many sink in the devouring flood, 
Or more devouring flame. How many bleed, 
By shameful variance betwixt man and man. 
How many pine in want, and dungeon glooms ; 
Shut fW>ra the common air, and common use 
Of their »wn limbs. How many drink the cap 
Of baleful grief, or eat the bitter bread 
Of misery. Sore pierced by wintiy winds, 
How many shi:lnk1nto the sordid hot 
Of cheertets poverty. How many shake 
With all the fiercer tortures of the mind» 
Unbounded passion, matkiess, guilt, remorse ; 
Whence tumbled headlong from the height of Ufe^ 
They furnish matter for the tragic Muse. 

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4nNTSE. I8T 

E'en in the vale, where Wisdom loves to dwell, 
With friendship, peace, and contemplation join'd. 
How many, rack'd with honest passions, droop 
In deep retir'd distress. How many stand 
Around the death«bed of their dearest friends, 
And point the parting anguish. Thou^t fond Man 
Of these, and all the thousand nameless ills 
That one incessant struggle render life 
One scene of toil, of suffering, and of fate ; 
Vice in his high career would stand appallM, 
And heedless rambling Impulse learn to think ; 
The conscious heart of Charity would warm, 
And her wide wish Benevolence dilate ; 
The social tear would rise, the social sigh ; 
And into clear perfection, gradual bliss, 
Refining still, the social passions work. * 

And here can I foi^et the generous band,* 
Who, toudi*d widi human wo, redres^ve search'd 
Into the horrors of the gloomy jail ? 
Unpitied, and unheard, where misery moans ; 
Where sickness pines ; where thirst and hunger bum, 
And poor misfortune feels the lash of vice^ 
While in the land of Liberty, the land 
Whose every street and pcd>He meeting glow 
With open freedom, little tyrants rag'd' ; 
Snatch*d the lean morsel from the starving mouth ; 
Tore from cold wintry Umbs the tatter'd weed ; 

^ The Jail CommiiHe, in the year 1 72ft. 

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E'en Eobb'd them of the last of comforts, steep ; 
The freeborn Briton to the dangeon chain'd, 
Or, as the hist of cruelty prevaU'd, 
At pleasure mark'd him with inglorious stripes ; 
And cnish'd out lives, by secret barbarous ways, 
That for their country would have toil*d, or bled. 
O great design ! if executed well, 
With patient care, and wi8dom4emper'd zeal, 
Ye sons of Mercy ! yet resume the search ; 
Drag forth the legal monsters into lig^t» 
Wrench firom their hands oppression's iron rod, 
And bid the cruel feel the pains they give. 

Much still untouch'd remains ; in this rank age, 
Much is the patriot's weeding hand required. 
The toils of law, (what dark insidious men 
Have cumbrous added to perplex the truth, 
And lengthen simple justice into trade,) 
How glorious were the day ! that saw these broke. 
And every man within the reach of right 

By wintry famine rous*d, firom all the tract 
Of horrid mountains which the shining Alps, . 
And wavy Appenine, and Pyrenees, 
Branch out stupendous into distant lands ; 
Cruel as death, and hungry as the grave ! 
Burning for blood! bony, and gaunt, and grim ! 
Assembling wolves in raging troops descend ; 
And, pouring o'er the country, bear along. 
Keen as the north-wind sweeps the gloray sndw. 
AU is their prise. They fasten on the'steed, 

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Tf INTER* 189 

Press him to eacth, and pieroe fais mi^^ htut 

Nor can the bull his awful front defend^ 

Or shake the murdering savages away. 

Bapaeiousyatthe mother's throat they ffyt 

And tear the screaming infant from her breast 

The godlike face of man avails him naught 

E'en beauty, force divine ! at whose bri^t glaacct. 

The generous lion stands in soften'd gaze. 

Here bleeds, a ha()Iess undistinguish'd prey. 

But if^ app^'d of the severe attack, 

The countiy be shut up ; Inr'd by the scent, 

On churchyards drear (inhuman to relate !) 

The disappointed prowlers &J\, and dig 

The shrouded body from the grave ; o'er which, 

Mix'd with foul shades, and frighted ghosts, they 

Among those hilly regions, where, embrac'd [howL 
In peaceful vales, the happy Grisons dwell ; 
Oft, rushing sudden from the loaded cliffs. 
Mountains of snow their gathering terrors roll. 
From steep to steep, loud thundering down they 
A wintry waste in dire commotion all ; [come, 

And herds and flocks, and travellers and swains. 
And sometimes whole brigades of marching troops, 
Or hamlets sleeping in the dead of night. 
Are deep beneath the smothering ruin whelm'd. , 

Now, all amid the rigours of the year. 
In the wild depth of Wmter, while without 
The ceaseless winds blow ice, be my retreat, 
Between the groaning forest and the shore 

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190 WINTBR* 

Beat by the boundless mnltitude of waves } 
A rural, sheltered, solitary, scene ; 
Where ruddy fire and beaming tapers join 
To cheer the gloom. There studious let me sit« 
And hold high converse with the mighty Dead ; 
Sages of ancient time, as gods rever'd ; 
As gods beneficent, who bless'd mankind 
With arts, with arms, and humanized a worid. 
Rous'd at th' inspiring thought, I throw aside 
The long-liv'd volume ; and, deep-musing, hafl 
The sacred shades, that slowly-riang pass 
Before my wondermg eyes. First Socrates, 
Who, firmly good in a corrupted state. 
Against the rage of tyrants single stood, 
Invincible ! calm Reason's holy law, 
That Voice of God within th' attentive mind, 
Obeying, fearless, or in life, or death. 
Great moral teacher ! Wisest of mankind ! 
Solon the next ; who built his common-wed 
On equity's wide base ; by tender laws 
A lively people curbing, yet undamp'd ; 
Preserving stiU that quick peculiar fire, 
Whence in the laurel'd field of finer arts, 
And of bold freedom, they unequall'd shone ; 
The pride of smiling €rreece, and human kind. 
Lycurgus then, who bow'd beneath the force 
Of strictest discipline, severely wise. 
All human passions. Following him, I seei^ 
As at Thermopyle he glorious fell; 

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WINTER* 191 

The firm devoted Chief,* who prov*d by deeds 
The ha^est lesson which the other taught. 
Then Aristides lifts his honest front ; 
Spotless of heart) to whom th' unflattering voice. 
Of freedom gave the noblest name of Just ; 
In pure majestic poverty rever'd ; 
Who, e'en his ^ory to his country's weal 
Submitting, swell'd a haughty RivaPst fame. 
Bear'd by his care, of softer ray appears 
Cimon sweet-soul'd ; whose genius, rising strongt 
Shook off the load of young debauch ; abroad 
The scourge of Persian pride, at home the friend 
Of every worth and every splendid art ; 
Modest, and simple, in the pomp of wealth. 
Then the last worthies of declining Greece, 
Late call'd to £^ory, in unequal times. 
Pensive, appear. The fair Corinthian boast;, 
Timoleon, happy temper ! mild, and firm. 
Who wept pbe brother while the tyrant bled. 
And, equal to the best, the Theban Pair,t 
Whose virtues, in heroic concord join'd, 
Their country rais'd to freedom, empire, fame. 
He too, with whom Athenian honour sunk, 
And left amass of sordid lees behind, 
Phocion the Good ; in public life severe, 
To virtue still inexorably firm ; 
But when, beneath his low illustrious roof, 

* LeorUdas, i ThemiHodes. 

X Pthpida$ wid E^aminondms,- 

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192 WINTKR. 

Sweet peace and bappy wisdom saioctii'd hb hrafr^ 
Not friendship softer was, nor love more kind. 
And be, tbe last of old Lycnrgus* sons, 
Tbe generous victim to that vain attempt, 
To save a rotten state, Ag;is, who santr 
E*en Sparta's self to servile avarice sink. 
Tbe two Achaian beroes close tbe train } 
Aratus, wbo awbile relum'd tbe son! 
Of fondly-lingering liberty in Ghreece ; 
And be ber darting as ber latest bope^ 
Tbe gallant Pbilopoemen ; wbo to arms 
TumM tbe luxurious pomp be could not core ; 
Or toiling in lus fann» a simple swain ; 
Or, bold and skUfiil, thundering fai the field. 
Of rougher front, a mighty people come ! 
A race of beroes ! in those virtuous times 
Which knew no stain, save that with partial fiaibe 
Their dearest country they too fondly lov*d : 
Her better founder first, the light of Rome, 
Numa, wbo soften'd her rapacious sons : 
Servius the king, wbo laid tbe solid base 
On which o*er earth tbe vast republic spread. 
Then the great consuls venerable rise. 
The public Father* wbo tbe private que^'d, 
As on the dread tribunal sternly sad. 
He, whom bis thankless country oould not lose^ 
Camillus, only vengeful to her foes. 
Fabricius, scorner of all-conquering gold ; 

* MarcMJnmuiBruiw. 

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WINTER* 193 

And Cinciunattw, awful from the plough. 
Thy wUling victim,* Carthage, bursting loose 
From all that pleadiiig Nature could oppose. 
From a whole eity^i^ tears, by rigid fatth 
Imperious caird, and honour's dire command. 
S^npio, the gentle chief, humanely brave ; 
Who soon the race of spotless glory ran, 
And, warm in youth, to the poetic shade 
With Friendship and Philosophy retired. 
Tully, whose powerful eloquence awfaUe 
Restrain'd the rapid fate of rushing Rome. 
Unconquer'd Cato, virtuous in eitreme: 
And thou, unhappy Brutus, kind of heart ; 
Whose steady arm, by awful virtue urg'd, 
Lifted the Roman steel against thy friend. 
Thousands besides the tribute of a verse 
Demand ; but who can count the stars of hdaven^ 
Who sing their influence on this lower world ? 
Behold, who yonder comes ! in sober state> 
Fair, mild, and strong, as is a vernal sun : 
Tis Phoebus* self, or else the Mantuan swain ! 
Great Homer too appears, of daring wing, 
Parent of song ! and equal by his side. 
The British JVfuse : joined hand in hand they walk, 
Darkling, full up the middle steep to fame. 
Nor absent are those shades, whose skilful touch 
Pathetic drew th* impassioned heart, and charm'd 

* Reguhts. 

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194 WINTKR. 

Transported Athens with the moral scene : 

Nor those who» tuneful, wak'dthe enchanting lyre. 

First of your kind ! society divine ! 
Still visit thus my nights, for you reserved. 
And mount my soaring soul to thoughts like youn* 
Silence, thou lonely power ! the door be thine ; 
See on the hallowed hour that none intrude. 
Save a few chosen firiends, who sometimes deign 
To bless my humble roof, with sense refin'd. 
Learning digested well, exalted faith, 
Unstudied wit, and humour ever gay. 
Or from the Muses' hill with Pope descend^ 
To raise the sacred hour, to bid it smile, 
And with the social spirit warm the heart : 
For though not sweeter his own Homer singpi, 
Tet is his life the more endearing song. [pride, 

Where art thou, Hammond ? thou, the dariing 
The friend and lover of the tuneful throng ! 
Ah why, dear youth, in all the blooming prime 
Of vernal genius, where disclosing fast 
Each active worth, each nmnly virtue lay, 
Why wert thou ravish'd from our hope so soon f 
l^liat now avails that noble thirst of fame, 
Which stung thy fervent breast ? that treasur'd store 
Of knowledge, eariy gain'd ? that eager seal 
To serve thy country, glowing in the band 
Of youthful patriots, who sustain her name ? 
What now, alas! that life-diffusing charm 
Of sprightly wit ? that raptaie for the Muse, 

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That heart of friencbhip,.aiid that soul of joy, 
Which bade with softest light thy virtnes smile f 
Ah ! only show'dy to check our fond punnitSy 
And teach our hambled hopes that life is vain ! 
Thus in some deep retirement would I pass 
The Winter ^ooms, with friends of pliant sonl^ 
Or blithe, or solemn, as the theme inspired : 
With them would search, if Nature's boundless frame 
Was call'd, late-rising from the void of night, 
Or sprung eternal from th* Eternal Mind i 
Its life, its laws, its progress, and its end. 
Hence larger prospects of the beauteous whole 
Would, gradual, open on our opening minds ; 
And each diflfbsive harmony unite 
In full perfection, to th' astonlsh'd eye. 
Then would we try to scan the moral worid. 
Which, though to us it seems embroil'd, moves on 
In higher order; fitted, and impell'd, 
By Wisdom's finest hand, and issuing all 
In general good. The sage historic Muse 
Should next conduct us through the deeps of time : 
Show us how empire grew, declined, and fell, 
In scattered states ; what makes the nations smile ; 
Improves their soil, and gives them double suns ; 
And why they pine beneath the brightest skies, 
In Nature's richest lap. As thus we talk'd. 
Our hearts would bum within us, would inhale 
That portion of divinity, that ray 
Of purest heaven, which lights the public soul 

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]96 WINTER* 

Of patriots, and of heroes. But if doomed, 
In poweriess humble fortime, to repress 
These ardent risings of the kindling soul ; 
Then, e'en superior to ambition, we 
Would learn the private virtues ; how to glide 
Thro* shades and plains, along the smoothest 
Of rural life : or snatch'd away by hope. 
Through the dim spaces of futurity^ 
With earnest eye anticipate those scenes 
Of happiness and wonder : where the mind. 
In endless growth and infinite ascent, 
Rises from state to state, and worid to worid. 
But when with these the serious thought is foilM, 
We, shifting for relief, would play the shapes 
Of frolic fancy ; and incessant form 
Those rapid pictures, that assembled train 
Of fleet ideas, never join*d before ; 
Whence lively Wit excites to gay surprise ; 
Or folly-painting Humour, grave himself, 
Calls Laughter forth, deep-shaking eveiy nerve. 

Meantime the village rouses up the fire ; 
While well attested, and as well believ'd, 
Heard solemn, goes the goblin story round; 
Till superstitious horror creeps o'er all. 
Or, frequent in the sounding hall, they wake 
The rural gambol. Rustic mirth goes round ; 
The simple joke that takes the shepherd's heart, 
Easily pleas'd ; the long loud laugh, shicere ; 
The kiss, snatch'd hasty from the side-long maid. 

oy Google 

WINTBR* 197 

Ob pidpowb giiardtess, or preten^ng sleep . 
The leap, the slap, the haul ; and, shook to notes 
Of native mosic, the respondent dance. 
Thus jocund fleets with them the winter-night 

The city swarms intense. The public haunt, 
Full of each theme, and warm with mix'd discoorser, 
Hums indistinct The sons of riot flow 
Down the loose stream of false enchanted Joy, 
To swift destruction. On the rankled soul 
The gaming fuiy falls ; and in one gulf, 
Of total ruin, honour, virtue, peace. 
Friends, fiamilies, and fortune, headlong sink. 
Up springs the dance along the lighted dome, 
Mix*d, and evolv'd, a thousand sprightiy ways. 
The glittering court efiuses every pomp ; 
The circle deepens : beamed from gaudy robes, 
Tapers, and sparkling gems, and radiant eyes, 
A soft effulgence o'er the palace waves : 
While, agay insect in his summer shine, 
The fop, light-fluttering, spreads his mealy wings. 

Dread o'er the scene the ghost of Hamlet stalks ; 
Othello rages ; poor Monimia mourns ; 
And Belvidera pours her soul in love. 
Terror alarms the breast ; the comely tew 
Steals o'er tiie cheek : or else the Comic Muse 
Holds to the world a pictmre of itself, 
And raises sly the fair impartial laugh. 
Sometimes she lifts her strain, and paints the scenes 
■Of beanteoOB life ; wfaate'er can deck mankind, 

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198 WINTEK. 

I ... 

Or Gharm tbe hearty in geaerous Bevil* showed. 

O ThoBy whose wiadom, 80lid» yet refin'dy > 

Whose patriot-viituesyand coBsuntiiDate skiU 

To touch the finer springs that move the woiidy 

Join'd to whate'er ^be Gmees can bestow. 

And alt Apollo's aninating fire, 

QiTe thee, with pleasing dignity, to ^ne 

At OQoe the guardian, ornament, and joy, 

Of polisb'd life ; permit the rural Muse, 

O Chesterfield ! to grace with thee her song. 

Ere to the shades again she humbly flies, 

Indulge her fond ambition, in thy train^ 

(For every Muse has in thy train a place,) 

To mark thy various {aU-aecomplish*d mind : 

To mark that spirit, which, with British scon, 

Rejects th* allurements of corrupted power ; 

That elegant politeness, which excels. 

E'en in the judgment of presumptuoos France, 

The boasted manners of her shining court ; 

That wit, the vivid energy of sense, 

The truth of Nature, which, with Attic point, 

And kind w^Memper'd satire, smoothly keen. 

Steals through the soul, and withovt pain connects. 

Or, rising thence with yet a brighter flame, 

O let jne hail thee on some glorioas day, . 

When to the listening senate, ardent, crowd 

Britannia's sons to hear her pleaded cause. 

* ^ eharader in The Corueioiu Looen, tttitim hf 
Sir R. Steele. 

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WINTER. 199 

Then dresg'd by thee, more amiabty fair, 

Truth the foft robe of raiid persaasion wean : 

Thou to assenting reason ^'st i^in 

Her own enlighten'd thoughts ; caU'd from the hearti 

^Th' obedient passiont on thy yotce attend ; 

And e'en reluctant party feels awhile 

Thy gracious power : as through the Yaried mass 

Of eloquence, now smooth, now quick, now strong, 

Profound, and dear, you roll the copious flood. 

To tJiy loT'd haunt return, my happy Muae : 
For now, behold, the joyous winter days. 
Frosty, Jiucceed ; and through the blue serene. 
For sight too fine, th' ethereal nitre flies ; 
Killing infectious damps, and the spent air 
Storing afresh with elemental life: 
Closer crowds the shining atmosphere ; and binds 
Our strengthened bodies in its cold embrace. 
Constringent ; feeds, and animates our blood ; 
Refines our spirits, through the new-strung senres,. 
In swifter sallies darting to the brain ; 
Where sits the soul, intense, collected, oool. 
Bright as the skies, and ws the season keen. 

All ffhture fieeb the renovating force 
Of Winter, only to the thoughtless ^e 
In ruin seen . The frost-concocted glebe 
Draws in abundant vegetable soul, 
And gathers .vigour for the ooming year. 
A stronger glow sits on the lively cheek 
Of ruddy fire :. and lucnlent along 

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The purer rivtn flow ; their suHeii deeps, 
Transparent, open to the shepherd's gaxe. 
And mormur hoarser at the fixmg frost 

What art thou, frost? and whence are thy keei 
Deriv'd, thou secret all-mvttding power ! [stores 
Whom e'en th' illusive fluid cannot fly ? 
Is not thy potent energy, unseen, 
Myriads of little salts, or hook'd, or shap'd 
Like double wedges, and diffus'd immense 
Through water, earth, and ether ? henc^ at eve, 
Steam'd eager from the red horiaon round. 
With the fierce rage of Winter deep saffus'd, 
An icy gale, oft shifting, o'er the pool 
Breathes a blue film, and in its mid career 
Arrests the bickering stream. The loosen'd ice^ 
Let down the flood, and half dissolv'd by day, 
Rustles no more ; but to the sedgy bank 
Fast grows ; or gathers* round the pointed stone, 
A ciystal pavement, by the breath of heaven 
Cemented firm ; till, seized from shore to shore, 
The whole imprison'd river growls below. 
Loud rings the frozen earth, and hard reflects 
A double noise ; while, at his evening watch. 
The village dog deters the ni^tly thief ; 
The heifer lows ; the distent waterfiall 
Swells in the breeze ; and, with the hasty tread 
Of traveller, the hoUow-soundikig plain 
Shakes from afar. The full ethereal round, 
Infinite worlds disclosing to the view. 

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WINTSR. 201 

Shines cut intensely Iceen ; mid, all one cope 
Of starry glitter, glows from pole to pole . 

From pole to pole the rigid iniaence faXk, 
ThiDiigh the still night, incessant, heavy, strong, 
And seizes Nature fast It freezes on ; 
Till mom, late rising e'er the drooping woild. 
Lifts her pde eye unjoyons. Then appears 
The various labour of the silent night : 
Ph>ne from the dripping eave, and dumb cascade. 
Whose idle torrents only seem to roar, 
The pendent icicle ; the ifrost-work fair, 
Where transient hues, and fancied Igures rise ; 
Wide-spouted o'er the hill, the frozen brook, 
A livid tract, cold g^eammg on the mom ; 
The forest bent beneath the plumy wave ; 
And by the frost refin'd the whiter snow, 
Incrasted hard, and sounding to the tread 
Of early shepherd, as he pensive seeks 
His pining flock ; or from the mountain tq>, 
Pleas'd with the slippery surfiatce, swift descends. 

On blithesome frolics bei^it, the youthful swainsy 
While every work of man b laid at rest. 
Fond o'er the river crowd, in various sport 
And revelry dissolv'd ; where mixing glad. 
Happiest of all the trsdn! the raptur'd boy 
Lashes the whirling top. Or, where the Rhlnei 
Branch'd out, in many a long canal extends. 
From every province swarming, void of care, 
Batavia rashes fiorth ; and as &ey sweep, 

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202 WINTER. 

On sonncliiig skates, a thousand diffisrent wayst 
In circling poise, swift as the winds, along, 
The then gaf land is madden'd all to joy. 
Nor less the northern courts, wide o*er the snow, 
Pour a new pomp. Eager, on rapkl sleds. 
Their vigorous youth in bold contention wheel 
The long-resounding course. Meantime, to raise 
The manly strife, with highly-blooming charmSf 
Flushed by the season, Scandinavia's dames, 
Or Russia's buxom daughters, glow around. 

Pure, quick, and sportful, is the wholesome day; 
But soon elaps'd. The horisontal sun. 
Broad o'er the south, hangs at his utmost noon ; 
And, ineffectual, strikes the gelid cliff: 
His azure gloss the mountain still maintains. 
Nor feels the feeble touch. Periiaps the vale 
Relents a while to the reflected ray ; 
Or from the forest falls the clustered snow, 
Myriads of gems, that in the waving gleam 
Cray twinkle as they scatter. Thick around 
Thunders the sport of those, who with the gun, 
And dog impatient bounding at the shot. 
Worse than the Season, desolate the fields ; 
And, adding to the ruins of the year. 
Distress the footed or the feather'd game. 

But what is thb ? our infant Winter sinks, 
Devested of his grandeur, should our eye 
Astonlsh'd shoot into the frigid xone ; 
Where, for relentless months, continual Ni|^ 

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WINTER* 203 

Holds o'er the glittering waste her starry reign. 

There, through the prison of unbounded wilds, 
Barr*d by the hand of Nature from escape, 
Wide roams the Russian exile. Naught around 
Strikes his sad eye but deserts lost in snow; 
And heavy-loaded groves ; and solid floods, 
That stretch, athwart the solitary waste, 
Their icy horrors to the froeen main ; 
And cheerless towns fainlistant, never bless'd. 
Save when its annual course the caravan 
Bends to the golden coast of rich Cathay,* 
With news of human-kmd. Tet there life glows > 
Yet cherished there, beneath the shining waste, 
The funy nations harbour : tipp'd with jet, 
Fair ermines, spotless as the snows they press; 
Sables, of glossy black; and dark-embrown'd, 
Or beauteous freak'd with many a mingled hue, 
llioasands besides, the costly pride of courts. 
There, warm together pressed, the trooping deer 
Sle^ on the new-fairn snows ; and, scarce his head 
Rais'd o*er the heapy wreath, the branching f Ik 
Lies slumbering sullen in the white abyss. 
The ruthless hunter wants nor dogs nor toils ; 
Nor with the dread of sounding bows he drives 
The fearful flying race ; with pond'rous clubs, 
As Weak against the mountain-heiq)s they push 
Tlieir beating breast in vain, and piteous bray, 
He lays them quivering on th' ensanguined snows ; 

* The did nmnefor Chirut^ 

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'204 wrNTKR. 

And with loud shoutSy rejoieing* bean them lioiiie. 
Thece throagh the piny forest hatf4J>80ipt, 
Rough tenant of these shades, the sht^peless beari 
With dangling ice aQ honridi» stalks foriorn y 
Slow-pac'd, and sourer as the storms increase. 
He makes his bed beneath th* inclement drift , 
And, with stem patience, scorning weak compUkiott 
Hardens hb heart against asoailing want. 

Wide o*er the spacious regions of the north, 
That see Bootes urge his tardy wain, 
A boisterous race, by firosty Caurus* pierc*d, 
Whp little pleasure know, and fear no pun, 
Prolific swarm. They onoe rehun'd the flame 
Of lost mankind m polish'd slavery sunk ; 
Drove martial horde on horde,t with dreadful firee^ 
Resbtless rushing o'er th* enfeebled south. 
And gave the vanquished world another form. 

Not such the sons of Lapland : wisely they 
Despise th' insensate barbarous trade of war ; 
They atkmo more than simple Nature ^ves, 
They love their mountains, and enjoy their storms. 
No false desires, no pride-created wants, 
Disturb the peaceful current of their time ; 
And through the restless ever-tortur'd mase 
Of pleasure, or ambition, bid it rage. 
Their rein-deer form theur riches. These, their tents. 
Their robes, their beds, and all their homely weatth. 
Supply, their wholesome fare, and cheerful cqn. 

'* TheJ^orth-weMufiru!. t TheuandtringSeytkimeUmt. 

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WINTCR* 205 

CMnaqiiiQis at their eaU, the docile tribe 
Yield to the aled their necks, and wluii them swih 
O'er hill and dale, heaped into one expanse 
Of marUed snow, as far as eye can swe«^ 
With abioe crast of ice vnboiuided glaa'd. 
By dancing meteors then, that ceaseless ^ake 
A wavuig blase refracted o'er the heavens, 
And vivid moons, and stars that keener play 
Wi& doable lustre from the glossy waste ; 
£'en in the di^th oi polar night, they find 
A wondrous day : enough to light the chase, 
Or guide their darmg steps to Finland fain. 

Wish'd Spring retnnis ; and from the hazy south. 
While dim Aurora dowty maves before, 
The welcome sun, just vei^png up at first. 
By small degrees extends the swellmg curve ; 
Till seen at last for gay rejoicing months, 
Still round and round, his spiral course he winds ; 
And as he nearly dips his flaming orb. 
Wheels up again, aiid reascends the sky. 
In that glad season, from the lakes and floods, 
Where pore Niemi's* fairy mountams rise> 

*M,de Mauperhiit, inhis book on the Figure of the 
£otA, after hoping described the beautiful, lake and, 
mmmiam of Mend, in Lapland, ta^, <^ From this 
htight we had opporhmitjf ttveral Hmei to tu thfite wsr 
P9un rite from the lake which the people of the eountrif 
call HaUios, and which they deem tobe tiie guardian' 

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306 WINTER. 

And| fringed with roses, Tengiio* rolls his streant 

Th^y draw the copious fry. With these, at eve^ 

They, oheerfal loaded, to their teats repair ; 

Where, all day long in useful cares employM, 

Their kind unblemish'd wives the fire prepare. 

Thrice happy race ! by poverty secur*d 

From legal plunder and rapacious power : 

In whom fell interest never yet has sown 

The seeds of vice : whose spotless swains ne'er knew 

Injurious deed ; nor, blasted by the breath 

Of faithless love, their blooming daughters wo. 

Still pressing on, beyond Tornea's lake, 
And Hecla flaming through a waste ot snow. 
And furthest Chreenland, to the pole itself, 
Where, failing gradual, life at length goes oul;; 
The Muse expands her solitary flight ; 
And, hovering o'er the wild stupendous scene, 
Beholds hew seas beneath another sky.t 
Thron'd in his palace of cerulean ice. 
Here Winter.holds his unrejoicing court : 

spiritt of the mouiUaint, We had been fri^iied wik 
storUi of heart that haunted thitplace, bui taw none. 
R seemed rather a place ofremrl forfairiet and genih 
than bears" 

* The same author observesy « I was twrprised to tee- 
ypon the banks of this river (the TengKo) roses of as 
lively aredas any that areintmr gardens" 

i The other hemiqfhere. 

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WINTER. 207 

And through his airy hall the loud misnde 
Of driving tempes. is for ever heard : 
Here the grim tyrant meditates his wrath ; 
Here arms his winds with all-subduing frost ; 
Afoulds hb fierce hail, and treasures up his snows. 
With which he now oppresses half the globe. 

Thence, wmding eastward to the Tartar's coaBl;i 
She sweeps, the howling margin of the main ; 
Where undissolving, from the first of time, 
Snows swell on snows amazing to the sky ; 
And icy mountains high on mountains pil'd. 
Seem to the shivering sailor from afar. 
Shapeless and white, an atmosphere of clouds. 
Projected huge, and horrid, o'er the surge, 
Alps frown on Alps ; or rushing hideous down$ 
As if old chaos was again return'd, 
Wide-rend the deep, and shake the solid pole« 
Ocean itself no longer can resist 
The binding fury ; but, in all its rage 
Of tempest taken by the boundless frost, 
Is many a fathom to the bottom chain'd, 
And bid to roar no more : a bleak expanse, 
Shagg'd o'er with wavy rocks, cheerless, and void 
Of every life, that from the dreary months 
Flies conscious southward. Miserable they ! 
Who, here entangled in the gathering ice, 
Take theur last look of the descending sun ; 
While, full of death, and fierce with tenfold frost, 
Xhe longy long qight, incumbent o'er their heads, 

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208 WINTER. 

Falls horriUe. Such was the BritonV fete. 

As with first prow, (what have not Britons dar^d ?) 

He for the passage soughti attempted sinoe 

So much in vaia, and seeming to be shat 

By jefUoHs Nature with eternal bars. 

In these fell regions, in Anina caught^ 

And to the stony deep his idle ship 

Immediate seal'd, he with his haplesB cfew. 

Each full eterted at his several task> 

FroEe into statues ; to the cordage glued 

The sailor, and the pilot to the helm. [streiM 

Hard by these shores, where scarce his fireesing 
Rolls the wild Oby, live the last of men ; 
And half enliven'd by the distant sun, 
That rears and ripens man, as well as plantsy 
Here human Nature wears its rudest form. 
Deep from the piercing season sunk in cave8» 
Here by dull fires, aid with uiyoyous cheeri 
They waste the tedious gloom. Immers'd in fiifs^ 
Dose the gross race. Nor sprightly jest, nor song. 
Nor tenderness they know *, nor aught of life, 
Beyond the kindivd bears that stalk without. 
Till mom at length, her roses droofnng all, 
Sheds a long twilight bri^itening o'er their fields, 
And calls the quiver'd savage to the chase. 

What cannot active government perform, [shorts, 
New-moulding man ? Wide-stretching finom these 

* Sir Hugh WiU€m^>]f,9aUbif »ie<n EHmAeikm 
diteover the north-cad pottage. 

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WINTBR. 200 

A people savage from remotest time, 

A huge ne^ected empire, one vast mind. 

By heaven inspur'dy from gothic darkness call'd. 

Imiaoftal Peter ! first of monarehsi.he 

Hia stubborn country tam'd» her rocks, her fensr 

Her floods, her seas, her iU-st^mitting sons ; 

And while the fierce barbarian he subdued^ 

To more exalted soul he rais'd the Man. 

Ye shades of ancient heroes ! ye who toiled 
Through long siecessive ages to buildup 
A labouritig plan of state, behold at once 
The wonder done ! behold the matchless prince 1 
Who left his naiUve throne, where reigned till then 
A mighty shadow of unreal power ^ 
Who greatly spura'd the slothful pomp of courts ; 
And roaming every land, 4n every port 
His sceptre laid aside, with glorious hand 
Unwearied (Hying the mechanic tool, 
Gather'd the seeds of trade, of useful arts, 
Of civil, wisdom? and of martial skill. 
ChargM with die stores of Europe, home he goes ! 
Then cities rise amid th' illumin'd waste ; 
O'er joyless deserts smiles the - rural reign ; 
Far-distant flood to flood is sodial join'd ; 
Th' astonisih'd £uxine heard the Baltic roar ; 
Proud navies ride on seas that ueyet foam'd 
Witb during keel before y and .Urmies stretch . 
Each way their dazaling files, repressing here ; 
Tj^. ^ntic Alei^der of the noirth, 

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210 WINTB&* 

And awing there stern Otluaan^ rfiriwking mnm. 
Sloth flies the land, and Ignorettoey and Vvotf 
Of old dishonfMirprond : it ^owsaroond, 
Taught by the Royal Hand thetioui'd the trinit. 
One scene of uts, ofvnnSy of rising trade 9 
For what his wisdom piann'd, and power eoforc'd. 
More potent still, hit great eiample show'd. ■ 

Muttering, the winds at eve, with Uunted pointy 
Blow boMow blnstering firora the south. Soliduad, 
The frost resolves into a triekting tiivw. 
Spotted the moaajtslns shine ; loose sleet desoends, 
And floods the conntiy round. The livera swells 
Of bonds impatie at. Sudden from the hills. 
O'er rocks and woods, in broad br<»wn catantctsy 
A thousand snow-'fed torrents shoot at once ; 
And, where they rush, the wide-resonnding plaia 
Is left one slimy waste. Those sullen seas, 
That wash'd th' ungenial pole, will rest no 1 
Beneath the shackles of the mighty nortk ; 
But, rousing all their waves, resistless heav«. 
And hark ! the lengthenihg roar contltMioiis i 
Athwart the rifted deep : at once it bursts. 
And piles a thousand mountains to the cknids. 

Ill fares the bark wHfa tremt^g wretches eludrg'd, 
That, tost amid the fiodting fragments^ moots 
Beneath the shelter ^f an icy isle^ 
While night overwhelms th6 sea, and hom>r looks' 
More horrible. Can human for6» ^ndurte 
Th' assembled mischi«ft that besiege ftem ro«id ? 
If eart gnawing hunger, faulting weariness, 

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.WllTTCIt. 4211 

The roar of wiodi and^waines^ te ^nnfaof ievy 
Now ceasing, iio# reito^'d wkh loader Dage, 
And ill idute sebaei bellowiii^foimdtfae maiii. 
More to enriiMit die.deep^ Leviadno 
And Ilia unwieldy toakit in d^midfi^«porty > 

TenqieBt thelooto^'d brine ;wliil)B tinrotogkihegtooni, 
Far, fW>m tke Ueak iidiostiitable sUore, 
Loading the winds, is beard the hnrgry howl 
Of famish'd monsters, there awaiting wreelc«. < ^ 
Tet Providence, that eveinraikiiig eyie ! - 
Looks down #itb fiity on tihe feeble toil 
Of mortals lost: to hope, and lights Iheai safe, 
Through all this dresfflabytlntii of fate. ' ' 

Tis done ! ^ad Winter sftreads his latest glooms, 
And reigns ^«mendotis o'<er the conquer'd Yeai^. ' 
How dead the Vegetable kingdom lies ! 
Howdutnbthe'tonefoli hon>or wide eitetids . '^ 
His desolate domain. Behold, fond man ! ' 

See here tl^ pietnf'd life ; pass some few years, - 
Thyilowieriiigdprhig, thy Sumner's ardetit Strength, 
Thy sober Aatamn fading into age, ^ 

And pale conelucKng. Winter comes lA i»t, ^ 

And shuts the sfceme. Ah^t Whither now ai^Hdd - 
Those - dreams of greatness ? those tmsolid hopes ^ 
Of happiness^^? those longing «efterfdimeP 
Those restless eaties P thos& busy bnstihig days ? ' • 
Those ' t^H>^>>ty ' f estire nig^ \ those i^erii^ 

thoughts^ "' 
Lost b^Ht^n good and ill, Him Shared thy We ? 
All now are Vanlsh'd^t l^^be sole-wrirWw^, 

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Immortal jiev e r> faiMa yAieiid of Mkb, 
His guide to happiiiefls oh bigb. And see ! 
Tis comfry t^ glcHtons niora ! the second iiirtk 
Of heaven a^d earth ! awakeoing NaAnre hears 
The new-clreatmg word, and slarts to Gfe, 
In every heigfateo'd form ; from pain and deaih 
For ever free. The great eternal sdieoiey 
Involving all, and fai « perfect whi^ 
Unitini^ as the prospect wider spi»ads> 
To reason's eye reiin'd clears up apace. 

Te vainly wise ! ye bliiid preMmptnoas ! iiow» 
Confounded in the dusty adore that Power, 
AndWtsdomoftaEraign'd: see n^w the cwue. 
Why unasiiiming worth in secret liv'd. 
And died, neglected : why the good mm*» share 
In life was gaU and bitterness of soul : 
Why the lone widow and her orphani pid'd 
In starving sotitude ;. while luxury, 
In palaces, lay straining her low though 
To Ibrm unreal wants : why heaven-bom tnidi, 
And moderation faur, wore the red marics 
Of supei)itijtioii's scourge : why lioena*d paam 
That cruel spoiler, that embosom'd fecy 
Embitter'd ail our bliss. ¥e good dist«9«s*d ! 
Ye noble few ! whi> here unbending stand 
Beneath life's pressure, yet bear upAwbUe, . 
Jknd what your bounded view, which, oi^y saw 
A little part, deem'd evil is no morq : 
The^ storms of Wintiy Time will quiclsly p^ft} 
And one iwbownded Spni^ en»ii«la alK . 

oy Google 


Thisei as Ibey change, ALxioHtT FatAbr ! these 
Are bat the varied God. The idling year 
Is full of Thxz. Forth in the pleasmg Spring 
Tht beauty walks, tht tenderness and love. 
Wide flush the ieids ; the softening aur is balm; 
Echo the mountains round ; the forest smiles ; 
And every sense, and every heart is joy. 
Then comes tht glory in the SumnieP'ttionths, 
With light and heat refulgent. Then tht sun 
Shoots full perfection through the swelling year : 
And oft THT voice in (keadful thunder speaks ; 
And oft at dawn, deep noon, or falling eve, 
By brooks and groves, in hollow-whispering gales. ' 
Tht bounty shines in Autumn unconfin'd, 
And spreads a common feast for all that Uves. 
In Winter awfiil Thov ! with elonds and storms 
Around Tbke thrown, tempest o'er tempest rolPd, 
Majestic darkness ! on the whirlwind's wing, 
Riding sublime, Thou bidst the world adore, 
And humblest Nature with t6t northern blast. 

Mysterious round ! what skill, what force divines 
Deep felt, in these appear ! a simple train, 
Tet so delightful mix'd, with such kind art; 

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214 HYMN. 

Such beauty and beneficence combin'd ; 
Shade, unperceiv'd, so softening into shade ; 
And all so forming an harmonious whole ; 
That, as they still succeed, they ravish still. 
But wandering oft, with brute unconscious gase, 
Man marks not Thee ; marks not the mighty hand> 
That, ever-busy, wheels the silent spheres ; 
Works in the secret deep ; shoots, steaming, liience 
The fair profusion that overspreads the Spring : 
Flings from the sun direct the flaming day ; 
Feeds every creature ; hurls the tempest forth ; 
And, as on earth this grateful change revolves. 
With transport touches all the springs of life. 

Nature, attend ! join every living soul* 
Beneath the spacious temple of the sky. 
In adoration join ; and, ardent, raise 
One general song '. To Him, ye vocal gales, 
Breathe soft; whose Spirit in your freshness breathes: 
Oh, talk of Him in solitary glooms ! 
Where, o'er the rock, the scarcely waving pine 
Fills the brown shade with a religious awe. 
And ye, whose bolder note is heard afar, 
Who shake th' astonish'd worid, lift high to heaven 
Th' impetuous song, and say from whom you rage. 
His praise, ye brooks, attune, ye tr^mblmg rills ; 
And let me catch it as I muse along. 
Ye headlong torrents, rapid, and profound }. 
Ye softer floods, that lead the humid maze 
'Along the vale ; and thou, mi^^^<^ maii^ 

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HTlfN. 315 

A secret world of wonden in thyself, 

Sound His stupendous praise ; whose greater voice 

Or bids you roar, or bids your roaringafall. 

Soft roll your incense, herbs, and fruits, and flowers. 

In mingled clouds to Him ; whose sun exalts. 

Whose breath perfiimes you, and whose pencil 

Ye forests bend, ye harvests wave, to Him ; [paints. 

Breathe your still song into the reaper's heart, 

As home he goes beneath the jo3rou8 moon. 

Te that keep watch in heaven, as earth asleep 

Unconscious lies, eflfuse your mildest beams, 

Te constellations, while your angels strike, 

Amid the spangled sky, the silver lyre. 

Great source of day ! best image here below 

Of thy Crxator, ever pouring wide. 

From world to woiid,the vital ocean round; 

On Nature write with every beam His praise. 

The tiiunder rolls : be hush'd the prostrate world ; 

While cloud to cloud returns the solemn hymn. 

Bleat out afresh, ye hills : ye mossy rocks. 

Retain the sound : the broad responsive low, 

Ye valleys, raise ; for the Great Shepherd reigns; 

And his unsuffering kingdom yet will come. 

Ye woodlands all, awake : a boundless song 
Burst from the groves ! and when the restless day, 
Expiring, lays the warbling world asleep. 
Sweetest of birds ! sweet Philomela, charm 
The listening shades, and teach the night His pnose. 
Ye chief, for wliom. the whole creation smiles, 

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Sid HTMN. 

At once the head, tiie heait, and tongile of aflf 
OdWtt the great hymn ! in swarming cities vat^ 
Assembled men, to tiie deep organ join 
The long resounding voice, ofubrealdng cleai*. 
At solemn pauses, tluough tin swelling bass ; 
And, as each mingling flame increases each. 
In one united ardour rise io hearen. 
Or if you rather choose the rural shade. 
And find a fane in every sacred grove ; 
There let the shepherd's flute, the virgin's lay, 
The promptmg seraph, and the poet's l3nre, 
Still sing the God or Seasoks, as they rc41 !— 

For me, when I forget the darling theme, 
Whether the blossom blows, the sunmier-ray 
Russets the plain, inspuring Autumn gleams^ 
Or Winter rises in the blackening east ; 
Be my tongue mute, may fancy paint no more, 
And, dead to joy, forget my heart to beat 

Should fate command me to the farthest verge 
Of the green earth, to distant barbarous climes, 
lUvers uidmown to song ; where first the son 
Gilds Indian mountains, or his settmg beam 
Flames on th' Atlantic isles ; 'tis naught to me : 
Since God is ever present, ever felt, 
In ^ void waste as in the city full ; 
And where He vital breathes there must bd joy. 
When e'en at last the solemn hour shall come, 
And wing my mystic fligfat to future worids, 
I cheer^ wiU obey ; tltore, with aew powers, 

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HTMN. * 217 

Win rifling wonders sing : I cannot go 

Where universal Love not smiles aroandi 

Sostaiiling all yon orbsi and all their sons : 

From seeming Evil still educing Good, 

And better thence again» and better stiU, 

la infinite progression. But I lose 

Myself in Him, in Light ineffable ! 

Come then, expressive Silenoei muse His praise* 


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Thitpoem being wrUten in the manner of Spensery 
the obsolete wordtf and a dmplieiijf of diction tn mme 
of the linett which bordert on the ludicrouii were ne- 
teuary to make the knitation more perfect. Jtnd the 
style of that admirable poetf at weU as the measure in 
which he wrote, arefOM it were) appropriated by curiam 
to all allegorical poems written in ourlanguage; just 
as in the French style of Mtfot, who lived under 
Francis I. has been tued in taleSf and familiar qnstUsp 
by the politest writers of the age of Louis XIV. 

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Archimage — The chief, or 
gnated of magicians or 

Apaid — foid. 

Appal — affright. 

Atweeo — between. 

Ay — always. 

Bale — sorroWftroubhy mis- 

Benempt — named. 

Blazon — ^fHxinting, display- 

Breme — cold, raw. 

CaBol — to sing songs of Joy 

Caucus — the north-east 

Cartes — certainly. 

Ban — a word prefixed to 

Deftly— dcUfuUy. 

Bepainted — painted. 

Drowsy-hem— drowsiness. 

Eath— «<wy. 

Eftsoons — immediately, 
often, afterwards. 



Fays-— fairies. 

Gear or Geer— furniture, 
etptipage, dress. 

Glaive-'^sirord. (Fr.) 

Glee— -joy, pleasure. 

Han — have. 

Hight— name(f , ca//e<2; and 
sometimes it is used for 
is called. See Stanzavii. 

Idless — idleness. 

Imjo— child, or offspring ; 
from the Saxon impan, 
to graft or plant. 

Kest—for cast. 

Lad— /(W led. 

Lea — a piece of land, or 

Libbard — leopard. 

oy Google 


Lig— 4o He. 
Losel— a hate idle feUow, 
LoutiB^lHfwing, bemSng. 
Lithe — looUf lax, 

Moe— more. 
Moil — to labour. 
Mote— mtg^. 
Muchel or Mochel-HfiueA, 


Natiiless— 'fierer^^Mf. 
Ne — wor. 

Needments — neeessariet. 
J^ovanWng— a child that i$ 

Noyance — harm. 

^jnakkt—colowredj adometA 

be of 

Swink— to 2a6otir. 
SmacU — sacofwred. 

Thrall— «tooe. 

Vild— rae. 

.. - u 
Unkempt— (Lat 

hi#) unadorned. 
Ween — to think, 

Weet — to know; to weett 

to int. 
Whilom — erewhik, fir- 

Wight — man. 
Wb, for Wist— to know, 

think f understtmd, 
Wonne^a Noun) dwdl- 

Wroke — wreakt. 

Yborn — bom. 
r blent, or blent— 6limM 

Tclad— dad. 
Tcleped— eoHed, nometf. 
Yfere — together. 
Tmolten— meffecf. 
hrode— (prrfcr feiue •/ 

yede) ireti^. 

* TTie letter Y is Jre^piently placed in the beginning 
of a word, by Spenser) to leni^hen it a syllabUfemim 
at the end of a word, for ike Mtme reann, at without- 
en, casten, &c. 

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Pepdie(Fr. par Dieu) an 

old oath. 
Prick'd thro* the forest — | 

rode thro' theforett. 
Sear — drvy burnt up. 
Sheen — bright, fining. 
Sicker— furc, surely. 
Soot — sweet, or sweetly. 
Sooth — true, or truth. 
Sweltiy — sultry, eontum* 

ingwUhheat. { 



The cattle kight ofindoleneet 

And Us false luxury ; 
Where for a little time, alas f 

We Hv*d right joUUy. 


O MORTAL MAN, who Uvest here by toil, 
Do not complain of this ttj hard estate ; 
That like an emmet thou must ever moil, 
Is a sad sentence of an ancient date ; 
And, certes, there b for it reason great ; 
For, tho* sometimes it makes thee weep and wail, 
And curse thy star, and early dradge and late, 
Withonten that would come an heavier bale, 
Loose life, unruly passions, and diseases pale. 


In lowly dale, fiast by a river's side, 

With woody hill o'er hUl encbmpass'd round, 

A most enchanting wizard did abide, 

Than whom a fiend more fell is no where found. 

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It was, I ween, a lovely spot of ground ; 

And there a sei^son atween Junt and Maifi 

Half prankt with spring, with summer half im- 

A Ibtless climate made, where sooth to say, 
No living wight could vrorky ne cared even for play. 


Was naught around but images of rest : 
Sleep soothing groves, and quiet lawns between ; 
And flowery beds that slumbrous influence kest, 
From poppies breath'd ; and beds of pleasant greeU} 
Where never yet was creeping creature seen. 
Meantime unnumbered glittering streamlets play*d, 
And hurled every where their waters sheen ; 
That, as they bicfcer'd through the sunny glade, 
Though restless still themselves, a lulling murmur 


Join'd to the prattle of the purling rills. 
Were heard the lowing herds along the vale, 
And flocks loud-bleating from the distant hills9 
And vacant shepherds piping in the dale : 
And now and then sweet Philomel would wail, 
Or stock-doves. plain «mid the forest deep, 
That drowsy rust)ed to the sighing gale ; 
And still a coil the grasshopper did keep ; 
Yet all these sounds yblent inclined all to sleep. 

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Fan in the passage of tbe vale, thovet 
A sable, silent, solemn forest stood ; [movot 

Where naagfat but shadowy forms were seen to 
As IdUsi Cwcy'd in her ^reaming mood : 
And up the hiUs, on either side, a wood 
Of blaekening pines, ay waving to and fro, 
Sent forth a sleepy horror through the blood ; 
And where this valley winded oat below. 
The murmuring main was heard, and scarcely heard 
to flow. 


A pleasing land of drowsy-head it was, 
Of dreams that wave before the half-shut eye; 
And of gay castles in the clouds that pass. 
For ever flushing round a summer sky : 
There eke the soft delights, that witchingly 
Instil a wanton sweetness through the breast, 
And the calm pleasures alwajrs hover'd nigh ; 
But whatever smack'd of noyance, or unrest. 
Was Obt, far off expell'd from this delicious nest. 


The landskip such, inspiring perfect ease. 
Where Indolence (for so the wizard higfat) 
Close hid his castle mid embowering trees. 
That half shut out the beams of Phodias bright. 

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And made a kind of checkered day and night ; 
Meanwhile, unceasing at the massy gate, 
Beneath a spacious palm, the wicked wight 
Was placed ; and to his lute, of cruel fate. 
And labonrharsh, complain'd, lamenting man's e^ts. 


Thither continual pilgrims crowded still, 
From all the roads of earth that pass thereby : 
For as they chaunc'd to breathe on neighbomring 
The freshness of this valley smote their eye, piiU, 
And drew them ever and anon more nigh ; 
Till clustering round th' enchanter false they hung, 
Ymolten with his syren melody ; 
While o'er th' enfeebling lute hb hand he flung> 
And to the trembling chords these tempting verses 


<< Behold ! ye pilgrims of this earth, behold ! 
<< See all but man with unearn'd pleasure gay : 
<* See her bright robes the butterfly unfold, 
" Broke from her wintry tomb in prime oiMayl 
" What youthful bride can equal her array ? 
<* Who can with her for easy pleasure vie ? 
<* From mead to mead with gentle wing to straj, 
" From flower to flower on balmy gales to fly, 
'< Is all she has to do beneath the radiant sky. 

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<< Behold the meny minstrels of the morn> 

" The swanning songsters of the careless grove, 

<< Ten thousand throats ! that, from the flowering 

" Hymn their good God, and carol sweet of lovei 
" Such grateful kindly raptures them emove : 
" They neither plough, nor sow ; ne, fit for flail, 
« E'er to the bam the nodden sheaves they drove ; 
'< Yet theirs each harvest dancing in the gale, 
" Whatever crowns the hill, or smiles along the vale. 


<< Outcast of nature, man ! the wretched thrall 
« Of bitter-drooping sweat, of sweltry pain, 
" Of cares that eat away the heart with gall, 
" And of the vices, an inhuman train, 
« That an proceed from savage thirst of gain : 
" For when hard-hearted Jnierut first began 
** To poison earth, AstrcM left the plain ; 
** Guile, violence, and murder seized on man, [ran. 
'< And, for soft miylk streams, with blood the rivers 


« Come, ye, who still the cumbrous load of Hfe 
« Push hard up hill ; but as the farthest steep 
^ Ton trust to gain, and put an end to strife, 
" Down thundersbackthe stone with mighty sweep, 

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" And huris your labours to the valley deep, 
<* For ever vain : come, and} withouten fee, 
« I in oblivion will your sorrows steep, 
» Your cares, your toib, will steep you in a sea 
<< Of full delight : O come, ye weaiy wights, to me ! 


" With me, you need not rise at early dawn, 
*t Xo pais the joyless day in various stounds ; 
<< Or, louting low, on upsteurt fortune fawn, 
« And sell fair honour for some paltry pounds ; 
" Or through the city take your dirty rounds, 
« To cheat, and dun, and lie, and visit pay, 
" Now flattering base, now giving secret wounds; 
" Or prowl in courts of law for human prey, 
« In venal senate thieve, or rob on broad highway. 


<< No cocks, witii me, to rustic labour call, 
« From village on to village sounding clear ; 
« To tardy swain no shrill-voic*d matrons squall ; 
« No dogs, no babes, no wives, to stun your ear ; 
ti No hammers thump : no honid blacksmith fear; 
<* No noisy tradesmen your sweet slumbers start, 
** With sounds that are a misery to hear : 
" But all is calm, as would delight the heart 
'^ Of Sybarite of old, all nature, and all art. 

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' ** Here naught but candour reigns, indulgent ease, 
« Good^natur'd lounging^ sauntering up and down: 
" They who are pleas'd themselves must always 

« On others' ways they never squint a frown, 
*< Nor heed what haps in hamlet or in town : 
« ThuS) from the source of tender indolence, 
<< With milky Mood the heart is overflown, 
*< Is sooth'd and sweeten'd by the social sense ; 


" What, what is virtue, but repose of mind, 
'< A pure ethereal calm, that knows no storm ; 
'< Above the reach of wild ambition's wind, 
<< Above thole passions that this world deform, 
« And torture man, a proud malignant worm ? 
" But here, instead, soft gales of passion play, 
'< And gently stir the heart, thereby to form 
" A quicker sense of joy ; as breezes stray 
« Across th' enllven'd skies, and make them still 
more gay. 


'* The best of men have ever lov'd repose : 
" They hate to mingle in the filthy fray ; 
« Where the soul sours, and gradual rancour grows, 
'< Imbitter'd more from peevish day to day. 

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" Even those whom fame has lent her fairest raj, 
" The most renown*d of worthy wights of yore, 
*' From a base world at last have stol'n away : 
<< So SdpiOf to the soft CunMEon shore 
<< Retiring, tasted joy he never knew before. 


" But if a little exercise you choose, 
" Some zest for ease, 'tis not forbidden here. 
" Amid the groves you may indulge the muse, 
'* Or tend the blooms, and deck the vernal year ; 
" Or softly stealing, with your wafry gear, 
" Along the brooks, the crimson-spotted fry 
<< You may delude : The whilst, amus*d, you hear 
** Now the hoarse stream, and now the sephyr's 
« Attuned to the burds, and woodland melody. 


« O grievous folly ! to heap up estate, 
<< Losing the days you see beneath the sun ; 
*^ When, sudden, comes blind unrelenting fate, 
" And gives th* untasted portion you have won, 
" With ruthless toil, and many a wretch undone> 
" To those who mock you gone to Pluio't reign, 
" There with sad ghosts to pine, and shadows dUn : 
" But sure it is of vanities most vain, 
" To toil for what you here untoiling may obtain." 

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He ceas'd. But still their trembling ears retained 
The deep vibrations of hb witching song : 
That) by a kind of magic power, constrained 
To enter in, pell-mell, the listening throng. 
Heaps pour'd on heaps, and yet they slipt .alongi 
InsUentease: as when beneath the beam 
Of summer-moons, the distant woods among. 
Or by some flood all sUver'd with the gleam, 
The soft-embodied Fays through aiiy portal stream : 


By the smooth demon so it ordered was. 

And here his baneful bounty first began : [pasf , 

Though some there were who would not fiirther 

And his alluring baits suspected han, 

The wise distrust the too fair spoken-man. 

Yet through the gate they cast a wishful eye : 

. Not to move on, perdie, is all they can ; 
For do their very best they cannot fly, 

But often each wi^y look, and often sorely sigh. 


When tiib the watchful wicked wizard saw, 
With sudden spring he leap'd upon them straight; 
And soon as touch'd by his unhallow'd paw. 
They found themselves witlun the cursed gate ', 
Full hard to be repass'd, like that of fiito. 

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Not stronger were of old the giant-crew. 
Who sought to pull high Jofot from regal state ; 
Though feeble wreteh he seemed, of sallow hoe : 
Certes, who bides his grasp, will thi^ enoountOT rae. 


For whomsoe'er the villain takes in hand, 
Theur joints unknit, their sinews melt apace ; 
As Utile they grow as any willow-wand, 
And of their vanished force remains no trace : 
80 when a maiden fair of modest grace. 
In all her buxom blooming May of charms, 
Is seized in some losel's hot embrace. 
She waxeth very weakly as i^e warms. 
Then sighmg yields her up to love's delickMis hams. 


Wak'd by l!te crowd, slow from his bench arose 
A comely full-spread porter, swoln with sleep : 
His calm, broad, thoughtless aspect breath*d re- 
And in sweet torpor he was plunged deep, 
Ne could himself from ceaseless yawning keep : 
While o'er his eyes the drowsy liquor ran. 
Through which his half-wak* d soul would faintly 

Then, taking his black staff, he caB*d his man. 
And rous'd himself as much as rouse Mmself he can. 

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The lad leap'd lightly at his master's call ] 
He was, to weet, a little roguish page> 
Save sleep and play who minded naught at all. 
Like most the untaught striplings of his age. 
This boy he kept each band to dwengage, 
Garters and buckles, task for him unfit. 
But ilKbecoming hb grave personage. 
And which his portly paunch would not permit, 
So this same limber page to all performed it. 


Meantime the master-porter wide display'd 
Great store of caps, of slippers, «nd of gowns ', 
Wherewith he those who enter'd in, arrayed 
Ix>ose, as the breeze that plays along the downs. 
And waves the summer-wpods when evemng 

O fair undress, best dress ! it checks no vein, 
But every flowing limb in pleasure drowns. 
And height^nsease with grace. Thisdone,rightfain, 
Sir porter set him down, and tum'd to sleep again. 


Thus easy robb'd, they to the fountain sped. 
That in the middle of the court upthrew 
A stream, high-spouting from its liquid bed, 
. And falling back again in drizzly dew : 

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Tbere each deep drangbts, as de^he thirsted, drew. 
It was a foontain ciJfepenihe rare : 
Whefltce, as Dan Bmnar sings, hoge pleaaaimce 
And swe^ oblivion of vile eartUy eare ; [grew, 
Fair ^adsome wakmg Noughts, and joyous dreams 


This rite performed, aH IsAy pleas*d and stiil, 

Wiflionten trump was proclamation made : 

" Te sottsof ltuio2enee, do what you wffl ; 

" And wander where you list, i^uo* hall or glade ! 

" Be no man's pleasure for another staid ; 

" Let eaich as likes him best hishoiflrs employ, 

''^And cursed be he who minds his neighbour*! 

<< Here -dwells Idnd ease and mneprovkig joy : 
<< fie little merits bliss who odiers can anBo^.** 

Straig^ of these endless numbers, syraiimingroimdf 
As thick as idle motes in sunny myt 
Net one eftsoons fn view was to be found, ' 
But every man strolled off his own glad way, 
Wide o'er this ample court's blank area. 
With all the lodges tiiat thereto pertaln'd. 
No living creature could be seen to stray ; 
While solitude, and perfect silence reign'd : 
80 that to thhik you dreamt you^itlmost was ooa- 

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OP 1NI>0L£KC£. g3d 

As "vvben a shepherd of the HeMd Idtiy* 
Plac'd far amid the melancholy main, 
(Whether H be lone fancy him beguiles ; 
Or that aerial beings sometimes d^gn 
To stand, embodied, to our senses plain,) 
Sees on the naked hill, or valley low. 
The whilst in ocean Phiebusdipa his wain, 
A i^ast assembly moving to and fro : 
Then afl «toBce in air dissolves the wondrous dtow. 


Te gods of quiet, and of sleep profound ! 
WlMse soH domiiiioB o'er this castle sways, 
And all the ?ndely*8ilent places round, 
For^ve me, if my trembling pen displays 
What never yet was sung ui mortal lays. 
But how shall I attempt such arduous string, 
I who have spent my nights and nightly days, 
In this soul-deadening place, loose-loitering ? 
Ah ! how* shall i for this nprear my moulted wing ? 


Come on, my Mose, nor stoop to low despair, 
Thou lmp'(tf Jwe; touched fay celeiBtiBl fire ! 
Which yetshaH sing of war, lodaotions fair^ 
Which the bold sons of ^ritetti will mspire ; 

* !Z%Me UUrndton^weMierncoaitofScotUmdeaUid 
iht Hebrides. 

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Of ancient bards thou yet shalt sweep the lyre ; 
Thou yet shall tread in tragic pell the stage, 
Paint love's enchanting woes, the heroes ire. 
The sage's calm^ the patriot's noble rage^ 
Dashing corruption down through every worthleti 


The doors, that knew no shrill smarming beU, 
No cursed knocker ply'd by villain's hand, 
Self-open'd into halls, where, who can tell 
What elegance and grandeur wide eipand 
The pride of TWfcey and of Pema land ? 
Soft quilts on quilts, on carpets carpets spread. 
And coudies stretchM around in seemly band -, 
And endless pillows rise to prop the head ; 
So that each spacious room was one full swelling 


And every where huge cover'd tables stood. 
With wines high-flavour'd and rich viands crown'd ; 
Whatever sprightly juice or tasteful food 
On the green bosom of this eaith Are found, 
And all old ocean genders in his round : 
Some hand unseen these sHelitly displayed. 
Even undemanded by a sign or sound ; 
Tou need but wish, and, instantly obey'd, 
Fair-rang'd the dishes rose, and thick the glasses 

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Here freedom re$gii*d, without tiie least alloy ; 
Nor gossip's tale, nor ancient maiden's galli 
Nor saintly i^een durst murmur at om* joyi 
And with envenom'd tongue our pleasures pall. 
For why ? there was but one great rule for all ; 
To wit, that each should work his own desire, 
And eat, drink, stody, sleep, as it may fall, 
Or melt the dme in love, or wake the lyre, 
And carol what, unhid, the Bfuses might in^ire. 


Hie rooms with costly tapestry were hung. 
Where was inwoven many a gentle tale ; 
Snch as of old the rural poets sung, 
Or of Arcadian or Sicilian vale : 
Reclining lovers, in the lonely dale, 
Poar'd forth at large the 8weetly-tortur*d heart; 
Or, sighing tender passion, swelPd the gale. 
And taught charm'd echo to resound their smart; 
While flocks, woods, streams, around, repose and 
peace impart 


Those pleas'd the most, where, by a cunning hand, 
Depainted was the patriarchal age ; 
What time Dan Abraham left the Chaldce land, 
And pastured on from verdant stage to stage, 

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Where fields and fountains fresh could best engage. 
Toil was not then. Of nothing took they heed) 
But with wild beasts the sylvan war to wage, 
And o'er vast plains their herds and flocks to feed : 
Blest sons of nature they ! true golden age indeed ! 


Sometimes the pencU, in cool aiiy halls, 
Bade. the gay blo(nn of vernal landskips rise^ 
Or autumn's varied shades imbrown the walls : 
Now the black tempest strikes the astonish'd eyes ; 
Now down the steep the flashing torrent flies ; 
The trembling sun now plays o*er ocean blue, 
And now rude mountains frown amid the skies ; 
Whate'er Dtrrain light-touch'd with softening hue. 
Or savage Bosa dash'd, or learned Pouttin drew. 


Each sound too here to languishment inclin'd^ 
Lull'd the weak bosom, and induced ease. 
Aerial music in the warbling wind, 
At distance rising oft, by small degrees, 
Nearer and nearer came, till o'er the trees 
It hung, and breath'd such soul-dissolving airs. 
As did, alas ! Avith soft perdition please : 
Entangled deep in its enchanting snares, 
The listening heart forgot all duties and all cares. 

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or INDOLENCS* 239 

A certain music, never known before, 
Here luU'd tlie pensive melancholy mind ; 
Full easUy obtain'd. Behoove? no more» 
But sidelong, to the gently-waving wind, 
To lay the well-tun'd instrument reclin'd : 
From which, with aiiy flying fingers light, 
Beyond each mortal touch the most refin'd, 
The god of winds drew sounds of deep delight ; 
Whence, with just cause. The harp ofJEolui^ it hight. 


Ah me ! what hand can touch the string so fine ? 

Who up the lofty Diapasan roll 

Such sweet, such sad, such solemn au^ divine, 

Then let them down again into the soul ? 
■ Now rising love they fann'd ; now pleasing dole 

They breathed, in tender musings, through the heart; 

And now a graver sacred strain they stole, 

As when seraphic hands an hymn impart : 
Wild-warbling nature all, above the reach of art ! 

* Thit it not an imaginatum of the author; there 
being in fad such an inttrumentf eaUed iE^lus's harp, 
\ohkh, when placed against a little ruling or eurrevlt 
of air, produces the effect here described. 

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Such the gay spleirdour, tiie luxurious state. 
Of Caliphs old, who on the Tigris shore. 
In mighty Bagdatj populous and great, 
Held Uieir bright court, where was of la^es store ; 
And verse, love, music still the garland wore : 
When sleep was coy, the bard,* in waiting theie» 
Cheer'd the lone midn%ht with the Afose's lore ; 
Composing music bade hb dreams be fiair, 
And music lent new gladness to the morning air. 


Near the pavilions where we slept, still ran 
Soft-tinkling streams, and dashing waters fell. 
And sobbing breezes, sigh*d, and oft began 
(So work'd the wizard) wintry storms to swell. 
As heaven and earth they would together mell : 
At doors and windows, threatening, seem'd to call 
The demons of the tempest, growling fell, 
Tet tiie least entrance found they none at aU> 
Whence sweeter grew our sleep, secure in massy hall. 


And hither Morpheut sent hb Idndest dreams, 
Raising a world of gayer tmct and grace ; 
O'er which were shadowy cast elysian gleams, 
That play'd, in waving lights, from place to place* 

* The Arabian Caliphs had poets etmongtheqffieertof 
their (wmywhoseoJkeUtoasto do whatishenmentumed. 

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And shed a roseate smile on Nature's face. 
Not TUian^t pencil e'er could so array, 
So fleece with doudathe pure ethereal space ; 
Ne could it e'er such melting forms display, 
As loose on flowery beds all languishin^y lay. 


No, fair illusions ! artful phantoms, no ! 
My Muse will not attempt your fiury-hmd ; 
She has no colours that like you can ^ow : 
To catch your vivid scenes to gross her hand. 
But sure it is, was ne'er a subtler band 
Than these same guileful angel-seeming sprights, 
Who thus in dreams, voluptuous, soft» and blandy 
Pour'd all th' JSrdbian Htasom upon our nightsi 
And bless'd them oft besides with more refin'd de- 


They were in sooth a most enchanting train^ 
Even feigmng virtue > skilful to unite 
With evil good, and strew with pleasure pain. 
But for those fiends, whom blood and broils delight ; 
Who hurl the wretch, aa if to hell outright, 
Down, down black gulfs, where sullen waters 

Or hold him clambering all the fearful night 
On beeQing cliffs, or pent in ruins deep ; p^eep. 
They, till due time should serve, were bid far hence to 

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Te guardian spirits, to whom man is deitr, 
From these foul demons shield the midnight gloom : 
Angels of fancy and of love, be near. 
And o'er the blank of sleep diffuse a bloom : 
Evoke the sacred shades of Greece and Rome, 
And let them virtue with a look impart : 
But chief, a while, ! lend us from the tomb 
Those long-lost friends for whom in love we smarts 
And iill widi pious awe and joy-mixt wo the heart. 


Or are you sportive ^Bid the mom of youth 

Rise to new light, and beam afresh the days 
Of innocence, simplicity, and truth ; 
To cares estrang'd, and manhood's thorny ways. 
What transport, to retrace our boyish plays, 
Our easy bliss, when each thing joy supply 'd; 
The woods, the mountains, and the warbling maze 
Of the wUd brooks ! — ^But, fondly wandering wide. 
My Muse, resume the task that yet doth tiiee abide. 


One great amusement of our household was. 
In a huge crystal magic globe to spy. 
Still as you turn'd it, til things that do pass 
Up«n this ant-hill earth ; where constantly 

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0f idly-busy men the restless fry 
Bun bustling to and fro with foolish haste. 
In search of pleasures vain that from them Ajt 
Or which obtain'd the caitiffs dare not taste : 
When nothing is enjoy*d| can there be greater waste? 


Q/'vom^y (/^ mtJTOf this was caird. 
Here yon a muckworm of the town might se^ 
At his dull desk, amid his legers staird. 
Eat up with carking care and penury ; 
Most like to carcass parch'd on gallows-tree. 
Ji penny taved it a penny got : 
Firm to this scoundrel maxim keepeth he, 
Ne of its rigour will he bate a jot. 
Till It has quench'd his fire and banished his pot. 


Straight from the filth of this low grub, behold ! 
Comes fluttering forth a gaudy spendthrift heirt 
All glossy gay, enamell'd all with gold, 
The silly tenant of the summer-air. 
In folly lost, of nothing takes he care ; 
Pimps, lawyers, stewards, harlots, flatterers vile. 
And thieving tradesmen him among them share ; 
His father's ghost from limbo-lake, the while 
Sees this, which more damnation doth upon him pile . 

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344 THE CAftTLfi 

This globe portray'd tin race of learned men, 
Still at their books, and taming o'er the page» 
Backwards and forwards : oft they snatch ^e pen. 
As if inspired, and in a ITtetpian rage : 
Then write, and blot, as would your ruth engage : 
Why, Authors, all this scrawl and scribUing sore ? 
To lose the present, gain the future age. 
Praised to be when you can hear no more, [stote. 
And much enzich'd With fome when useless worldly 


Then would a splendid city rise to view, 
With carts, and cars, and coaches roaring aH : 
Wide-pour'd abroad behold the giddy crew ; 
See how they dash along from wall to wall ! 
At every door, hark how they thundering call ! 
Good Lord ! what can thb |^dy rout excite ? 
Why on each other with fell tooth to faU ; 
A neighbour's fortune, fame, or peace to blig^ 
And make new tiresome parties for the coming ni|^t 


The puEzling sons of party next appear'd 
In dark cabals and nightly juntos met ; [rear'd 
And now they winsper'd close, now skragglBg 
Th' important shoulder ; then> as if to get 

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New light, their twinkling eyes were inward set. 
No sooner Lucifei^ recalls affairs, 
Than forth they various rush in mighty fret ; [carea, 
When lo !. push'd up to pow'r, and crown'd their 
In comes another set, and kiciceth them down stairs. 


But what most show'd the yanity of life. 
Was to behold the nations all on fire, 
In cruel broils engag'd, and deadly strife ; 
Most christian kings, inflam'd by black desire^ 
With honourable ruffians in their hire, 
Cause war to rage, and blood around to pour : 
Of this sad work when each begins to tire. 
Then set them down just where they were before^ 
Till for new scenes of wo peace shall theur force 

To number up the thousands dwelling here, 
And useless were, and eke an endless task ; 
From kings, and those who at the helm appear* 
To gipsies brown, in summer-glades who bask. 
Yea, mapy a man perdie I could unmask, 
Whose desk and table make a solemn show, 
With tape-tied trash, and suits of fools that ask 
For place or pension laid in decent row ; 
Bbt these I paflsen by» with nameless numbers moe. 
* The morning tiar. 

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Of all the gentl6 tenants of the place, 
There was a man of special grave remark t 
A certain tender gloom overspread hislfece. 
Pensive, not sad ; in thought involved, not dark ; 
As soot this man could sing as morning lark. 
And teach the noblest morals of ^e heart : 
But these his talents were ybmied stark ; 
Of the fine stores he nothing would impart, 
"Which boon or nature gave, or nature-painting art. 


To noontide shades incontinent he ran, 
Where purls the brook with sleep inviting sound ; 
Or when Dan Sol to slope his wheels began. 
Amid the broom he bask'd him on the ground. 
Where the wild thyme and chamomile are found«; 
There would he linger, till the latest ray 
Of light sat trembling on the welkin's bound ; 
Then homeward through the twilight shadows stray 
Sauntering and slow. So had he passed many a day. 

- LIX. 

Yet not in thoughtless slumber were they past : 
For oft the heavenly fire that lay concealed 
Beneath the sleeping embers, mounted fast, 
And an its native light anew reved'd : 

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or iMBOiiBvcE. 847 

Oft as he traven'd the cerulean fields 
And marirt. the clouds that drove before the wmd, 
Ten thoosani glofeioiia sptens would he buildt 
Ten tfafltisandgDeatidfiasfiU'd his mind; [hind. 
But with die doods they fl^ and left no trace be- 


With him was sometimes j<nn'd» in lOeat walk} 
(Profioandly silcat, Cor th^ never spoke) 
One fhyer still, who qoite deteated talk : 
Oft ttnng by spleen, at once away he broke, 
To groves of pine, and broad o'ershading oak ; 
There, inly thrill'd, he wander'd all alone. 
And on himself his pensive fury wroke, 
Ne ever utter'd word save when first shone 
The g^tteriiig star of eye-^* Thank heaven { the day 
i& done." 


Here .InrkTd a wietoh, who had not cvept abroad 
For forty years, ne foee of mortal seen ; 
In ehainber brooding like a loattUy toad : 
And sure his linen was not very clean. 
Through secret loop-hole& Jthat had practb'd been^ 
Near to his bed, his dinner vile he took ; 
Unkempt and rbug^, efsqftaliri iace and mien. 
Our castle's shame ! wheoce,from his filthy nook; 
We drove the villmte i)ut for fitter lur to h>ok. 

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Om day there ofamme'cl into Uiete halls to rove 
A joyous youth, who took yoa at first sight ; 
Him the wild wave of pleasure hither drove* 
Before the sprightly tempest tossing light : 
Certes he was a most engaging wight, 
Of social glee, and wit humane though keen* 
Turning the night to day, and day to night : 
For him the merry bells had rung, I ween, 
If in thb nook of quiet beUs had ever been. 


But not even pleasure to eicess is good : 
What most elates then sinks the soul as low : 
When sprmgtide joy pours in with copious floods 
The higher still the exulting billows flow^ 
The farther back again they flagging go, 
And leave us grovelling on the dreary shore : 
Taught by this son of joy, we found it so ; 
Who, whilst he staid, he kept m gay uproar 
Our madden'd castle aU| the abode of sleep no more. 


As when in prime of Jtme, abumish'd fly, 
Sprungfrom the meads, o'erwhicfa he sweeps aloi^ 
Cheer'd by the breathing bloom and vital sky, 
Tunes up amid these airy halts h!^ song. 

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Soothing at first the gay reposing throng : 
And oft he sips their bowl ; or nearly drown*cl» 
He thence lecoveringy drives their beds among> 
And scares tlieirteoder sleep, with trump profionnd ; 
Then out again he flies, to wing his masy raimd. 


Another guest thete was, of sense refin'd. 
Who felt each worth, for eveiy worth he had ; 
Serene, yet warm ; hnmane> yet firm his mind» 
As little tonch'd as. any man's with bad -, 
Him through their inmost walks the Moset led. 
To him the sacred love of nature lent, 
And sometimes would he make our valley glad ; 
When, as we foond he woidd not here be peaty 
To him the betfe^ sort this friendly message 8#nt 


<< €^me« dweXk with us! true scm of virtue, come ! 
« But if, alas ! we cannot thee persuade, 
« To lie content beneath our peao^hl domCf 
** Ne ever more to quit our quiet ^ade ; 
« Tet when at last thy toils but ill apaid 
** Shall dead thy fire, and damp its heavenly spark, 
<< Thou wilt be ^d to seek the rural shtide, 
" There to indn^a the Muse, and Nature matk ; 
« We then alodge for thee wiU rear in iS^g^Ptfr*.*' 

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Here whilom ligg*d th' Et&ptu^ of the age ; 
But caird by fame, in sou) ypricked deep, 
A -noUe pride restor'd hhm to the stage. 
And rou8*d him lilce a giant from his sleep. 
Even from his slombers we advantage reap ; 
With double force th* enliven'd scene he wakes, 
Tet quits not nature's bounds. He knows to keep 
Each due decorum : Now the heart he shakes. 
And now with well-urg'd sense the enlightened judg- 
ment takes. 


A bard here dwelt, more ht than bard beseems ; 
f Who void of envy, guile, and lust of gain. 
On virtue still, and nature's pleasing tiiemes. 
Poured forth his unpremeditated strain : 
The world forsaking-with a calm disdain, 
Here laugh'd he careless in his easy seat ; 
Here quaff 'd, encircled with the joyous train^ 
€)ft moralising sage : his ditty sweet 
He loathed much to write, ne cai«d to repeat 

• JIfr. Qimi. 

t The following linet ofthitilanMa tcgrt wriUen ^ 
a friend of (he author. 

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2^in oft by holy feet our ground was trod, 
Of clerks good plenty here you mote espy. 
A little, round, fat, oily man of God, 
Was one I chiefly marked among the fry : 
He had a roguish twinkle in his eye. 
And shone all glittering with ungodly dew. 
If a tight damsel channo*d to trippen by ; 
Which when observed, he shrunk into his mew, 
And strai^t would recollect hb piety anew. 


Nor be forgot a tribe who minded naught 
(Old inmates of the place) but state^affairs : 
They look'd, perdie, as if they deeply thought; 
And on theur brow sat every nation's cares. 
The world by them is parcell'd out in shares, 
When in the HaU of Smokt they congress hold. 
And the sage berry, sun-burnt Moeha bears, 
Has cleared their inward eye : then, smoke enrolled, 
Their oracles br«ak forth mysterious as of old* 


Here languid beauty kept her pale-fac^d court; 
Bevies of dainty dames, of high degree, 
From every quarter hither made resort ; 
Where from gross mortal care and business free^ 

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They lay ponr'd out in ease and luxury. 
Or should they a vun Aow of work assume^ 
Alas ! and weU-ardaj ! what can H be ? 
To knot, to twist, torange1heY«mal bloom ; 
But faris cast the distal^ spmning whed, and lottn. 


Their only labour waa to IdU the time ; 
And labcrar dire it is, and weary wo> 
They lit, they loU, turn oi'^r some idle rhyme ; 
Then, rWagsodden^to the ijtam tiiey go, 
Or saunter forth, with tottering step, and slow : 
This soon too rude a[n exercise they find ; 
Strui^t on the co«ich their limbs ag^ they throw. 
Where hours on hours they sighing lie recKa'cl^ 
And court the Yi^KHiry god soft breathing in^wind. 


Now must I mark Uie villany w# £Mmd, 
But ah ! too late, as shall ^tsoons be shows: 
▲ place here was, deep, dreary, under^ground; 
Where stm our inmates, whenm^easing growB* 
Diseased, and loathsome, privily were thrown. 
Far from the li^t of heaven, they languished therei 
Unpitied, uttering many a bitter groan ; 
For of these wretches taken was no oare : 
Fierce fiends, and hags of hell, their only nusea were. 

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Q9 (HIDOfiEaCK* 2il3 

Alas ! the«iiaBge ! ^tom «oenes of j«y and fest, 
Tafiiis daik ^d, where sieknew tossM ftNrBy» 
Jiem LakmFgtfii^/lh4&ai0Sy sleep eppreit, 
Stretch'd on his back^^am^ty lubbard, lay. 
Heaving his sides, and snored night and day ; 
To stir him (f9m hlstraniiee It 'Wta not eadi, 
4nd Us faatfopen'd eyse he -shut straightway : 
He led, I wot, the softest way to death, [breatii. 
And tanght wfthovten pain and strife to yield die 

OC Hulhs enomious, tmt withal nnsound, 
S^'nfdin and pale, here lay the Hyir$psy : 
Unwieldy man ^ with bdly monstrons romid^ 
For ever fed with watery supply ; 
For still he drank, and yet he still was dry. 
And moping here did Hypochondria sit, 
Mother of i^leen, in robes of various die, 
Who vexed was fdl oft with ugly fit ; [a wit. 
And some her frantic deem'd, and some her d^fm'd 


A lady proud she was, of ancient blood, 
.Tet oft her fear her pride made couchen low : 
She felt, or fancied, in her fluttering mood, 
All the diseases which the spittles know. 

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And sought all physic wiiioh the shops bestow, 
And still new leeches and new drugs would try. 
Her humour ever wavering to and fro ; 
Forsometimes she would laiig^,andfloiiietiBie8 cry. 
Then sudden waxed wroth, and all she knew not wlqr. 


Fast by her side a listless maiden pin'di 
With aching head, and squeamish heart-bnmingB ; 
Pale, bloated, cold, she eeem'd to hate mankind, 
Yet lov'd in secret aU forlHdden things. 
And here the Tertian shakes his chilling wings ; 
The sleepless G<nU here counts the crowing cockg, 
A wolf now gnaws him, now a serpent stings ; - 
While JSpoplexy crannn'd mtemperance knocks 
Down to the ffnau^ at once, as butcher felleth ox. 

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The knif^ of wrti and indiuiry , 
And hit ackievemenitfair ; 

That^ byikis cadU't overthrow, 
S€ewr% and erovmed were. 

£8CAP*D the castle of the sire of sin. 
Ah ! where shall I so sweet a dwelling find ? 
For all around, without) and all withini 
Nothing save what delightful was and kind, 
Of goodness savouring and a tender mind, 
E'er rose to view. But now another strain, 
•Of doleful note, alas ! remains behind : 
I now must sing of pleasure tum'd to pain, 
And of the false enchanter Indolence complain, 


. Is there no patron to protect the mive, 
And fence for her Pamattut' barren soil f 
To every labour its reward accrues, 
^d they are sure of bread who swink and moil ; 

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Bot a fell tribe th* Aomaa ^tve despoil, 
Asnithless wasps oft rob the painful bee : 
Thus while the laws not guard that noblest toil, 
Ne for the muses other meed decree, 
They praised are alone> and starve li^t mennly. 


I care not, fortune, what you me deny . 
Tou cannot rob me of free naMre't grA«e ; 
Tou cannot shut the windows of the sky. 
Through wldeh w9urpr«shows her brig^iAAiing facer 
Tou cannot bar niy conslatat feet to trace 
The woods and lawns, by living stream, at eve : 
Let health my nerves and finer fibres brace. 
And I their toys to HoBgrtat OhiHdren tea(Ve : 
Of fancy, reason, viitue, nni^l tmt me befeavis. 


Ck>m0 tiien, my muse, and raise a bolder song } 
Coma» lig Ko nkore ttpon the bed of sloth, 
Dmgg^^ thd )«By languid line along, 
Fond to b^iki, IMK stfll to finii^ loth, 
Thy half*writ sorolts all eatM by the moth : 
Arise, and sing that generous imp of fame, 
Who with the sons of softness nobly wroth. 
To sweep away this human kmib«r came, 
Or in a chosen fdw to #o«tM tfie simbeitag iiawe> 

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In Fairy Land there liv*d a knight of old| 
Of feature stem, Selvaggio well yclep'd, 
A rough unpolished man, robust and bold. 
But wondrous poor : he neither sow'd nor reap*d. 
Ne stores in summer for cold winter heap'd ; 
In hunting all his days away he wore ; 
Now 8corch*d by Junej now in Mnember steepM, 
Now pinch'd by biting January sore, 
He stin in woods pursued the libbard and the boar. 


As he one mornings long before the dawn, 
Prick'd through the forest to dislodge his prey, 
Deep in the winding bosom of a lawn, 
With wood wild-fring'd, he marked a taper's ray, 
That from the beating rain, and wintry fray, 
Did to a lonely cot his steps decoy; 
There, up to earn the needments of the day, 
He found dame Poverty t not fair nor coy : 
Her he compress'd, and fill'd her with a lusty boy. 


Amid the greenwood shade this boy was bred, 
An^ grew at last a knight of muchel fame, 
Of active mind and vigorous lustyhed, 
The ICn^ of Ms and Industry by name, 

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Earth was his bed, the bouglis his roof did frame 
He knew no beverage bift the flowing stream ; 
His tasteful well-eam'd food the sylvan game^ 
Orthebrownfruitwithwhicbthewoodlands teem: 
The same to him glad summer» or the winter brene. 


So passed his yoatUy morning, void of care, 
Wild as the coUs that through the commons nm : 
For him no tender parents trouUed were. 
He of the forest seem'd to be the son* 
And certes had been utterly undone ; 
But that Minerva pity of him took, 
WHh all the god^ that love the rural wonne, 
That teaoh to tame the soil and rule the crook ', 
Ne dlid the sacred nine disdain a gentle look. 

Of fertile genius him they nurtured well* 
In every science^ and in evety art. 
By which mankind the thoughtless brates excel, 
That can or use, or Joy, or gpice impart, 
Disclosing all the powers of head and heart : 
Ne were the goodly exercises spared, 
That brace the nerves, or make the limbs alert, 
And mix dastic force with firmness hard : 
Was never knight on ground mote be with hua com- 

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Sometiines^ wMi efirly morn, he mmmted gaj 
The huntef-fteed, exollii^ o'er the ctale, 
And drew the roseate brelith of orient day ; 
Sometimes^ returing to the secret valei 
Ychid in steel, and bright with bumish'd mail, 
He straln'd the bow, or toss'd the sounding spear, 
. Or dattii^ on the goal outstripped the gite, 
Or wheei'd the ehariot in its mid-career, [peer. 
Or strenuous wtetftled herd with many a tough com- 


At other times he pried throu^ nature's store, 
Whate'er ^e in th' ethereal round contains,' 
Whatever she hides beneath her verdant floor, 
The ve^taUe and the mineral reigns ; 
Or else he Bcann'dthe Globe, those small domains^; 
Where restless mortals sueh a turmoil keep, 
Its Deas, its floods, its mountains, and its plains ; 
But mote he s^arch'd tiie mind, and rous'd from 
Tliose moral seeds whence we heroic actions reap. 


Not would he scorn to stoop from high pinsuits 
Of heaven^ troth, and practise what she thought. 
Vain is the tme of knowledge without frints. 
Sometimes in hand the spade or plough he caught, 

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Forth-calling all whh which boon earth is firaog^t ; 
' Sometimes he plied tiie strong mechanic tool, • 
Or reared the fabric from the finest draught ; 
And oft he pot himself to Jfepitmt*t school. 
Fighting with winds and waves on the ireit bceaa 


To solace then these rougher toHs, he tried 
To touch the kindling canvass into Kfe ; 
With nature his creating pencil vied, 
With nature joyous at the mimic strife : 
Or, to such shapes as grac*d PygmaHorCs wife, 
He hew'd the marble : or, with varied fire, 
He rous*d the trumpet and the martial fife. 
Or bade the lute sweet tenderness inspire. 
Or verses fram'd that well might wake ,SpoUo'i lyre. 


Aecomplish*d thus he from the woods issued. 
Full oi great aims, and bent on bold emprise ; 
The work, which long he in his breast had brew*d» 
Now to perform he ardent did devise ; 
To wit, a barbarous world to civilise. 
Earth was till then a boundless forest wild ; 
Naught to be seen but savage wood, and skies ; 
No cities nourish'd arts, no culture smil*d, 
fio government^ no laws, no gentle mapners mild. 

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A nigged wight, the worst of brOtes, WW man ; 
Ota Ids <Ptm trretched ki&d he, ru&less, pr^d : 
The strongest stfli the weakest overmn ; 
la ereiy e&OAtpy mighty rohbers sway'd, 
And guile and ruffian force were all their trade. 
Life was a scene of rapine, want, and wo ; 
Whidi tlris hik^ kfiigbc, in nobl« anger, made 
To «W!0ar, he would the tmtxi root o'erthrctw. 
For, by the pm^m divine, It «hoiild ao i»ova be id ! 


It would exe^dd the purport ef my iong. 
To say hotr this bett Srni, from orient eKmes 
Came beaming fife and beauty tSl akmg, 
Before him chasing indolence and crimes. 
Still as he pass'd, the nations he sublimes, 
And calls forth arts and virtues with his ray : 
Then Egypt, Greece, and Rome, their golden timers, 
Succest^e, had ; but now in rttins gray 
They lie, to shlvisb sloth and tyranay a prey. 


To crown Ms tofls, Sir fnckuity ihen gpiMd 
The swelling sail, and made for BfUaMi coast. 
A sylvan Itfe till then the nBiwM led, 
Jn ti^e browA shades aiid greenwood foiest lost. 

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An careless rambling where it lik'd them most: 
Their wealth the wild-deer bouncing through the 

The^ lodg'd at lar^ and liv'd at nature's cost ; 
Save spear and bow withouten other aid ; 
Yet not the Roman steel their naked brea^ dismay'd. 


He lik'd'the soil, he lik'd the clement skies, 
He lik'd the verdant hills and floweiy plains. 
Be this mj great, my chosen isle (he cries) 
This, whilst my labours L»6er/2^ sustains, 
This queen of ocean all assault disdains. 
Nor lik'd he less the genius of the land, 
To freedom apt, and persevering pains. 
Mild to obey, and generous to command, 
Tempered by forming Htacm with kindest, firmest 


Here, by degrees, his master-work arose. 
Whatever aits and industry can frame : 
Whatever finished agriculture knows. 
Fair queen of arts ! from heaven itself who camey 
When Eden flourished in unspotted fame : 
And still with her sweet innocence we find. 
And tender peace, and joys without a name. 
That, while they ravish, trfinquillize the mind : . 
Nature and art at once, delight and use combin'd. 

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or IKDOLCKCC. 363 


Then towns he qoieken'd by meehanic arte, 
And bade the fervent city glow with toil ; 
Bade social commerca raise renowned marts, 
Join land to land, and many sofl to soil. 
Unite the poles,' and without bloody spoU 
Bring home' of either hid the gorgeous stores; 
Or, should despotic rage the world embroil, 
Bade tyrants tremble on remotest shores, 
WfaSe o'er th' encirclmg deep Britmmia*s thnnder 


The drooping miisesthen he westward calVd^ 
From the fam'd city* by PropmUiek sea, 
What time the Turk th' enfeebled Greeionthrall'd; 
Thence from their doister'd walks he set them 
And brought them to another Coufo/ie, [free ; 
Where Itis many a famous noursling breeds ; 
Or where old Cam soft-paces o'er the lea 
In pensive mood, and tunes his Doric reeds. 
The whflst his flocks at large the lonely shepbetd 

* ConManHnople, 

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264 THE C^TLE 


Tet the fine arts were whact he finiah'd least 
For yrli^ ? They 4)!e ih^ qiuBieflsence of i41> 
The growth vi^tibmariDi; tiiii9> a«4 4owiM««fist^ 
Unlew, as seUflw ehanees , H tkmM iiill» 
That mighty pafropi ^ coy siitesl oaU 
Up to tke flunAioe of wMwibar'd^Base. 
Whete «o Hide care Ihe mDiwIing thM^ my 

And whaie Abey nothing h»v»to do bnt|»leai» : 
Ah! ^mi^^^Mi tho»lEnow'8tth«y ttkAO oter 

But now, aUfl ! me Iwt too latetin thwe : 
Our patrons now »ve^ grudge thilt }il^e eUaimt 
l^xcepA to such i|S4loek the soothing arhynie ', 
And yet, forsooth, they wov Mffwms' p^ine* 
Poor sons of pufttup canity, notiiwo* 
Unbroken efunts, cbeeir ! stilJb #tiU femaiiis 
Th' Eternal Patr^, Ubttij/ ; w|io«e fUam^ 
While she pratecU, inspines th# J^ohlest vtvaws, 
The best, and sw«etoat £Bur,.<ire io^-flfftatod fiiof. 


When as the knight had finun'd, in BriUnn-Lmd^ 
A matchless form of glorious government. 
In which the sovereign laws alone command, 
liaws staUbh'd by the public free consent, 

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Whose majesty is to the sceptre lent ; 
Whea this gseat plan, with each dependent ait, 
Was settled firm, and to his heart's content^ 
Then sought he jQrom the to£bome scene to part* 
Andlet life's vacant eve breajthe^uiet thio' the heart 


For this he chose a £um in Bmn^i Tiaie» 
Where his long alleys peep'd iqion the main. 
In this calm seat he drew the healthful gale, 
Here mix'd the chief, the patriot, and the swain. 
The happy monarch of his sylvan train, 
Here, sided by the guardians of the fold, 
He walk'd his rounds, and cheer'd his blest domain : 
His day^, the days of unstaifi'd nature, roll'd. 
Replete with jpeace and joy, like patriarchs of okl. 


WitnMS» ye bwmg herds, who gave him milk ; 
Witness, ye flocki^, whose woolly vestments far 
Exceed soft India' t cotton, or her silk ^ 
Witness, with aatumn charg'd, the nodding car. 
That homeward came beneath sweet evening staiv 
Or of September-moows the radiance mild. 
O hide thy head, abominable war ! 
Of crimes and ruffian idleness the child ! 
Trom heaven this life ysprang, from hell thy glories 

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Nor finom his deep retirement banish'd wti 

Th' amasing care of rural industry. 

Still, as with grateful change the seasons pass, 

New scenes arise, new landskq)s strike the eye. 

And all th' enliven 'd country beautify : 

Gay plains extend where marshes slept before : 

O'er recent meads th' exulting streamlets fly , 

Darlc frowning heaths grow bright with Ceres' 

4nd woods imbrown the steep, or wave along the 



As nearer to his farm you made approach^ 
He polish'd nature with a finer hand. 
Tet on her beauties durst not art encroach ; 
Tu art's alone the beauties to expand. 
In graceful dance immingled, o'er the land. 
Pott, PaUtf Florot and Pomona play'd : 
Here too brisk gales the rude wUd common fanned 
An happy place*; where free, and unafraid, 
Amid the flowing brakes each coyer creature stray'd. 


But in prime vigour what can last for ay ? 
That soul-enfeebling wizard JnMenetf 
I whilom sung, wrought in his works decay i 
Spread far and wide was hU cnrs'd influence f 

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or INDOLENCE. 267 

~ Of public virtue much he dull'd the sense. 
Even much o£ private ; eat our spirit out. 
And fed our rank luxurious vices ; whence 
The land was overlaid with many a lout ; 

Not) as old fame reports, wise, generous, bold, an4 


A rage of pleasure madden'd every breast, 
Down to the lowest lees the ferment ran : 
To hb licentious wish each must be blest. 
With joy be fever'd ; snatch it as he can. 
Thus Vice the standard rear'd ; her airier ban 
Corruption call'd, and loud she gave the word, 
<< Mind, mind yourselves ! why should the vulgar 

<< The lacquey be more virtuous than hb lord ? 
" Enjoy thb span of life ! 'tb all the gods afford." 


The tidings reach'd to where, in quiet hall. 
The good old knight enjoy'd well-eam'd repose, 
** Come, come. Sir Knight ! thy chUdren on thee 

<* Come, save us yet, ere ruin round us close! 
»< The demon hidolenee thy toils o'erthrows." 
On this the noble colour stain'd hb cheeks : 
Indignant, glowing through the whitening snows 
Of venerable eld ; hb eye full-speaks 
Hb ardent soul, and from hb couch at once he break'^ 

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I willy (he cried») so help me God ! dettroj' 
That yflfaiii Arehimagew — Hii page then stimight 
He to hfan call'd, a fiery-footed boy, 
Benei^it Deqmtek. « My iteed be at the gate ; 
« My bard attend ; quick, bring the net of fiBte.*^ 
This net was twisted by the sisters three ; 
Which when once cast o'er harden*d wretch, too 
Repeatanoe comes : replevy canaot be [Jktm 

From the strong iron grasp of Tengefol dettiny. 


He came, the bard, a little dmid-wlght. 
Of withered aspect ; but hk eye was fceea. 
With sweetness mii'd. hk mstet brown be^gfat» 
As is his *sister of the copses green, 
He crept along, nnpromising of mien. 
Gross he who judges so. His soul was fair* 
Bright as the children of yon asure sheen. 
True comeliness, which nothing can impair. 
Dwells hi the mind: all else is vanity and glare. 


€k>me, (quoth the knight,) a voice has reach'd mine 

The demon Ihdeimee treats overthrow 
To all that to mankind is good and dear : 
<%me, PhUomehu; let v instant go, 

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or INDOLENCE. 269 

8'ertani his bowers, and lay his castle low. 
Those men, those wretched men ! who wUl be 
Most drink a bitter wrathful cup of wo : [slaves ; 
But some there be, thy song, as from their graves, 
3hall raise. Thrice happy he ! who without rigour 


Issuing forth, the knight bestrode his steed, 
Of ardent bay, and on whose front a star 
Shone biasing bright: sprung from the generous 
That whurl of active day the rapid car, . [breed 
He pranc'd along, disdaining gate or bar. 
Meantime, the bard on milk-white palfrey rode ', 
An honest sober beast, that did not mar 
His meditations, but full softly trode : 
And much they moralized as thus yfere they yode. 


They talk'd of virtue, and of human Miss, 
What else so fit for man to settle well ? 
And still their long researches met in this. 
This Truth of Trtdhs, which nothing can refel : 
« From vurtue*s fount the purest joys out-well, 
^ Sweet rills of thought that cheer the conscious 

« While vice pours forth the troubled streams ofhell, 
« The which, howe'er diguis'd, at last with dole 
« W0 (hro' the tortur'd breast their fiery torrent folk" 

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At lei^ it dawn'd, that fetal valley gay, 
0*er which high wood-crowa'd hills their nmmits 
. On the coolheight a while our palmers stay, [near. 
And spite even of themselves theur senses ^eer ; 
Then to the wizard's wonne their steps they steer, 
Like a green ble, it broad beneath them spread. 
With gvdens round, and wandering oarresto clear, 
And tufiied groves to shade the meadow-bed, 
Sweet airs jmd song ; and without hpny ail aeera'd 


« As God shall judge me, knight, we must foi^glve'* 
(The half-enraptar'd PhUomehu cried) 
<< The fraU good man deluded here to live, 
" And in these groves his musing fancy hide. 
<< Ah ! naught is pure. It cannot be denied, 
« That virtue still some tincture has of vice, 
" And vice of virtue.. What should then betide. 
" But that our charity be not too n^ce ? 
" Gome, let us those' we 4»b to reid l:^ entice.'' 


" Ay, sicker, (quoth the knight,) all flesh b frail, 
<< To pleasant sin and joyous dalliance bent ; 
<< But let not brutish vice of this aveiil, 
" And think to '^ape deserved punishment. 

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<* Juutiee were cruel weakly to relent ; 
« From Jdercifi self she got her sacred glaive : 
<< Grace foe to those who caii» and will, rc^pettl ; 
« But peaumce) long and dreary^ to the sluyei 
^ Who must m floodi of fire his gross foul ^it l»T!D.'* 


Thns, holding high discourse, they cane to where 
l%ei cursed carie was at his wonted trade ; 
Still tempting heedless men into his snare, 
In witching wise, as I before have j»id. 
But when he saw, in goodly geer anray'd, 
The grave majestic knight approaching nigh, 
And by his side the bard so sage and staid^ 
His countenance leH ; yet oft his amicus eye 
Mark'd them, like wily fox who roosted cock doth 


Nathless, with feign'd respect, he bade giv6 back 
The rabble-rout, and welcomed them full kind ; 
Struck with the noble twain, they were not slack 
Hb orders to obey, and fall behind, 
Then he resum'd his song ; and unconfin'd, 
Pour'd all his music, ran through all his strings : 
With mag^c dusk their eyne he tries t6 bHnd, 
And virtue's tender airs o'er weakness flings. 
What pity base his song who so divinely sings ! 

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Elate in thought, he counted them hSs own, 
They listened so intent with fix*d delight : 
But they instead, as if transmew'd to stone, 
Manreird he could with such sweet art unite 
The lights and shades of manners, wrong and rig^ 
Bieantlme, the silly crowd the charm devour, 
Wide pressing to the gate. Swift on the knight 
He darted fierce, to drag him to hb bower, 
Who back'ning shunn'd his touch, for well he knew 
its power. 


As in throng'd amphitheatre, of old. 
The waiy* ReUariui trapp'd his foe ; 
Even so the knight, returning on him bold, 
At once involved him in the JVW of Wo, 
Whereof I mention made not long ago. 
Enrag'd at first, he scom*d so weak a jail, 
And leapt, and flew, and flounced to and fro ; 
But when he found that nothing could avail. 
He set him felly down and gnaw'd his bitter naiL 

* A gladiatorf who made use of a net, whidi h6 
threw over hitadvenanf. 

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#F lin>OI<BK0E« f78 

, Mnm% the inferior denoiis of the plaee 
Bais'd rueful shrieks and hideous yells aromid ; 
Biaek stormy ekmds defonn'd the welkin's £ace» 
And from beneath was heard a wailing sounds 
As of infernal sprights in cavern bound ; 
A solemn sadness every creature strook, [ground : 
And lightnings flashed, and hoitor rock'd the 
Huge crowds on crowds out pour'd, with blemish'd 
As if on time's last wergp this fruit of things had 


Soon as the short-llv'd tempest was yspent, 
Steam'd from the jaws of vext Avemus' hole* 
And hosh'd the hubbub of the rabUement, 
Sir Industry the first calm moment stole. 
'< There must, (he cried;) amid so vast a shoal, 
^ Be some who are hot tainted at the heart, 
*^ Not poison'd quite by this same villain's bowl : 
" Come then my bard, thy heavenly fire impart ; 
« Touch soul with soul, till forth thelatentspirit start.^ 


The bard obey'd ; And taking from his side* 
Where it in seemly sort depending hung, 
His Briiith haip, its speaking strings he tried, 
The which with skilful touch he deflly strung} 

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Till tinUing in clear symphony they rang. 
Then, as he felt the Moses come along, 
Light o'er the chords hb raptur'd hand he flimgy 
And pk&y'd a prelude to hb rising song : 
The whilst, like midnight mute, ten thousands round 
him throng. 


Thus ardent hmfst hb strain. ■ 

" Te hapless race, 
^* Dire-labouring here to smother reason's ray, 
^< That lights our Maker's image in our face, 
« And gives us wide o'er earth unquestion'd sway ; 
" What b th' adored nipreme Perfeetioth say .> 
^' What, but eternal never-resting soul, 
" Almighty power, and all-directing day ; 
<' By whom each atom stirs, the planets roll ; 
^<Wbo fiUs, surrounds, informs, and agitates the 


" Come, to the beaming Ood your hearts unfold t 
** Draw from its fountain life ! 'Tis thence, alone» 
" We can excel Up finom unfeeling mould, 
'< To seraplis burning round th' Almighiy't throne, 
** Life rising still on life, in higher tone, 
" Perfection forms, and with perfection Misi. 
'< In universal nature thb clear shown, 
" Not needeth proof ; to prove it were, I wis, 
" Toprovethebeauteous world excebthe brute abysB. 

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" Is not the field) wHh lively culture green, 
'< A sight more joyous than the dead morass ? 
*< Do not the skies with active ether clean, 
« And fann'd by sprightly Zephyrs, far surpass 
** The foul November-fogs, and slumbrous mass, 
" With which sad nature veils her droopmg face ? 
** Does not the mountain-stream, as clear as glass, 
** Gray-dancing on, the putrid pool disgrace ? 
^ The same in all holds true, but chief in human race. 


<;* It was not by vile loitering and ease, 
" That Oreeee obtained the brighter palm of art, 
^ That soft yet ardent Jithens leam'd to please, 
'< To keen the wit, and to sublime the heart, 
* '< In all supreme ! complete in every part ! 
«< It was not thence majestic Rome arose, 
** And o*er the nations shook her conquering dart : 
** For sluggard^s brow the laurel never grows ; 
^* Renown is not the child of indolent repose. 


^ Had unambitious mortals minded naught> 
** But in loosejoy their time to wear away ; 
^ Had they alone the lap of dalliance sought^ 
^ Pleased on her pillow their dull heads to lay, 

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276 the' CASTtll' 

<< Bade nature's state had been oar state to-day ; 
** No cities e'er their toweiy fronts had rais'd, 
« No aiti had made ot opalent and gay ; 
« \fi(h brotheT'bnites the huniBn niee had grax'd ; 
** None e'er had soar*d to &me, none hoBoar*d beeii|> 
none prais'd. 


'* Great Jhmer'smmg had never fir'd flie breast 
« To thffst of glory, and heroic deeds ; 
^ fihveet Mara^t mose, aimk in inglorioas rest, 
*' Had silent slept amid the Mindan reeds : 
^ The wits of modem time had told theur beads, 
<< And moiridsh legends been their oidy strains; 
« Our MiUmCt Eitn had lain wrapt te weeds, 
'< OnriSAa^KarestroU'd and tangfa*d with Wmvfitk 
^ Ne had my master S^emer eharm'd his JIMtoV 

" Dumb too had been ^le sage historic nraset 
^ And perish'd all the sons of ancient fame ; 
" Those starry lights of virtue, that diffuse 
'* Throiigh the dark depth of time theh* vivid flame^ 
** Had all been lost with such as have no name. 
** Who then had scom*d his ease for others* good f 
" Who then had toiled rs^iacious men to tame ? 
" Who in the public breach devoted stood, 
" And for his country's cause been prodigal of blood? 

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or iirskQiiiircB. 377 

<^ But diMdd to fiHteyaurhoDtriiofeelkig be^ 
'< If n^ I wai^ yoa pteasutt all Feqoiie : 
<< Pwli;4Miu how best aa^rbe:oiitBan'd^B.fetr 
'< How best enjoy 'd this natun%wiclie«bwire. 
" Toil, and be glad ! let industry inspire 
<< Into yonr quicken'd limbs her buoyant breath i 
« Who dttfesB^laot is^adi;, dbmrpt entire 
<^ In miry sIqUh no pndt^ no joy he hath : 
^< O l0acleikheaft0fl m^sn^ to be in k)V9< witb deatiii !. 


« Ah.} wftatsrailt Hbt IbrgesjI^gpftKof Heamth 
"^ Whan drooping healdi and spanta p» tmisf ? 
*^ HolrtesteteiB? thML wiMtev^er can be giTea ^ 
^< HciELllibi»the iditoli^ai^e oC blSss, 
*< And exercise of health. In proof of thiS| 
« Behold the wretch, who slugs his life away, 
*' Soon swallow'd in disease's sad abyss : 
« WhUo he whom toft has^ fomo'd, <xt manly {day, 
" Has U^ as ^ eaoh lJmb>.eaoh thought as clear 


'<^ Orwlio can jpeaktho: vigonms jogns of healtti ^ 
« Unt^logifd Ifte bo^,rm^aeiir'd the mokk : 
<< 7ikeE:iitaniHigni8e& g^^^ widi {tieaamg sftealtlb . 
'< Tho te m por at e ovoning fiilbserene nid* kind. 

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<< In health the wiser brutes trae gladness find. 
'< See ! how the younglings frisk along the meads 
<< As May comes on, and wakes the balmy wind ; 
<< Ran^Nmt with life, their joy all joy exceeds : 
(< Yet what.but high-stmng health thb dancing plea- 
sannee breeds ? 


<< But here, instead, is foster'd every ill, 
^ Which or distempered minds or bodies know. 
<< Come then, my kindred spirits ! do not spill 
<< Tour talents here. Thb place is but a show, 
^ Whose charms delude you to the den of wo : 
<< Come, follow me, I will direct you right, 
" Where {Measure's roses, void of serpents, grow, 
<< Smeere as swe^ ; come, follow this good knight, 
« And you will bless the day that brought him to 
your sight 


« Some he will lead to courts, and some to camps ; 
« To senates some, and public sage debates, 
<* Where, by the solemn gleam of midiii(^*lampfr 
<< The world is pob'd, and managed mighty states ', 
** To high discovery some, that new-creates 
" The face of earth ; some to the thriving mart, 
" Some to the rural reign, and softer fiates ; 
'* To the sweet mioses some, who raise the heart : 
'' All glory ^all be yomrs, all nature, and all arti 

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**' There are, I sec, who listen to my lay, 
^ Who wretched sigh for virtue, but despair : 
'* All may be done, (methinks I hear them say,) 
'< Even death despis'd by generous actions fair ; 
<* All but for those who to these bowers repair, 
M Their every power dissolved in luxury, 
** To quit of torpid sluggishness the lair, 
<< And from the powerful arms of sloth get free. 
<* Tis rising from the dead — Alas ! — ^it cannot be ! 


'< Would you then learn to dissipate the band 
<< Of these huge threatenmg difficulties dire, 
« That in the weak man's way like lions stand) 
« His soul appal, and damp hb rising fire ? 
<< Resolve, resolve, and to be men aspire. 
'< Exert that noblest privilege, alone, 
'< Here to mankind indulged : control desue : 
« Let godlike reason, from her sovereign throne, 
<< Speak the commaQding word— /ictjf / and it is 


*< Heavens ! can you then thus waste, in shameful 

« Tour few important days of trial here ? 

«< Heirs of eternity ! ybom to rise 

(f Through endless states of being, still more near 

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<* To bliss approaching, and perfection clear, 
^ Can you renounce a fortune so sublime, [steei^ 
A Such g^rious bopes, your backward 8U|» to 
^ And roll, with vilest brutes, through mud ^md 

<> No ! no ! — Your heaFen-tooch'd beaits disdain tht 

sordid crime!" 


<^£iiou|^ ! enough !" tey cried ntnaig^ kom 

the crowd* 
The better sort on wings of transport fly ; 
As when amid the lifel^s summits proud 
Of Alpine cliffs, where to the gelid sliy 
Snows pil'd on snows in wintry torpor Ue^ 
The rays divine of vernal Fhtdtut play ', 
Th' awaken'd heaps, in jtreamlets froBi on lagl^ 
Roused ii^ action, lively leap away, [ing gi^. 
Glad-warbling through the vales, in their mem be- 

Not less the life,the vivid joy seffeBO, 

That lighted up these new created men, 
Than that which wings th' exulting spirit dean^ 
When, just delivered from this fleshy den, 
It soaring «Aek» its u^e skies -s^^ : 
How light its essence ! how nndogg'd its powers, 
Beyond the blason of mymortel pen ! 
Even so we gUid foraook tiiese sinful bowen. 
Even such^nraptur'd Ufo, such energy ¥fm ^WB. 

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Bat far the greater part, with rage inflamed, 
DireHmutter^d corsesi and blasphem'd high Jove. 
« Te sons of hate ! (they bitterly exclaim'd) 
<< What brought jou to this seat of peace and love f 
« While with kind nature here, amid the grove, 
<< We passed the harmless sabbath of our time, 
" What to disturb it could, fell men, emove 
'< Tour barbarous hearts ? Is hapinness a crime ? 
** Then do the fiends of hell rule in yon heaven 


'< Ye impious wretches,"(qttOththe knight in wrath) 

*' Tour happiness behold !"'-<-Then strai^t a wand 
- He wav'd, on anti-magic power that hath, 

Truth from illusive falsehood to command. 

Sudden the landskip sinks bn every hand ; 

The pure quick streams are marshy puddles found ; 

On baleful heaths the groves all blacken'd sta^d ; 

And o'er the weedy foul aldiorred ground,, [around. 
Stnakes, adders, toads, each loathsome creature crawls 


And here and there, on trees by lightning scath'd, 
Unhappy wights who loathed life yhung ; 
Or, in fresh gore and recent murder bath'd, 
They watering lay ; or else, infunate flung 

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Into the gloomy flood, while ravens song 
The funeral dii^> thef down the torrent roll'd : 
These by ^btemper'd Mood to madness stung* 
Bad doom'd themselves ; whenjoe oft* wkm^ aigiit 
Ilia VQiid, retarmng hiiiier their sad qimts hoiwlU 


Mea utu a e a moving scene was open laid ; 
That laiar-hottse, I whilom in ray la^ 
Bepainted have» its horrors deep display *d» 
And gave unnumbered wretehes to the diiy» 
Who tossing there in squalid misery lay. 
Soon as of sacred li^ th' unwonted smile 
Ponr'd cm these living catacombs its ray, 
Through the drear caverns stretching many a mfle, 
The sick up-rais*d thev heads, and dropp'd their 
woes a while. 


<<( O heaven ! (they cried) and do we onee mors see 
« Ton blessed sun and this gr^en eaith sofair? 
^ Are welirom noisome damps of pest^ionse 6eef 
<< And drink our souls the sweet ethereal air ? 
'< O thou ! or knight, or god ! who boldest there 
« That tend, oh ke^him in eternal chains ! 
" But what for us, -the children of despair, 
<< Brought to the brink of heS, what hope remaittr 
'' Repentance does its^bat aggcavito ov pains.** 

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7^ gentle Knigbt, who nam tlwir rnefal case, 
Let iidl edowa his flfivec beard some teaFB* 
** Certes (q«oth he) it is not even in grace, 
f* T* qbcId the {MUt, and eke your broken yean : 
<< Nathleas, to nobler worlds repentance Tears, 
« With humble hope her eye ; to her is given 
** A power the truly contrite heart that cheers ; 
« $be queUsthebfMUdby wjhieh the rocks an rivm; 
" She more thw mesej^ sofjtens, she f^oices BuKtn, 


<< Then patient bear the snffNings you have eam'd, 
<' And by these suiferings pmrify the mind : 
« Let wisdmn be by pastndseondnet leam'd : 
« Or pious die, with penitence reeign'd ; 
<< And to a Mfe more happy and-reihi'd, 
« Doubt not, you shall, new creatures, yet arise. 
** Till then, you may .expect in me to find 
" One who will wipe your sorrow firom your e3^es, 
<< One who will sooth yotir pangs, and wing you to 
the skies." 


They silent heard, and pour*d thehr thanks in tears, 
"For yon (resnm'd the Knight with sterner tone) 
" Whose hard dry hearts th' obdurate demon 

" Tbfrt vilJite's gifts wW «ostypti many a groan ; 

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<< In dolorous mansion long you must bemoan 
** His fiatal charms, and weep your stains away ; 
« Tilly soft and pure as infimt goodness grown, 
« Ton fed a perfect change : then, who can say, 
« What grace may yet shine forth in heaven's eter- 
nal day V* 


This said, his poweiAd wand he wav*d anew : 
■ Instant, a glorious angel-train descends, 
The Charities, to wit, of rosy hue ; 
Sweet love thehr looks a gentle radiance lends, 
And with seraphic flaine compassion blends. 
At once, delighted, to thehr charge they fly : 
Wbenlo! a goiodly hospital ascends ; 
In which they bade eadi lenient aid be nigh. 
That could the nck-bed smooth of that sad company. 


It was a worthy edifying sight, 

And gives to human kind peculiar grace, 

To see kind hands attending day and nig^t, 

With tender ministry, /rom place to place. 

Some prop the head ;' some, from the pallid £ftce 

Wipe off the faint cold dews weak nature sheds ; 

Some reach the heallfig draught : the whilst, to 

chase • 
The fear supreme, around their soften'd beds. 
Some holy man .by pmyer all opening heaven dis- 


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Attended hy a glad aodafaifaig train, 
Of tboia iie fescned had^m gaping bell, 
Then turn'd the Knight ; and) to his hatl again 
Soft-pacing, sought (oifpeaoe Ibe mony cell : 
Tet down faia ofaeeks the gems of pitgr lett, 
To see the helpless wretches that remain'd 
There left throng delves and deserts dire to jell ) 
Amaz'd thehr looks with pale dismay were stained, 
And spreafog wide their (handd, they neiokTepeii- 
tance feigs^. 


But ah! tiwireooffnedday of grace WW past; 
For (homble to teU) a desert wfld 
Before them stretcAi'd, haie, eomfortless, and vastj 
With gibbets, bones, and oarca^seb defilU 
There nor trim field, nor lively caltam smil'd ; 
Nor waving shade was seen, nor fonntni ftJr ; 
But sands abmpt on sands lay loosely pil'd, [care, 
Through which they floundering toil'd with painful 
Whilst Phab%$ smote them sore, and fir -d the clood- 


Then varying to a joyless land of iiogs^ 
The saddened country a gray waste appeared ; 
Wb«re nasghtbut putrid streaaM andnoifleaiefogs 
For ever hang on driatly ^teter^ beard | 

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Or else the ground by piercing Ceninu sear'd» 
Was jagg'd with firost, or heap'd with glased snow :' 
Thro' these extremes a ceaseless round they 

By cmel fiends still hurried to and froy 
Chiunt Beggary f and Seonh with many heU-hounds 



The first was with base dunghill rags ydad, 
Tainting the gale, in which they flutter'd light ; 
Of morbid hue his features, sunk, and sad ; 
His hollow eyne shook forth a sickly light ', 
And o'er his lank jaw-bone, in piteous plight, 
His black roujgh beard was matted rank and vile ; 
Direful to see ! an heart-appalling sight ! 
Meantime foul scurf and blotches him defile ; 
And dogs, where'er he went, still barked all the 

The other was a fell despiteful fiend : 
Hell holds none worse in baleful bower below : 
By pride, and wit, and rage, and rancour, keen'd ; 
Of man alike, if good or bad, the foe : 
With nose up'tum'd, he always made a show 
As if he smelt some nauseous scent ; his eye 
Was cold, and keen, like blast from boreal snow ; 
And taunts he casten forth most bitteriy. 
Such were the twain that off drove thb ungodly hf. 

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Of INDOLBNCE. . . 287 


£yeii so through Brentford town, a town of mad, 
An herd of bristly swine is prick'd along ; 
The filthy beasts, that never chew the cud, [song. 
Still gmnty and squeak, and sing their troublous 
And oft they plunge themselves the mire among : 
But ay the ruthless driver goads them on, 
And ay of barking dogs the bitter throng 
Makes them renew their unmelodious moan ; 
Ne ever find they rest from thtir unresting font. 


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